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  1. Could really use the help if anyone could help me spread the word and get a few commissions~

  2. UPDATE:
    Artwork and requests will not be posted here or taken until further notice.
    Reasons: Health, Confidence, Attitude of certain Requesters

  3. Happy birthday! :D

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

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  6. Zarosian

    New Design, things I think are wrong, or mis-placed.

    THIS is the bit that annoys me most in honesty, the "About me" page should be the first thing you see on a profile. not a list of activity.
  7. Firstly; I'll make it known I don't like this mobile-theme that forums everywhere seem to be taking; but that's irrelevant. Stuff wrong with the new design: Advert bar appearing despite not checking "opt-in to in site ads" and strengthening adblock (which is the right of an individual to use) removes the whole forum page The "About Me" page on profile should be in front of "Activity" not behind it Profile, Notificaton & Message bar is too far up towards the top of the browser Design isn't as easy on the eyes as the previous one was Cover photo dimensions not specified for ideal resolution There is probably more I have missed; but this stuff is the main issues I have noticed. The adert part in particular i annoying; HATE sites that force ads in your face even when you choose not to opt-in, and TRY to use an adblocker.
  8. Zarosian

    Omega Nexus

    Omega Nexus
  9. Zarosian

    Misty Nova

    Theres more to Misty than just what iw rte there. I'd appreciate it if you didn't comment on my OC's. as you seem to enjoy upsetting me.
  10. Zarosian

    Misty Nova

    Misty Nova
  11. Zarosian


    The story is a re-write in progress. It's heavily based on the storyline of Zaros from the MMORPG Runescape. Though a altered a vast amount of events and added in a HUGE amount of completely original content. As a result I could never serialise this as a book; much as I would LOVE to...
  12. Zarosian

    I Need Help Discovering Artists!

    I'm an artist, and can video edit if that counts... me and 3 friends are working on starting up our group MLP channel together, but it's empty at the moment :c
  13. Zarosian

    Ask Zarosian a question

    (I had originally intended to add background, and a little more explanation as to how he likes it... but I ended up in hospital :c The next answer will be much better :3 )
  14. Zarosian

    What do you guys think of Recolors?

    I see recolours as lazy, and retain the right to refuse to draw them when they are requested. I can understand ones first OC being a recolour, I mean just look at my first draft of Zarosian from 2013 (though it was hand-drawn, you can clearly see it's basically just a Braeburn recolour. (Safe to say he is definitely original now.) but it's still not really acceptable to keep a re-colour long term.I often find a lot of re-colours being purely based on aesthetic value and never having any backstory; basically being a case of "I just wanted to have a visual OC, all that other stuff will come later" When ti comes to stealing someone elses OC and just re-colouring the mane, that is unforgivable. stealing someone elses work, is lazy; unoriginal; and very very frustrating...
  15. Zarosian

    Ask Zarosian a question

    Hello there fellow ponies! My name is Zarosian And I would like you to ask me questions They can be about ANYTHING, be it my history; my opinions; or anything of any kind, and I will answer them in the form of a comic Please ask away, and I will answer your questions ASAP