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  2. RazzyJam

    Amuse Me

    A classic! Never fails to amuse~
  3. RazzyJam

    Amuse Me

    Its been eons since I have been on this site. A lot has changed. I have missed having casual discussions on web forums. Typing is fun. I cant guarantee I will stick around here, but I am interested in talking with a few peeps here breifly and casually. Bring me up to speed? Introduce yourself? Lets talk about whatever.
  4. It is either the pony version of the genesis ark, or there is a timelord in it. Im calling it now.
  5. Someone translate this You made all these? O:
  6. RazzyJam

    Slitherpon's first art post!

    This is great! Is this your first art ever, or just your first art on the forum? Surely its not the first thing you've ever done. Regardless, its really good! Nice work!
  7. RazzyJam

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Wow youre pretty o3o
  8. RazzyJam


    Still time to enter? Oh boy oh boy, I cant wait! It would actually be really cool to win this C: Your paintings are absolutely incredible
  9. RazzyJam

    Britain Vs America?

    This was true up until the conclusion of WWII. After the Cold War, Americas Naval force could destroy the British naval force three times over. Plus, the US possesses something like 3000 ICBMs which is something like 300% of what England has.
  10. RazzyJam

    What is you image of the future?

    Hyperloop Monorails. Fully autonomous commercial air-travel Commercial space travel Orbital elevators Lunar and Martian colonies Cures for most diseases Medical immortality Absolute 0 Privacy Robotic servitors Fully automated industries Nuclear Fusion Warp drives and near-light speed/faster than light travel Space stations A Hotel on Jupiter Me the supreme overlord of all beings.
  11. RazzyJam

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    You look like an old friend of mine... of course you arent, because he is in college, but still You also look a bit like Feld0
  12. HA! I get it! because its a half ass- Nevermind then...
  13. RazzyJam

    MLP...the Ride.

    Well, first things first, Im building this in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. I did this for a number or reasons #1... Because its Disney World, Universal sucks XD #2, because Disney World has a certain stlye to their rides. Every little detail they put into their rides serves the purpose of telling a story. So really, the question boils down to "What story do I want to to tell, and how do I want people to experience it?" So, lets start brainstorming! The first thing that pops into my mind is that Equestria is a world full of surprises. While it is a world of technicolor horses, there are a lot of scary things hiding in it, and Equestria does deal with a lot of troubles. I could integrate this into the ride somehow: Maybe the ride car could move somehow other than a track. We could make the car spin around while moving along a set path perhaps. One of my favorite stories from MLP was "The return of Harmony". After all, who didnt love Discord? I can think of no better ride to make at the moment, so I could bullet ideas on what could be incorporated here: Slippery soap roads. The second we get to this part, I would make the car spin and slide so much. Almost like the Whinnie the Pooh ride and how the car can bounce up and down like Tigger, and pivot like it is floating in water. Perhaps the ride will actually be only the second episode. The first episode, the one where they are in the labyrinth will be the Queue to the ride. Maybe we could use a water element and lighting to turn Discord to stone. At this point, Im eliminating the idea of a roller coaster or thrill ride. Not to say the ride wont be thrilling or fun, but I do not think that a roller coaster will give the right experience for this story. (But, perhaps another story could be told via Roller coaster. Rainbow Dash and the Sonic Rainboom anyone?) So, here was my thoughts on the Discord Darkride (Generic term for indoor, slow-moving ride. Almost all rides in Fantasyland are Darkrides) The story goes like this: Riders will be summoned to Canterlot Castle and enter the Hall where the Elements are kept. They will stand in the hall and watch a short, 3 minute show that involves an animatronic Celestia guarding the doors to the Elements, and Discord moving about the Stained Glass windows. The show starts with the elements disappearance and ends with Discord making his speil about "Twists and Turns". With that, Celestia states to the audience that they will have to go and search the Labrynth. The stained glass window will clear, revealing an image of the Labrynth, and then it will open like a door, and Riders will be funneled through to the line to the ride. This part of the line looks like it is outdoors in the labyrinth Every now and then, we could place a video monitor in the hedges forming the line. This will reveal Discord toying with the people in line. Remember that part of the Haunted Mansion where the Hitchhiking ghosts do weird things like switch your heads around? We can use the same tech here to turn people gray and things like this to further immerse them in the story. People will now be arriving at the cars. At this point, it will look like the Labyrinth has collapsed. The ride will pick up the story from here with Episode 2. Cars will immediately head through a door and be introduced to the Mane 6. Insert quote about needing to get to ponyville to defeat discord. Discord appears, perhaps as a quick video projection on the door in front of you. He cackles and snaps his fingers, the door opens and you are now in upside-down ponyville. This is where the car starts to slip about. We could spray riders with bubbles an the smell of chocolate milk, just for kicks and giggles. Riders will slip into Twilight library, where our characters will be searching for the Elements of Harmony book. Luckily, the library is circular, and we can use this to our advantage. When the car comes around the library, you will see Twilight with the book. The door to the next part of the ride will also look like the front cover of the Elements of Harmony reference guide. When it opens, we will be once again outside of the library only to be met by Discord. The girls will use their elements and defeat Discord. This could be done in a really cool way. A gray animatronic of discord will be moving, but we will project the color onto him. When the girls use their elements, we can turn on a waterfall that hides our discord animatronic, giving us time to freeze him in the proper position and turn of his colors. We can also turn rainbow colored lights on the waterfall, making it look like the Elements of Harmony are really being used. It would be a neat effect and a cool way to end the ride. The riders would then exit at a platform that looked like the big doors to Canterlot hall. They would then proceed to exit, and the room could be decorated with paintings of happy smiling technicolor horses. In truth, this ride doesn't sound as cool as it could be. However, rather than describing the ride I would want, I described one that could actually be made. Using the right amount of Disney Magic and Imagineering, there is no reason why this couldnt be a ride at one of their parks. I would ride the hell out of this ride.
  14. RazzyJam

    MLP...the Ride.

    You have absolutely no idea what you have just opened. Literally, yo u can not comprehend the size of the wall of text you are about to be slammed with. Here is a little something to give you an idea: