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  1. Silver Stream.

    Spoiler Am I in the minority here? (Hearth's Warming Tail)

    I need to look where you'r'e looking then
  2. Silver Stream.

    Losing interest in the show. But not the fandom

    It's normal for your interest in any show to have it's ups and downs until you eventually drop interest altogether or stay committed forever. So far my interest for the show hasn't dropped, but more so my interest in the fandom dropped a few months ago. Just getting back into the swing of things
  3. After watching many reaction videos to episode 8, I noticed how people nitpicked that we were getting a Christmas episode in may and how the episode wasn't creative because it was a Christmas Carol/The Grinch ripoff. (in the comments at least, the youtubers were really chill) In fact, it seems as though those who did enjoy the episode, only enjoyed it because of the the Luna and Starlight songs. But personally, I think it was an amazing episode. I don't think it's fair to demand holiday episodes to air near or on that exact holiday all the time since we don't know the reason behind it. (at least I don't). So what a Christmas episode aired so far away from the actual date? And surprisingly enough, I find this Hearth's Warming episode the best out of all the others; Hearthbreakers a close second. I also favor this episode as the best musical episode too: - Catchy song for an intro - F*cking bravo to Starlight for that entertaining number - Seeds of the fast is a very meaningful song many people need to listen to. Lyrics spoke the truth - Pinkie pie you done it again! I love upbeat songs with a swingin' tune! - Luna (I'm sure many would agree) sung beautifully and the instrumental gave her song a very haunting, bone-chilling vibe that made me smile - Sweet/cheery reprise Unlike other musical episodes, it didn't feel too rushed or crammed. Each number flowed to the next while keeping the story going along. And I think the episode was creative despite the heavy influence of two Christmas classics and the similar plotline. They found a way to mash the classics and Starlight's cutie mark issue all over again. Most people. including me, figured she was some twisted villain with evil motives when she was actually a twisted confused pony making drastic decisions she felt were needed to be done to make Equestria a better place. And this was basically the same for Snowfall. Also...I honestly don't see why people think the lesson in this episode was to guilt-trip and brainwash your friends into into enjoying a holiday they don't care for? I thought that sort of thing was addressed in Season 5: Scaremaster (An episode I will forever applaud). Twilight simply shared a classic to Starlight so she'd understand that Hearth's Warming goes beyond upholding a tradition and clinging to a myth, and don't let your lack of belief on some story make you believe a certain holiday is a waste of everyone's time. In the end, Twilight did give her a choice right?
  4. Silver Stream.

    Spoiler Season 6 Episode 11 Title and Synopsis

    I might be in the minority here, but this episode sounds like a hit to me if it's written well. I know many people including myself who can relate to this. Its tough giving tough love to your own sibling especially when they need to get their shit together. Lets not forget how much of a push over Fluttershy used to I'd imagine her Brother always misunderstood what she tries to tell him and takes it as doing stuff his own way. My greatest fear is failure. And I'm sure many other young college kids feel the same. Interesting plot....hope it turns out well
  5. Silver Stream.

    S06:E03 - The Gift of Maud Pie

    I really enjoyed this episode. The lesson was good,but the most I got out it was how to be selfless. I've always admired how mature and helpful Rarity is towards her friends and how she'll do anything to cheer them up. I loved the interaction between her and pinkie pie, but Maud stole the show (duh).
  6. You...Must have had a lot of time on your hands to come up with this, my friend lol.
  7. Silver Stream.

    Spoiler So...Celestia and Luna weren't born alicorns?

    It's just a harmless question. Maybe it was clear to you, but it wasn't clear to me. Yes I know of the journal.of the two sisters, and yes I saw the Hearth's Warming episode, but I was only wondering since Luna stated alicorns by birth were even beyond THEIR understanding. I get Equestria has never seen it, and I can even understand that Celestia and Luna never saw one, but to me it seemed as if alicorn birth was "unheard of" period. Had they said something like "there hasn't been an alicorn birth since our birth" or "Never has this happened in Equestria. Luna and I were born before it's time, so we were thought to be the last of alicorn birth" or something along those lines. Hell, I don't know... But I'm simply asking.
  8. Silver Stream.

    Spoiler So...Celestia and Luna weren't born alicorns?

