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  1. okidoki

    S06:E20 - Viva Las Pegasus

    yeah that`s the one! I like the commic better because it wasn`t around their schemes, and here it was
  2. okidoki

    S06:E20 - Viva Las Pegasus

    this episode felt like that one comic where they help flim flam at the festival, only bigger ><
  3. okidoki

    The villain of the movie

    .....I`m sorry but i think the chances for the `villain` or antagonist of the next movie is gonna be forgiven, only time will tell. anyway, wanted to let you know, no hard feelings anyway ^^ (thought the discussion caught a dark fibe) though, I will come back to this after the movie IF I remember this conversation
  4. okidoki

    The villain of the movie

    even then, sorry but I don`t consider her as evil, the same as I don`t see king sombra as pure evil (comics again)
  5. okidoki

    The villain of the movie

    those aren`t real villains, the diamond dogs aren`t evil, just stupid, flim and flam aren`t evil (read comics), queen chrysalis isn`t evil, she searches all the land to find the place with the most loce so that her kin can survive! enz
  6. okidoki

    The villain of the movie

    1 thing is certain, he or she WILL be forgiven AGAIN
  7. okidoki

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    I find fluttershy annoying, though she has her moments (like the reversed scene in D&D)
  8. okidoki

    S06:E17 - Dungeons & Discords

    I thought she stayed at the crystal empire, because her lessons with euhm wizardguy aren`t over
  9. okidoki

    S05:E24 - The Mane Attraction

    this episode speaks so much to me! I have almost no contact with my best frien anymore and since I moved 3 months ago I haven`t spoken to him since, so much so that I`m afraid he has changed, this episode gives me hope for our frienschip to survive
  10. okidoki

    Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night !

    next year I celebrate halloween with some friends, at day I go as pinkie pie in her cupcakes dress, and at night i`m going as rainbow dash fromrainbow factory, with fluorenscerend colours with needles on my fingers
  11. okidoki

    Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night !

    altough the netherlands doesn`t celebrate halloween, i`m gonna watch the grudge and then playing some amnesia in the dark
  12. okidoki

    S05:E18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    I know it can be a bit of dissapointment the apple, but think of the connection within the apple family. They have a very strong bond and it`s not just because their apples. And how would applebloom react if it wasn`t an apple? can you recall one of her nightmares?
  13. okidoki

    S05:E19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

    I know, but I hadn`t watched the whole episode when I posted it, in the later scene when they go see Apple Jack`s certificate it becomes clear that indeed it was (probably) about the upcoming kid
  14. okidoki

    S05:E19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

    I just made an account for only one question: that scene with the mayor. am I the only one who got the thought that the mayor might be in love with pinkie pie???? (sorry for the bad spelling, foreign)