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  1. So I bought a honest to Celestia art sketchbook, and filled the first page with practice ink sketches and... it felt actually okay? For the longest time I was working on copy paper to cut costs but only now I realize that this approach was stalling me from doing anything, and for months. Practice is all about making a mess with quality stuff you will work with on finished pieces, after all...

    1. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      I'd love to see them.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Hmm, perhaps I could post my doodles, yeah. They're not THAT bad, heh.

  2. So I've finished watching both parts of Netflix "Godzilla", and I daresay, their anime adaptations have a peculiar art style but, I liked this stuff. And "Blame!" that I saw previously too. Funny how I declined any anime for years, simply because it wasn't a western animation. I guess scratching off the whole medium because of petty reasons isn't the way to go after all, eh?

  3. I'm thinking... Perhaps it's time to finally give the pony a rest. I was hoping to watch it till it ends but, there is no end in sight. And I just don't feel so interested in the show proper like I used to. Eh, we'll see, I suppose.

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    2. -Buttercup-


      @Raven Rawne

      Yeah, they do. I remember when you ran rps, quite different than how I run rps or how others I have roleplayed with ran rps.

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      mh, because I cut down the rule of cool in favour of strictly sticking to what is feasible for a character who is basiically an average cirtizen. True, I made an action adventure character later on but she was still no Rambo. And I like it that way, gives them space to grow as they overcome obstacles with actual effort. Because for me, it's more about psychological aspects and character development than monster hunting or stuff like that.

      Still, no harm if someone likes monster hunting, it's just how I roll.

    4. -Buttercup-


      @Raven Rawne

      Usually what I focus on is just interactions between characters and development.

  4. In the late hours of last night, I finished the first playthrough of NieR:Automata. And even though the first ending is easily the most optimistic, it still feels so sad... I'm not sure whether I actually want to keep playing to finish the whole game, since it revolves around and, quite frankly, revels in, tragedy.


  5. Risk of auto destructive behavior: 12,5%, and rising. Standard safety measures are insufficient. Safe mode: offline.

    This... cannot continue. Outside help may be necessary.

  6. So after staring at YT videos for hours, I tired to make a gouache painting for the first time. Nothing fancy, just black and white, with the possibility f mixing to get shades of grey. Well, maybe Bob Ross was right and anyone can paint, but I think I shouldn't quit my day job anytime soon... The result is unpublishable and the experience not as pleasing as I hoped. However, black and white gouache will make a fine addition to my inks, on large black areas and to accentuate pure whites. So it's not a total dead end.

  7. Confound this Netflix, it drives me to thought provoking documentaries, good films and now Anime, of all things!?

  8. Art block in progress, please stand by.

  9. I came across a YT channel of an artist that I find really interesting. She works with mediums I really want to work with (ink lineart + ink wash, or watercolor + gouache), once I learn the basics (duh), and her style is rather unique too,


  10. Just something I drew last evening. All in all, I am not satisfied wih how it turned out, obviously, but I guess I finally am coming to the inevitable conclusion that you can't make quality stuff when thinking about costs so much - graphite for texture and shading allows to work on copy paper, and is overall cheaper than ink wash, while the results are... equally cheap.


  11. Hmm, apparently, this is the scene when I realise all my roleplays are dead and I may be interested in having a new one. Makes me wish to dust off my favourite crystal pony OC for that purpose.

  12. Someone tried to steal the grill off the hood of my car. Not just the company sign, the whole thing. They failed though and now my rare Lancia has a slightly bent grill. I just don't even try to guess how low my faith in humanity can be found at this point.

  13. Overwatch Anniversary Event is on! Seems like I will playing that game as much as I can to grab all that seasonal loot, heh.

  14. Just finished binge watching Aggretsuki - a funny Japaneese cartoon miniseries about... life in a corporation, I guess. Seeing the archetypes of people who work in ehese places, and in a crooked mirror too, makes for an entertaining, and also sad-but-true picture.

  15. I can't help but notice that my overall interest in the show has waned considerably as of late. Time will tell if I stay around to see Season 9 or not.

    1. Passion


      I've lost interest in show in S4 I think. Yet I'm still around for the community ;x artwork is keeping me afloat easily, even if golden age of MLP artists is gone and there's been a decline in art created over last years. Find your own fuel!

    2. Luminance


      Same here too. The Movie lost it for me.

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I haven't even seen it, since because of the leak, VOD platforms don't want to buy it. And I'm not a fan of pirating stuff.

  16. I've decided to close my request shop, in order to focus on drawing whatever I wish rather than keep working only on ponies. Drawing characters may not be my favourite thing, after all. Still, the already agreed on requests will be completed and you may reach out on PM for stuff.

  17. [latest episode spoiler]


    Sunburst's mom has one hell of a cool character design. And custom facial animations too!


  18. The game was a bit of a dud, but No Man's Sky sure had some pretty cool views. Not to mention all those pretty crysssssstals. I might reinstall, just to see what changed since launch.

    1. Kyoshi


      I am actually looking forward to the Xbox One release. Apparently they have been supporting it and trying to make it a lot better. not sure how successful that venture has been, but I give them credit for that at least, for what it is worth.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I plan to reinstall my PC version and see what happens.

  19. Not being able to draw soething, even though I have rerefence right in front of me is so frustrating. Notto mention it starts to make me question what and why in the first place I even want to draw.

  20. Grrr I hate it how my style works in some poses and then completely doesn't in others. It's almost like I wanted to incorporate features which are contradicting or plain bad looking when added up, rather than shown separately. Like the slightly enlongated muzzle I so admire in other people's art, and the overall sleek and lean figure of m ponies. Both suddenly don't work when I stray from beaten poses and still expressions.

  21. Looking at other people's art, especially some really cool stuff like from Yavkolev-Vad, just to name one artist I really like, has a side effect - the blank sheet of paper starts to look really intimidating, you know. Knowing that my stuff will not turn out "good enough" for my heightened sense of whatever that means...

    1. Even Evil Has Standards

      Even Evil Has Standards

      Wish I could get rid of this pesky OCD -- start my own artwork.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I have mild OCPD, or so I think. I'm just sorta not normal in some areas but I digress. So, it's hard to stop comparing to where I want to be and just enjoy where I am now.

  22. It appears that my request shop has gained 2 new features, namely ink wash shading and... experimental no-refunds anthro drawings, because they will probably suck at first.

    1. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      You're halfway there to humans. :P

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I will, once I get a hang of anthros. That's the exact reason why I bother with them - the same look, but sans the tricky, human face. And uguligrade types makes it a little bit easier on the feet too.

  23. I just love to look at other artists sketches, lineart and black&white finished pieces, rather then colored works. Because that way, I can try to figure out how they made certain things work they way they intended, and learn a thing or two for my own inks. Like, recently, I saw a new and intriguing way to draw pony eyes, and I really, really want to try it out sometime.

  24. Judging from my job interviews from today, I think I'm not really cut to be an employee in a worldwide corporation. I know it's good money there but, the atmosphere is just... not really for me. Thankfully I already have a job so I can afford being picky like that.

  25. Uh huh, I'll need to try and actually schedule some time for drawing, since it gets off my to-do lists the moment I find myself with even a little less free time. To think how good would I be if I made it a priority from the start...

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