    Nice loophole. But Luna did say it was beyond their understanding which was why I asked. Its all.....really confusing. But I'm sure Season 6 will shed more light on alicorns. I can imagine future episodes where Twilight tries to figure out how Flurryheart was born an alicorn. Who knows
  9. Mind you, I'm still watching the episode. But it seems they weren't knowledgeable about alicorns by birth. Also, I really like Sunburt's design and color palette. Starlight's new mane style and I love the obvious joke at the beginning "the castle looked so much smaller from the outside". Good one.....(just had to get that out my system.
  10. Silver Stream.

    Critique Wanted Rate my first OC

    Oh that art was done by someone else. I merely gave them a description on Silver Stream's out appearance and they brought my imagination to life
  11. Silver Stream.

    Are the 6 slaves to the map?

    Haha, nah. They are slaves to the magic of friendship.
  12. Silver Stream.

    Main character that gets fewest complaints from fandom?

    DAMN IT!!!! I was just going to bring that up, but you beat me to it. I don't see Applejack as a background character, hut I can't deny how dry her execution can be sometimes if she isn't talking sense into the others or saving an idiot from danger. AJ centered episodes haven't been memorable let alone as good as Pinkie Pie's. While everyone's opinion is different (since there are bronies out there that will say all pinkie episodes are had, and AJ's are great), I think her episodes push her out of character. The only episodes that are decently good are episodes in which she SHARES the spotlight with Rarity, Rainbowdash, and Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie can dominate her own episodes. "Pinkie Pride" for example. I honestly don't think Weird Al dominated the episode as many anticipated. AJ is an awesome character and role model, but there's a lot of things about her that aren't that appealing. When I think Applejack, I think "grounded responsible pony with safe episodes...they can do better". But with Pinkie? You can't deny how popular she is within the random. People like her silly quest to make everyone happy. People enjoy a good laugh. People can even go as far as relating to her by being a person who smiles a lot but have deep issues on the inside. The ONLY complaints I've heard from her is how annoying she can be if they push her silliness too far.
  13. Silver Stream.

    Critique Wanted Rate my first OC

    xD No worries hun. I'm constantly between this site and theirs so it's possible I saw you around this site before but mistaken it to be on the FIMFiction site. I'm working on a story there, so it's easy to get confused, lol
  14. Silver Stream.

    Critique Wanted Rate my first OC

    Fairly said. I will work on a better revision without dumping a load that will cause readers to look in the other direction. Also, your avatar looks familiar. Are you, by any chance, an author on the FIMFiction website?
  15. Silver Stream.

    Critique Wanted Rate my first OC

    1.) Apologies if I failed to expand on her flaws. I usually will do that via roleplay where I can roleplay it out. Her bio is mostly brief when it comes to description. But maybe it's better to not hold back, and just lay EVERYTHING out in detail so people can understand her on a deeper level, because that seems to be what you're looking for. Until I revise her bio, I'll expand on what was said so that you can realize her personal failings: - Her relationship with her parents. When expressing how she had to live up to everyone's expectations ESPECIALLY her parents, I was implying a strained relationship. Even saying she was forced to sing by her mother, Sour Note, who never had the talent to sing herself. Pretty much a mother forcing her daughter to discover a talent she never discovered herself. Because she was deprived of truly discovering who she is for so long, she grew up a blank flank. Of course, she doesn't HATE her parents. Late I even plan to create bios for them. Sour Note is a unicorn who thinks she knows what's best for her daughter and simply wish to shape her into what she wanted to be. Urbanity, is an earth pony who wasn't originally "Canterlot" material, but eventually became one of the most respected ponies in Canterlot; hosting grand parties and demonstrating aristocracy at it's finest. - Neglecting her emotional healing abilities. I mentioned this because I wanted to stress how she is still focusing on the wrong things. She studies hard to master her elemental water magic, but doesn't with the other. After all, it's hard to help others when you still need help yourself. The fact that "high society" and "singing" is listed under her dislikes means she still dealing with the past and can't completely move on. The sad thing is, she doesn't realize this yet. - Her unbearable personality comes from her need to shape herself into what she wants to be. Despite her short adventures, they only brought her out her shell and gave her a way to at least accept that she has the power to be whoever she wants to be. Discovering her cutiemark is only the beginning. But now she is seemingly obsessed with mastering her "talent" without realizing she's neglecting one of them. 2) That's a good question. I guess I don't want to play this story out because there are far more interesting things to do with her from this point forward. To explore what I've mentioned above and mostly use her past to help shape what happens next. Basically I needed to create a rather simple foundation and build from there. 3) Break it down, got it! P.S thank you Hmmm....maybe I should simply add most of what I said here in her bio.