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Everything posted by SkyBurner's_Legion

  1. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    How it's all gonna end tomorrow and what I'm gonna do on this long next season wait
  2. SkyBurner's_Legion

    How is season 5 doing for you?

    Season 5 being my first season I was able to experience at the same time with everyone, (joined at hiatus after season 4) the show has seemed pretty satisfying. A few episodes in there that weren't my favorite but overall really enjoyable for me. I'm just a little worried about the finale. I'm not super hype as I wanted. It was kind of obvious starlight would make a return. I wish there was more buildup and exploring of starlight instead of just tossing her into the final mix again. But this is my opinion. Great season.
  3. SkyBurner's_Legion

    How old are you?

    I am 15. Give me a few more months and I'm 16
  4. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    Generic brown . Would have preferred green
  5. SkyBurner's_Legion

    What have you done today?

    Killed oryx in Kings fall raid. That's 4 hours of my life down the drain
  6. SkyBurner's_Legion

    US Brony Location Survey

    I think I'm the only brony in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  7. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Why I wasted my day playing Xbox instead of studying for a history test.
  8. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Gaming I want to Change my Gamertag.

    Choose something flexible. Named myself creeprmaster. I was a minecrsft addict then and now people think I'm either a pedeophile or a minecraft fanboy. Nothing wrong with MLP Nit Pick but I wish I had chosen something more adaptable. But that's me you choose what you do.
  9. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I will steal your soul...
  10. SkyBurner's_Legion

    If you could have any title, what would it be?

    Benjamin Sun's Champion (if u get the reference, you get a cookie)
  11. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Wake up in Bed with the avatar above you, Your reaction?

    Not sure whether to feel safe or concerned cause u got glowing eyes
  12. SkyBurner's_Legion

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    Anyone hmu @ PonyinExile. We can talk about anything pony or non pony related idc. Just looking for a conversation with someone.
  13. SkyBurner's_Legion

    What is wrong with you?

    Ugh. The thing wrong with me is how when it comes to giving speeches and talks about this program I'm in to potential investors, I'm the most carismatic, respectful young man they come across. I am super confident and can hold a conversation. Noooow when it comes to school and talking and trying to meet new people, I am super shy, kinda lingering on the outer rim of conversations in class and I just hate it.
  14. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Looking for tips on drawing an OC

    So I've been a Brony for about a year and a half yet I am just now considering drawing my first OC. I am not the best drawer but I'm not looking to make a well refined masterpiece. Just some basics. Any tips anyone would like to offer? I considered going to some generator on a website because that takes the fun and creativity out it.
  15. SkyBurner's_Legion

    How and when did you become a brony?

    My grandmothers friend's grandson came up to me with his iPad showing me a mlp app. Being me hen I dissed him for it. About a week later I decided to watch the show and see how childish and girly it was. At first it was a nice show then I started watching YouTube videos, reading fanfic and you know how the rest goes.
  16. SkyBurner's_Legion

    How many of you "ponify" your electronics?

    That's so awesome. I admit I'm jealous XD
  17. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Random fact thread

    Did you know that Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell?
  18. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Fallout equestria!!!!!! Would you rather be able to turn invisible or fly?
  19. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Are Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz offensive?

    well played... Well played indeed
  20. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Geeeeeeez that's tough that's a really tough decision. it depends if people back here would care or miss me. You know what I ask the same to the user below.
  21. SkyBurner's_Legion

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    So how did pinkie turn out pink if all her family members are gray and dull colors?
  22. SkyBurner's_Legion

    What is your most deepest and darkest fear?

    Being drafted for war at a young age and dying in combat. Idk maybe I will be less afraid when I get older but know with technology and weapons today, I doubt I'd last long.
  23. SkyBurner's_Legion

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    And now the moment this episode aired, the marble pie x Mac ship was born. XD and I'm on board (pun totally intended)
  24. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Technical Issues Blank Flank Glitch?

    Gosh dang it you beat me to it lol GG
  25. SkyBurner's_Legion

    Not sure of what to expect.

    You play magic??? So do I! What video games do you play?