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Posts posted by SkyBurner's_Legion

  1. My real life best friends?


    It was at freshmen orientation. It was the seniors way of inducting the incoming class into the school the "traditional way". And that way was a freshmen vs seniors dodgeball battle. Well it was more of a massacre despite the fact that we probably outnumbered thrm 5 to 1. Anyway I'm running around having a good old time and I get nailed in the face with a dodgeball. I go down lose my glasses and basically all I see is white from thr gym lights. I feel myself getting dragged from the front line of chaos and there I was staring at 2 future best friends of high school. Walked away with a small scar but I think it was worth it. Funny when I think about it now

  2. If your into biology like meh hehe...


    Now you got the ribosomes

    Break down amino acids

    To make protein like my dad makes breakfast

    You got the French toast bacon and eggs

    That's how this organelle rolls in the cell house head

    Drops mic*


    It's from my album "The cell"

    Also see "the mitochondria, lysosomes, cell wall(plant cell edition) and much more

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  3. Execution is definitely out but exile seems like it wouldn't be as bad. While she kinda did get off easy, it's hard for me to make a unbiased judgement of her. It's thr typical tragic backstory that motivates the villain to do what they do. If in the future she shows signs of going back to her old ways, then more actions should be taken against her. For now she's under control and should be given a small chance to redeem herself. (Like literally everyone else). But this is just my opinion :)

  4. When it comes to books about real world problems like racism or violence, I don't think they should be hidden. Censoring books about things like that is almost like trying to deny it happened (which won't help). I remember in 8th grade we planned to read Of Mice and Men but some parents complained (ironically after signing a waver that we'd be reading and dealing with some mature material). You can't shield children's minds from the real world forever.

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