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  1. So... After a loooong trip through this hall of excellence, all I can really say is: Beautiful work! There isn't really much more I can say that can be considered helpful. I can say though that it actually helps inspire me personally to keep drawing and improving. I'll definitely keep tabs on your content ^^
  2. Well at certain moments and scenes, yes. But most of the time it just looks like they merge with the eye-lines/-lashes. I made eyebrows here because of old habit. <_<
  3. Arvidus

    Beaneh Pone~

    That's cuteness levels that melts rocks. I mean typing comments in puddle-form right now isn't among the easiest things to do. Absolutely lovely, I'm definitely checking out the rest of your work. ^^
  4. There are moments when you're at a complete loss for words to form an in the least helpful comment that goes other than "AMAZING", "AWESOME" or "PERFECT, PLEASE TEACH ME SENPAI!!!" ehum.. not that I'd ever use that last one. <_<; This is one of those moments. I can do nothing but admire your style and skill. Even the pieces you call sketches and doodles makes my eyes widen. Keep up the lovely work you're doing ^^
  5. I usually draw characters with human(-like) anatomy, so drawing characters in this style was something new and a bit of a challenge. Needless to say, that is indeed my personalized OC. A first draft of sorts. As the title suggests, Autumn is a very inspirational season for me. It might even be my favourite season of the year overall. The shading might be a bit smudgy and all over the place. I haven't touched my tablet in almost two years, so I have some rust to scratch off. Also, hindsight note: Just remembered, ponies don't have eyebrows ^^; Any feedback and criticism is welcome a
  6. Arvidus

    Lil' Tiny Gif

    That's a very stylish, charming and welcoming banner. It definitely wakes interest and curiosity for your stream and the rest of your artwork. Also, that GIF in your signature is kinda messing with my head a bit. Maybe it's just me though <_>
  7. I've always been a fan of the show ever since Season 1, but I've reserved myself as more of a casual brony and not really participating in the actual community surrounding it. That is until now, when I started exploring the endless amount of creative content from the fandom. Thus a new-found craze for the show and its fandom got a hold of me and well... here we are ^^ I'm someone that enjoys a lot of things and is always open to discover new forms of entertainment and art. I enjoy gaming and doing creative work (In which some fields I'm better at than others (fields)). The sincere nature o
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