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  1. BrineBlade

    Open Equestrian Cafe

    Salt was surprised, ​I know I've sent some work to Canterlot and Manehattan, but I can't be that famous, could I?​ "Well, I could make some flashy advertising if you want," Salt said to the two before he curiously asked Zen, "Also, how do you know me? Did you order a decorative piece from me, or was it just word of mouth?"
  2. BrineBlade

    Open Equestrian Cafe

    Salt chuckled before taking a bite of the hay burger. His eyes widened, amazed at the taste, the texture, and even the way it was prepared. After he swallowed, Salt said to the guy, "How come I've never heard of this place? This is the greatest hay burger I've ever had."
  3. BrineBlade

    Open Equestrian Cafe

    ​Finally,​ Salt thought as he stepped in, ​Now to see how good their food is, especially for being a more unknown place.​ Salt went up to the counter. ​That pony talking with the staff, she seems familiar...can't remember from where though. ​​Salt then realized he was standing there looking at the other customer for way too long, "I'd like a hayburger, please," he said blushing, hoping the other customer wouldn't be creeped out.
  4. I'd like to join with my OC: Salt Slice
  5. I at least want them to try and make friends with aliens.
  6. I think if there is a Gen5, it will be some sort of continuation taking place farther into the future, maybe having Twilight actually be the new main Princess. There could be a new Mane 6, Discord could be more of a wise sage, there could be a Rainbow Academy as a training Academy to be one of the Wonderbolts, the CMC would have made a school/program to help fillies and colts understand their cutie marks, etc.
  7. I kinda hope that Discord is unaffected by the timeline changing due to being Master of Chaos and all, and that he and the CMC somehow are vital to the plot, maybe even show a good side of Chrysalis?
  8. If they do get together, I feel like they're going to say that the Apple and Pie families were actually just neighbors, and if they don't get together, then it'll probably be confirmed that the Apples and Pies are related by the top of the family tree.
  9. Character name: Salt Slice Character link: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/salt-slice-r8958 Role: Investigator
  10. "Alpha said something about Fluttershy's cottage. We should look there first." I said to Twilight, "As for Missklang, I have no idea what just happened." I hoped that maybe Discord would be able to help us, but also hoped that Missklang and Alpha were alright.
  11. So, who's controlling Twilight?
  12. I would like to join as an antihero. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bladeskeith-r8970
  13. "Either way, since I'm here," I ask Twilight, remembering that the Elements needed to be brought back in time, and that Alpha, who was missing, had them "I need your help. But first, what is the last thing you remember?" Hoping that I didn't somehow travel back in time.
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