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  1. LIke others have said, Halo MCC on PC (Steam). It brings me back so many memories of my old X360
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. The Day of Hispanicity, which is the anniversary of the discovery of the New World by Columbus. But the 2 of may is also very famous (the uprising of the Spanish citizens against the Napoleonic invasion that started the spanish independece wars).
  4. I'm from Spain (Castile), so I know a little about Spanish...
  5. Steam: Faztor5 I usually play TF2 an Red Orchestra 2, also lately Payday 2
  6. Yes, it's an usual thing here. In my case, nobody calls me by my first name, because it's really common. Btw being spanish so you can have more than 8 surnames
  7. What did he mean by National Anthem?
  8. In Europe we learn british english, but i think that most of the time we hear the American pronunciation...
  9. Wow that's pretty good. I was thinking in the past in using that Engine, but since i tried to do stuff with Unreal Engine and i never get used to it, i leave that idea behind... It was difficult with Blender? Have you got to program everything in python?
  10. Well, in my city there is the "Academia de Caballeria", there are a lot of military uniforms from different times... Spain has had many militar uniforms, even nowadays each 28 of may it's the Spanish army day, and they march with classical uniforms. Exactly between 1914-18 i don't know, you can see something related to the Rif War and the uniforms of the "Regulares", they were from that time. Btw, Spain was a poor country because the Napoleonic wars suposed the independence of the colonies and the country was prettty much split after that, causing a huge inestability in the XIX century
  11. I also started programming Java with Eclipse, but nowadays I preffer NetBeans over it because its debugger and documentation (and community) it's much better (at least for me)
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