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  1. Spike, he's the only realist of the group
  2. Nope. It won't end. Other cartoon shows are made from creativity and are used for pure entertainment. While MLP is creative and entertaining it's main purpose is to act as a catalyst for the Hasbro toy line. Since they've had amazing success with this show so far they won't cash it in just yet for a G5. Plus Equestria Girls might get a show depending on how well the mini series does. MLP isn't a normal cartoon so it won't follow normal procedures. If you axe me, we're gonna get a triliogy, 2 spin off series, virtual mlp game, and eventually Hasbro is just gonna buy out all the other cartoon networks. Also >Implying the ride ever ends
  3. I hate the word "meme". Its everywhere now, and it just makes me cringe. It was kinda underground for a few years, maybe back when rage comics were still funny (they never were). But lately its being used in a cringe worthy amount. And becuase everyone keeps saying it on social and surface media, more and more "memes" pop up. It cycles back to us where we do it ironically to make it a joke but one day someone on Facebook or Twitter will take it too seriously and we'll all go back to laughing at white-bordered cat pictures with big impact-font text. Facebook and Twitter will be squished down the social ladder to hang out with reddit and 4chan while newer surface social sites are created, and we will have officially come full-circle. If it every comes to this, know that I will bomb the Nexus and send us back to the early 1960s. You can then friend me and thank me when MySpace unironically comes back afterwards.
  4. Welcome back then! This entire site is usually pretty active, even if it is spaced out here and there. Stick around for a week and you're probably bound to meet at least a few interesting people, maybe even some friends. By the way, I like your art. It looks really pretty. It's definitely something you can use to get some attention around here.
  5. Hey there. I usually don't respond to these kinds of threads because I never go on this site. But strange enough here I am! It's nice to see there are still new people hopping on the fandom. It's getting a little old with 5 seasons, 2 movies, countless comics, and even a fan episode. But its been a pretty fun ride so far. Hopefully you stick around longer than a day on here, like I did. I bet there's tons friends yet to be made. And you should probably start in the General forums, like the Everfree one. Ya know, get your hoofs wet a little. Anyhoot~ Welcome aboard!
  6. I'm feeling pretty nostalgic. I haven't done anything pony related in months and I just remembered this site exists. Of course I'm only here to further procrastinate on my AP Gov and German homework. Two hours ago I tried to read my Gov book and I ended up brainstorming a loose story plot about a sad robot who lives in the post apocalyptic human world. He thinks he's the only living thing left on the planet and is basically immortal. (Cuz ya know, he's a robot.) Forever bound to wander an empty wasteland. But one day he receives a faint radio signal from the ISS. He's never able to fully transcribe or make out what the signal is. Thinking that there may be a chance there is someone else out there, he puts all his time and energy into rebuilding an old NASA space rocket. He makes it up to the ISS only to find it was the ISS's emergency broadcast that the station had finally dipped too close to Earth and it's propulsion jets that usually keep it just tied to the edge of Earth's atmosphere are no longer working. Filled with grief and hopelessness the robot sits inside the ISS waiting for it to burn up and explode as it charges back into Earth's atmosphere, the robot burning and dying with it. All I wanted to do was read about the Regional party trends from 1896 to 1996, but all I got was sad.
  7. I took a digital drawing class once, it's really neat. Of course it would be nice to get paid but they don't call us "Starving Artists" for no reason. Your pic goes perfectly for your situation.
  8. Finally, I got quotes working. Anyways, nice to meet you Daffy. I have found out that this site is still very much alive and active. Much more than other forums I've been on. In fact, this is probably the most organized fandom based forum I've ever been to. Plus it's filled with awesome people like you. It's always nice to see another Halo fan and Rarity lover.
  9. What if you had one more skill point in your tree? What would you spend it on? I would spend mine on being able to write stories well. I've tried many times and I'm still practicing. Thankfully I've met people on here and on fimfic and fanfic who offer advice to me about writing. I asked my friend this question and he said the ability to draw very well. I'm pretty good with colored pencils, so I asked him why don't you learn how to draw. Of course he asked me why not learn how to write, life isn't a video game, we don't need to level up to get and use a skill point. We can use them whenever and however we want. So what are you guys trying to level up in your lives? Music? Art? Writing? Public speaking?
  10. Thanks for the BIG welcome! My Eagle Scout project was building an unusually large Nativity-scene-structure. I don't know what it's called but typically it is the small wooden structure that is over baby Jesus. I had to build one over an entire 12 foot wide 6 feet tall scene. It's great really... they gave me a picture of a similar structure and said, "I want that." And me, being as unprepared as ever I said, "Sure!" Oh god, it was hell. I​ work with software, not hardware. Anyways I finished it and had my border review 7 days before my 18th birthday. Tons of fun all around. It's so awesome to see a lot other programmers on this site. I actually started learning C++ through game programming concepts and designs. Then I went more in depth with a Tony Gaddis Textbook. 1300 pages of fun, trust me, a lot better than Homecoming.
  11. Welcome to the forums, man. Btw, Halo was an amazing series. Until Halo 4, anyway.

    1. Tangy


      I love Halo. I somewhat liked Halo 4, some parts I like, some parts I don't. I don't try to bandwagon on the Flood though. Some people say Halo 4 sucks just because they saw a thread about it with 300 replies. I didn't think it was the best, but I still liked it, and loved the ending and direction the story took. Can't wait for Halo 5.

    2. Daemon


      Fair enough.

  12. Hm, I dunno. I like the idea of a Zecora Spike episode. I think it'd be cool if Spike found his real mom as well, but I don't know if we'll ever see that in the show.
  13. Welcome to the forums :D If you need any assistance or want someone to talk to feel free to send a PM :)

    1. Tangy


      Thanks, friend.