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  1. Hmm what fanfic should I listen to before I go to sleep?
  2. So I've been a Brony for about a year and a half yet I am just now considering drawing my first OC. I am not the best drawer but I'm not looking to make a well refined masterpiece. Just some basics. Any tips anyone would like to offer? I considered going to some generator on a website because that takes the fun and creativity out it.
  3. Welcome dude! I just joined today. I think you will really enjoy it here!
  4. Watched Terminator Salvation. I will always love that movie.
  5. The Roman Empire! Latin and more Latin! The Coliseum and other great architectural feats.
  6. Not to be a downer but my dreams seem to involve me getting hurt. Not gonna go into details but I think I played wayyyy to much COD over the years. Glad I stopped.
  7. Basically all of the Fate games. It's like an older depuengon crawler game back in like 2006. I loved killing monsters and looting chests with my pet dog and summoned army of cursed swords.
  8. Thanks for the nice welcome! I really appreciate it! Loving it here already!
  9. Sadly I haven't dropped a dime. Found a rainbow dash and apple bloom figure when I was helping clean up a school for a summer camp and casually stuffed them in my pocket and took it home.
  10. Eating chips ahoy cookies and watching tornado videos.
  11. Hmm. To choose one is so hard considering how many great ones there are. I'd have to say lesson zero. I can totally relate to school and stressing over assignments and this one is like a summary of me when the teacher gives an assignment or huge project I have to finish ????.
  12. Filled with comedy and a sweet ending! Loved it!
  13. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Various references across the Internet led me here How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My grandmothers friend's grandson aka my friend told me he was a brony and showed me the mlp app. I'm not gonna lie I bashed him for it and laughed. So two days later I decided to watch the first episode just to see if I could make my way through it without dying from girly rainbow and candy crap. Boyyyyyy was I wrong. Next thing I know every night before I went to bed I was watching 2 or 3 episodes. The rest is history. Well if there is anything about me I love video games. I used to have a pc but it broke so I moved to console gaming. I like computers and writing programs. Been a briny for about a year and a half. Joined around the time when season 4 had just ended. I'm friendly, I've tried to be more accepting and tolerant of others. However I haven't told anyone I am a Brony due to obvious reasons. To be honest I'm trying to find ways to actually be in the community cause new episodes and reading 2 year old fan fiction isn't enough haha. But anyways anything else you want to know message me!