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  1. Supersweet! What programs do you use for the linework?
  2. Hey guys! Made another image, laid a foundation with watercolors and went over it in photoshop. I wanted to capture the godlike aspects of Princess Celestia, and also I love drawing wings!
  3. You make me blush! Thank you! Glad you liked it! Thanks! Thanks! My four year old actually complained that I made the wings to big, haha, and I can´t say hes wrong. I just love drawing wings! Gonna post a new fan art of Celestia that I made, with even more wings!! Yeah, it´s really frustrating! Thanks for the encouragement! Gonna post another one right now!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I´m happy with the colors. It was a bit hard to keep it light and clear but at the same time I wanted pretty dark shadows.
  5. Princess Karlotta

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you!! Such a nice welcome! Thanks! I think I´ll like it here! Thanks for the warm welcome, really appreciate it!
  6. Thank you! I´m a professional comic book artist and illustrator, and I love making fan art! Thanks! He was happy with it, although he would have liked to color it himself, after I did the line drawing, haha!
  7. Ha, finally! I did it! Interface obviously not working on my iphone, and it woldnt let me upload it directly, so I put it up on Imgur first ... anyways, heres my little Rainbow! Hope you enjoy! So strange, there was still stuff missing. Must be the iphone browser has limitations. Anyway, got it uploaded right now! I did it! Eureka! Thanks for the help yesterday, hope you enjoy my painting!
  8. Welcome to the forums Princess *bows before* If you need any assistance let me know :D

  9. Princess Karlotta

    Hey everyone!

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Googled it! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Watched it with my 4 year old son. Fell in love. Hello! I´m a 35 year old guy living in Sweden. Have always loved epic fantasy and mythology. Remember when as a young boy I learned that certain things wasn´t for boys, certain values, certain colors. Joy. When I watched mlp with my own kid I felt that it gave me something back that had been stolen from me at an early age, and it spoke to me. Love the show! I love drawing and painting
  10. I can't make it work, like there are options missing. Thanks for the help, I'll try again tmrrw when Im st my real computer and not this puny phone! Tried something similar but the image just appears as code or something... I'll try again tmrrw. Thanks for the encouragement!
  11. Yeah, struggling... Can't seem to upload from my iPhone. New to the interface and bad with tech ... You wouldnt know how to?
  12. Hey guys! This is my first post ever. Started watching mlp a while ago with my son, and fell so much in love with it. I made this Rainbow Dash for him, and I thought you might like it. Hmm I can't seem to upload pictured from my phone...
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