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    "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else" - Ru Paul
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    Traveling, music, Depeche Mode, Dr. Who, MLP, cosmetology... Oh, and my favorite of the Mane6: Pinkie Pie!

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  1. Howdy, I noticed on your profile you're from Philadelphia area! I'm with FillyCon and we're starting Pennsylvania's first My Little Pony convention in Center City Philadelphia this August. We have the voice actors behind Peppermint Twist & Maud Pie, along with many guests from the community, check it out: http://fillycon.org

    1. Kaleidoscopic Clutch

      Kaleidoscopic Clutch

      Awesome! I'm actually going to be working registration for FillyCon so I'll probably see you there, yes?

  2. This is NO DOUBT my favorite episode in quite some time. Rarity episodes are not usually top episodes for me either but I could watch this episode over and over!!! LOVED IT! That clip popped in my head too IMMEDIATELY when that moment happened!!!
  3. I agree! Sunburst was a nice breath of fresh air as far as a new character goes. It was really nice to see the dynamic between him and Starlight as they were hiding their pasts from each other. Made for a good lesson too!!! The scene's between Spike and Starlight were also very refreshing. It was nice to see Spike have a bit more of an active role!
  4. I would love to hear about what you're working on! Assuming I'm not too late; sorry I haven't been on in a while!! =) If I can still work with you, let me know.
  5. Kaleidoscopic Clutch

    Doctor Whooves Fan Club

    This is hilarious, I LOVE it!!!
  6. Kaleidoscopic Clutch

    Doctor Whooves Fan Club

    Hahahah that video is HILARIOUS! And what a cute product of your imagination. Love it!
  7. Was just thinking...I keep seeing things for VAs, but I actually feel most comfortable with "reading the story aloud" not necessarily the voices. If anyone is ever looking for a narrator for a fanfic reading, that'd be right up my alley. Right now all I have are these readings I did for my niece and nephew and the sound quality is pretty bad but it's a start: I have a new microphone and can provide other readings upon request.
  8. Kaleidoscopic Clutch

    Doctor Whooves Fan Club

    Yeah, my face painting tends to come off that way I know....if you think THAT is creepy, you should see my Pinkie Pie!! LOLz I think 11 could be a Brony too! =)
  9. I've always wanted to get into voice acting as well. Just bought myself a basic mic for my laptop...not sure where to start though. I used to read MLP stories to my nephew via youtube (unfortunately the sound quality was...less that great) I didn't really focus on trying to nail any voices down...these are more or less dry readings, but this is where my voice resides naturally if anyone is looking for a voice like it. https://youtu.be/jIMR-r19qX4?list=PLITc4pWO3UkeYhYZp4DAAXE23vZPx1NsF Around 6:30 I try to sing some rendition of "Singing in the Chocolate Rain" LOL
  10. Kaleidoscopic Clutch

    Doctor Whooves Fan Club

    Onwards and upwards! not sure how to rotate that properly.....
  11. My nephew drew me this: So I responded with this: For whatever reason the doctor is eating out of a cookie jar instead of a vat of muffins!! lol
  12. I LOVE these two together. Any any fan art just makes me melt inside!
  13. Loved this episode! Although, if they're doing time travel, why no Dr. Whooves? Just a smidge bummed about that one...
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