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  1. Got all episodes all from Kiss Cartoon
  2. Not much this year, i'm working all day Saturday and my wife is working Sunday, so we each get a day of looking after the kids and being tired AF at night. Ohhh the romance..
  3. I already thought it was a pretty decent kids show before I knew there was a fandom, thanks to my kids watching it long before I ever did. When I first found out there was an adult fandom, I thought it was good that other people recognised it as a quality show, however when I found out how... enthusiastic, many of them were, I did find it way over the top. Some of the creative elements of the fandom were appreciated right from the start though so my feelings were mixed I think in the end Bronies are like any large group of individuals, some people are awesome, some are complete asshats and/or weirdos, and many are somewhere inbetween. I did see a couple of youtube vids from people who were apparently "clopsexuals" and while I always maintain that people are entitled to their own likes and dislikes as long as they're harmless, the whole concept actually put me off watching the show or anything MLP related for some time. Likely because I appreciate it as something I can enjoy with my kids, so it's not an element of the fandom that I want to be reminded of.
  4. Bronies go to Equestria Ponies portal the f*** out of there
  5. Equestria is a whole other world and more interesting as a concept. The Ponies have had over 2500 hours of aventures and character development, and although I did enjoy the movies, the MLP human world is something we're all a lot less invested in after watching so many hours of the show. I was also disappointed the first time I saw EG to find out that it wasn't the actual ponies going to the human world, just twilight with parallel versions of them. Even though they're the same characters in personality and behavior, knowing it's not actually them weakens the viewer/character attachment that's been built up over the seasons of the show prior to the movies
  6. I prefer the show Ponies to humanisations myself, but they are popular so here's a few for those who appreciate them And some Pony Dash All clickable, Artists are in the filename I'll put my crappy pixel drawn RD here too, I think I put it in the wrong place before It appers better quality than it really is in a smaller clickable thumbnail, click to see it as drawn
  7. I like the type of music he does, and there's worse out there than him, but I don't particularly like any of his tracks. The vocals are ok, but not great and the construction of the music is not all that original. I wouldn't say he isn't good at what he does, but with so many professionals out there creating music you have to be better than an average pro to stand out. I've never playlisted or mixed a single one of his tracks (I have used 2 by Royalpony 5300in mixes without anyone noticing it was pony related) so the only reason for liking his stuff would be the MLP connection, and ponies don't improve the quality of your tracks
  8. Pinkie She doesn't always win fights, but she's not consistent. You do get the idea however that if some villain did actually kill her, lock her in a box, firebomb the box, scoop up the ashes and throw them into a volcano. They'd turn around and she would be standing next to them looking down into the volcano like "well that wasn't very nice" *slightly annoyed Pinkie face*
  9. Final Fantay end game bosses annoy me not because of cheap tactics, but because they're so weak For FF7, 8 (never finshed 9) and 10. I rushed to the last save point in the game, then spent more hours doing optional stuff to get OP enough to fight OP optional bosses than I did on the rest of the game. The actual story element bosses cold be taken down without doing any of the optional stuff though, and went down like a regular encounter after doing even half of it. I understand that optional means you don't have to do it, but they should have at least made the required bosses difficult enough that you had to do some powering up and preparing before being able to take them on. Not just steam rollable after 20hrs on a speed run I started doing the optional stuff on 11, but after a few hours I lost interest (as I did towards the end of 10) because I actually enjoy the story aspect of RPG's the most, and spending the majority of the time on something not essential to the story wasn't very motivating. Which is a shame because the optional bosses were always pretty awesome For frustrating I have to pick Krauser on Resident Evil 4 - on Pro mode only. I had a nice idea to do a full game run on professional mode, in one shot, no saves no reattempts, if I died I would start again from the beginning. Was all going quite well until I got to Krauser. He made me give up on the idea and I had to save just before his fight. I could barely hit him at all, just too damn quick with that wing/arm/shield thingy that negates all damage on pro mode
  10. I like them, I always consider MLP as something made for primarily for kids but with some care and attention taken to make it more accessible to older fans, or something that parents can actually enjoy watching with their children. I prefer the show to the movies, but would never have watched either if not for living with a 5 year old and 7 year old who're both fans. I am glad that I did give it a chance though, and grateful that the show exists so there actually is something I can enjoy with them and appreciate, rather than just watching something for their sake that's bareable but not enjoyable The same applies to the movies, there is a noticeable difference when compared to something like Pixar or Dreamworks movies (which I can also enjoy watching with them) but the animation is still good quality and the stories and characters are entertaining and engaging, and that's all that's required. So I don't begrudge buying the odd bit of merch if they really want it
  11. Originally it was my fairly generic OC, now it's my Youtube channel icon - mine and my wifes initials in yellow magician font (i'm not all that original or creative)
  12. My daughter has 3 Monster High dolls, and Rarity from Friendship games. She does want more EQ Girls stuff though, but I limited her to one of each for Christmas (MH and EQ) and she chose Rarity I think to kids the appeal is quite similar, MLP in general is a better quality franchise though and at least has the benefit of the fact that when the kids ask for something I know exactly what they're talking about. Monster High itself is ok, but I wouldn't choose to watch it, and will generally be doing something else if the kids watch it. Bratz is just annoying
  13. In 80's and 90's I liked the RPG's the most. As far as non RPG's go I would pick Xenon 2, Worms, Lemmings and Midwinter RPGS The Bards Tale Might and Magic (all up to 9, 9 was crappy) Ultima (Most of them) Wizardry (most of them) Pool of Radience Wasteland Anything from Final Fantasy & Baldur Gate series onwards i'm not including as not proper old school yet. But they were all awesome, along with Suikoden, Skies of Arcadia and the resident evil series (the first few are pretty old now) I didn't have anything of my own for gaming until I got an Atari ST when I was 10. Before that I often ended up setting up residence in school friends bedrooms lol
  14. My mum was 17 when I was born (she met my dad on holiday with her parents and never saw him again) My grandparents were very old school and quite religious, and they kicked her out of the family home, also said that her siblings were not allowed contact with her. We were on/off homeless until I was 6. We had social housing most of the time, but there were periods of a few months at a time where we had to move about and didn't exactly have a roof over our heads Due to the unstable conditions there were never really any established rules, and by the time we got into long term housing - I lived in one place from 6-9, then a house from 9-25 - We had kind of gotten used to just doing what we needed to. She had to work whatever hours she could get, so I used to get myself ready for school and make my own meals etc from the age of 6, as sometimes she would have to leave before I got up in the morning, and other days didn't get back until a few hours after I came home. Also I had a lot of energy and didn't sleep much, so she used to go to sleep around 11PM and I would stay up until 1-2AM. Funny thing is I was actually better behaved at that time of my life than later, mid to late teens was by far the worst period in terms of what kind of stuff I got in to. I think if I hadn't been through the things I had in the early years, I probably wouldn't have handled and gotten out of the lifestyle I was in later. So for me and almost total lack of parenting actually worked out, eventually