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  5. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    The pilot seemed relaxed, content even, finally in her element. She was holding the stick with one hand, making slight adjustments to their course, enjoying the peaceful glide. "And here comes Pathfinder 1. Damn if they're not gunning at top speed... I wonder why is that." Crystal Clear mused aloud, but didn't bother to contact the other ship to satisfy her curiosity. The other Pathfinder ship was closing in fast, heading back to the mothership
  6. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    "... careful what you wish for." The crystal mare remarked and pushed the throttle without warning. Their craft shuddered and launched forward into open space. "Pathfinder 2 here, the gate is clear and we are en route to the landing zone." The dock was on starboard side of Final Frontier, this time hidden in shadow and away from the planet. Crystal shot forward to clear away from the gargantuan ship, then engaged the manouvering engines time stop. The small ship turned around, and the ponies could admire the view of their mothership, and the planet it orbits. "Hmm... This is the stuff why
  7. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Scare Effect The mare glanced at the console and it informed her that the extrnal power was cut off - now the little ship was running on it's battery power, so, she had to make it quick before they engaged the engines on... A beep and some metallic noise marked the moment of the rear ramp closing, finished with a hiss as the hull pressurized using the internal air tanks. Crystal Clear galnced gack at her navigator as she came back, nodding. "We're almost set, Magicka. Sorry for the wait but I just like being sure nothing malfunctions when I need it. Now, if you could give me an upda
  8. So I bought a honest to Celestia art sketchbook, and filled the first page with practice ink sketches and... it felt actually okay? For the longest time I was working on copy paper to cut costs but only now I realize that this approach was stalling me from doing anything, and for months. Practice is all about making a mess with quality stuff you will work with on finished pieces, after all...

    1. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      I'd love to see them.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Hmm, perhaps I could post my doodles, yeah. They're not THAT bad, heh.

  9. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Scare Effect The cockpit was filled with activity: clicks of keys, flashing lights and a rhytmic tapping of the pilot's hoof, as she ran the electronic first parade. Crystal didn't seem to notice she had company at first, murmuring something, with her flight helmet on her lap - once the comms with Final Frontier were cut, there was no need to have it on anyway. The build in HUD and comms weren't that useful for the task at hand. The crystal pony noticed movement in the reflection of the glass canopy and looked back. noticing her navigator, she seemed confused for a second. "Wha-? I
  10. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Scare Effect The crystal mare came back to her craft. She was now wearing an olive jumpsuit, sturdy hoofboots, a vest with some pouches and most importantly, the enclosed flight helmet under her arm. The whole getup was designed to be airtight once the helmet and gloves were on, supplied with oxygen by an air tank or a hose. "Well it's not pretty, but it's comfortable and functional..." She remarked to her navigator while approaching. Crystal boared her craft and glanced over the loaded sensoers, then on the larger pod that was already strapped inside. "3 percent sounds good to me!
  11. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Scare Effect The crystal mare nodded. "I would appreciate if you do that, yeah. I just want to be sure we didn't this smoothly on our first ride." She looked around the cockpit, as if searching for sonething. Finally, Crystal groaned and stood up to leave. "Ugh, the flight helmet is in the locker room with the flight suit I bet. Welp, take your time with the math I'll change into something more... fireproof. And way less good looking." Crystal Clear walked out of the little ship and to the Pathfinder locker room to don't the flight suit. She was gone for over 20 minutes.
  12. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Scare Effect The crystal mare was casually wandering around her flight unit, occasionally checking something as the few technicians were loading the crates into the cargo hold. She leaned against the side of her ride, and just waited for a moment, until she saw Magicka hurrying towards her. Crystal Clear waved and smiled at her navigator as she approached. "Calculated risk, Magicka. I'm not a fan of early mornings as well, so I try and get a time buffer so I won't be late. But yeah, I wanted to discuss the mission details before we head out. Come inside so we can make ourselves comf
  13. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Scare Effect The crystam pony parted ways with her navigator. She looked confident, walking through deck B with her iconic marching pace. One of the NCO's got startled by her hoofsteps, apparently expecting some stuck up officer, which made Crystal smirk as soon as she was out of sight. The trip back to her hidey hole was dull as usual, and monstly without any ponies within earshot. The ship was still mostly empty, since only the crititical personnel was brought back from stasis. The doors locked with a little hiss, and crystal Clear was, again, in her little kingdom. A quick sweep
  14. @Scare Effect Yeah, I just keep forgetting about posting a reply. This week was rather hard at work. I'll get to it today though, sorry for the long wait.
  15. @Scare Effect Hey, are you enjoying the rp so far? Because it looks like I'm dragging you along, at least from my perspective.
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