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  1. Even if forge is amazing, it doesn't excuse it not being there. What if they had instead delayed something like campaign? People'd be a lot more upset, yeah? Or would they just excuse it with the MCC again? The phrase "another MCC" shouldn't even exist, the MCC was a cheap cash-in by Microsoft, and was considered the nail in Halo's coffin by many. Split-screen removed may not bother you, but it's a huge step back for Halo as a franchise. BTB should be in the game at launch, it isn't unfinished like Forge, and taking away content to force players to try out Warzone isn't the way to go about it. What if Warzone turns out to suck, and BTB fans have nowhere to go? They'll probably just go play Battlefront, ripping away a chunk of the Halo 5 playerbase, leaving their new mode dead and playerless. Will there even be a point to adding in BTB then? I'm excited AF for H5, but 343i is doing some risky backwards stuff that just can't be overlooked. :/
  2. Nothing at all? Not the removal of splitscreen? Not them making forge and BTB post launch? I think Halo 5 is shaping up to look amazing (as long as they don't kill Arby x3 ) but it's far from perfect.
  3. "Its not pay 2 win, its paying for an advantage over those who haven't paid, duhhhh"-the current Halo fanbase Best game 2015? It hasn't come out yet, how can you make such a bold assumption? It could be good, I think it'll be a little too CoD for me though, if it works at all that is...
  4. The Game Grumps are awesome YouTubers, we all know that, but of this hilarious group of gamers, who is your favorite and/or least favorite grump? My personal favorite Grump is Jon My least favorite is probably Suzy(if thats how you spell it lol)
  5. Yes, this post is a joke, at least the part about Sammy being a great YouTuber, the part about checking him out is true, as he is good for a laugh or two. Lol Yes, yes it was. You got me! Ech! Blech!
  6. It always sucks when a franchise is stripped of features that made the previous games great just because greed... *cough* Halo *cough* Destiny *cough*
  7. RuL (ReadyUpLive) will be streaming H5: Guardians tonight, as a Halo fan, I am obligated to watch the stream. I am hopeful that it will give me some faith in the game, though I believe it will only disappoint me even more. Anyhoozer, if anyone else is watching or has watched the stream, feel free to post about it here. :3
  8. What's Overwatch? I haven't heard of it before O_o So CoD then? Yeah yeah? Lolz
  9. Both games are releasing pretty soon, along with H5: Guardians and Fallout 4, but these are way more hyped for than those. My question is what are you most hyped for? The newest clone in the CoD army? Or the newest cash-in from EA? Personally, I'm more excited for Battlefront 3 than I am for Black Ops 3, mainly since I prefer larger scale battles within a sci-fi universe over small scale skirmishes in a slightly sci-fi universe.
  10. Hello all. I've been thinking about villains in gaming a lot recently thanks to the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta featuring one of the most well known villains of all time; Darth Vader. Though less of an antagonist in that game, he's still a force to be reckoned with. So, i was wondering what everyone's favorite villains in gaming are! (why is optional ) My personal favorite is The High Prophet of Truth from Halo 2 and 3, mainly due to the fact that he isn't some hulking brute, and he isn't some super genius, he is simply an overzealous nut in command of the most powerful military in the galaxy. In a one on one fight with the Master Chief or Arbiter, Truth is guaranteed to lose, but Truth isn't fighting a one on one fight. Anyways, I'd like to hear from some other people about their personal fave villain, so feel free to post yours below! <3
  11. I actually dislike Luna for the exact same reason! <3 Glad to finally see someone who shares my opinion on her.
  12. SammyClassicSonicFan is a fan of classic sonic. He also likes MLP. I recommend looking him up and giving him some views. He's an excellent YouTuber, and an even greater man.