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  1. Nightlance sighs and passes time bouncing echos off the cell. The comfiest he'd been in by far, but with the time passing, the night would soon burn away to the golds and brigts of the morning. The warm, blinding morning with the loud carts and such. Bareable, but not my sort of environment. He looks at the sign he left in the corner and turns over, having laid out on the ground. Somehow, he felt it was more comfortable. Like home, though, with a carpet. He closes his eyes and hums softly about cold and mountains.
  2. @@Comet Tail, Night gave him a very serious look for a moment, opens his mouth, then bites his lip before looking down and blushing. "I tried. It's hard to get service for me right now. Just... tie me up. It's gunna be a long night." He holds out his hooves tiredly and refuses to look anywhere but the ground, The desk pony had upset him more than even he thought she had.
  3. "Up in relation to my body, or the ground?" Night calls. He actually means it, but... takes it back in about 5 seconds. "You know what, I'm just gunna land, yeah? Then we can go about the other things." He lands and sits back so he can put his whooves and wings out. He looks at them for a bit, before cocking his head, "Woah, I didn't know MORE bat-ponies left the cave! Cool!"
  4. @@Comet Tail, Ugg... where I come from, we just trade icicles and sweet words. My icicle melted and, well, she's a princess. In fact, I'm relatively certain that that receptionist I kept talking to just through my requests into the trash. Having hidden in the roof overhang, he listened to the beat of the pegasi's wings fly by and ruminates on that lovely event. Three times. A quick up-down and a boot out the door... Once with the guards. It kinda sucks, like, a lot. Especially since it was just an up-down. I mean, all I wanted to do is meet the person responsible for making things beau
  5. He can't seem to remember why he thought this was a good idea. Slipping the guards at night had been easy: their louder movements, and clumsier actions did not lend them any bonuses to catching a bat at night. Especially since, you know, bat ponies have fairly darker colors. However, this balcony was moonlit, very high, and cold enough to remind him of home. Still, he was ready. Especially since, well, the probability of him making it out of this without some form of punishment was astronomical. He smiled at the stars and watched the moon hang in the sky. Chances were, Luna would come around i
  6. This looks fun. If it's alright, I'd like to join with my OC here: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/night-lance-r8975 I'd like to date Luna, please. ^.^
  7. Night Lance


    Thanks guys. ^.^ I'm really looking forward to the roleplay thing. Hopefully I can stay active enough to be a part of one.
  8. I iz are derp. I does tuh muffinz.

    1. probrony


      You are not derp, my friend. But muffins are good=) As food and as a special group of forum members X)

  9. I lack motivation, I don't exercise near enough, I lean heavily on my friends for emotional support, I speak my mind pretty bluntly from time to time, I can judge harshly, I can be incredibly idealistic, I don't put much effort into things, and I sometimes expect things to go my way when they shouldn't. That tends to lead to rather interesting engagements to look back on.
  10. I hate how my college requires a foreign language. It's not that I don't wanna learn a new language, it's that I want to do more with major. It's not that I don't want to do art classes, it's that I want to learn more about my major. I'M HERE FOR MY MAJOR *Blasts off to the moon*
  11. I love pineapples, and apples. ^.^ But mostly sweet fruits, and if it blends nicely with others.
  12. How about Shoal Coggney (Social-Cognitive theory) Or, umm... Heather Umner (Humanist theory) I, umm... I really got nothing. Sorry >///<
  13. Hmmm, I think I can try my hand at this. It's been a while, but... message for kids? Hmmm... The Land of Snow and Rhyme Once upon a time In the land of rhyme, People you could find Were together for the ride. But in the land of snow, The people they don't know, They shunned and walked away And left now place to stay. Then the land of rhyme Found luck not on their ride And with none left to find, They were running out of time. Luck, it they all did know, Came from the land of snow, So if the wanted some to stay Their distrust must go away. Now the land of
  14. Night Lance


    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack How did you find MLP Forums?: A friend told me. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The same friend showed me the show. I like it well enough. ^.^ I like it's potential to teach kids values and friendliness. Hmmm, I'm colorblind, my favorite color is purple.... Uhh, I like teh videya gamez... I like to role play a bit... I used to play music... Ask away?
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