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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry birthiversary!

  3. Merry birthiversary!

  4. Hey dood. How are you?

    1. Odd Ball

      Odd Ball

      I’m good, it’s been a while since I posted anything here.

  5. I’d much rather have Twilight make a magic school and teach magic.
  6. Slice of Life is one of the best episodes in the show. Twilight is a terrible friendship teacher to Starlight.
  7. I really wanted to like this episode, but it's got problems. First, I think the story should have focus on Sweetie Belle herself going through the growing up stage. Like have her figure out that herself she's becoming too old for her favourite stuff. They made it seem like Rarity hasn't seen her in years, also that Sweetie Belle has grown past her previous interests. But it doesn't work when all the fillies who watch the puppet show and wait in line for the balloons are the same age as she is. If it were the toddler fillies we started seeing since season four it would have worked much better. Either that or they could have had Sweetie indicating she was become more mature than other fillies, including her friends. Also, as much as I love seeing Zippoorwhil again, I was upset she never once flew like a humming bird nor had her hyperactive voice which was what made her so memorable to begin with.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    I'd draw you a birthday picture of Silver Spoon on Derpibooru but my iPad is currently not working.

  9. Here are my thoughts on the episodes.Celestial Advice:Enjoyed Discord.Love the new imagination spell.Great to see Celestia finally get some new backstory. Spike is awesome when he's written like he was here.All Bottled Up:Trixie is is a much more enjoyable now than in her previous episodes.I wish Starlight had this angry magic cloud thing back in her first appearance.The choices of the ponies being affected by the angry cloud could have been better, I for one would have love to see angry Derpy.The song is dull, but does get a pass for being a punchline of a joke.Despite not being a two parter, these two separate episodes were good overall.
  10. I have mixed feelings about the Rarity/Sweetie Belle episode. I think it would be better if it was Sweetie Belle realizing herself that some of her activities are childish and that growing up isn't a bad thing. My hope is that it begins with Sweetie Belle thinking she should act more grown up and that Rarity doing childish stuff with her is how the story will go. I don't want to be "Rarity Does Embarrassing Stuff to Her Little Sister" for the whole episode. Basically I'm hoping will be a Sweetie Belle episode with Rarity in it instead of a Rarity episode with Sweetie Belle in it.
  11. Chicken Little, it wanted to be like Shrek and failed badly. Almost most of the characters are unlikeable.
  12. This would have been a great plot to see before she got her cutie mark.