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  1. probrony

    Hello world

    Hello! Nice to meet you here!!! Now we have one more pony joined! I hope you will have great time here exploring the forums and just having fun! Good luck!
  2. probrony

    My Little Back story, and hello!

    Hey, it's nice to meet you here! Hope you will enjoy being here anyway. It's a really good place for making new friends and just having fun together with them! Wish you having a lot of positive emotions!
  3. probrony

    Y'ello everyone!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums! Wish you to have great time here always! And hope you'll make a lot of friends
  4. probrony

    Hello Everypony!

    Hey, How are you doing? It's nice to meet you! Hope you'll havr grrat time here exploring the forums and making new friends!
  5. probrony

    The Cerberus' Drawing dump

    Wow, you're doing good! And your drawings become better every time=)
  6. probrony

    First pony drawing

    I wish I could draw ponies like you... That is nice!
  7. probrony

    Hello Equestria!

    Hi! Nice to meet you here! I hope you will have great time here chatting cheerfully and making new friends! Have a lot of positive emotions <3
  8. probrony

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Sorry, it is truly bad thing...
  9. probrony

    Hiya from a Fluttershy fan ????

    Hi! Nice to meet you! Have really nice time here and use the great opportunity to make new friends! Hope that you'll always feel good here!
  10. probrony


    Hi! Good to hear the sounds of your hooves here in such a nice place! :) There is enough space and there are a lot of friendly ponies here(sorry for telling obvious things), so wish you to have a lot of fun here!
  11. probrony

    Hey, it's me, ShadowDragon!

    Hi! Nice to see you here at the forums! Please, accept my wishes you to have a lot of friends, have fun talking to them and enjoy being here in general Also good luck to you in writing, it is never easy...
  12. probrony

    Hello! I'm Mr. Blue Sky.

    Hi! It's very good that now you are with us and that you want to be here with us! Wish you to have fun and pleasure while exploring the forums and of course making new friends That won't be surprise to you, but all the ponies here are under influence of the magic of friendship, so you will certainly make new friends Good luck, my friend!
  13. probrony

    Hello. I'm new here.

    Hi! Glad to see you here! Hope that you will spend your time here with pleasure and fun and will never be unsatisfied!
  14. probrony

    Well I guess this is hello

    Hi! How are you today? It's good that now you are here I hope that you will make a lot of new friends and will enjoy their company! Have fun exploring the forums and enjoy the atmosphere!
  15. probrony


    Hi! It's good that now you are wit us, so we have one more pony in our community! I know there is no need in telling that there is a lot of friendship here, and there will be more friendship because of you! I wish you to have great fun and pleasure while being here!