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    Hi, I'm Twiggy. I identify as a CIS male, human-kin, omnivore, and my sexual orientation is heterosexual. My pronouns are he, him, and sometimes they (for example if you're referring to my buddies and I). My triggers are: being punched in the face, being shot, or any other sort of physical harm done to me for no reason. On my blog, I WILL tolerate all forms of free speech, and if you try to offend or poke fun at me, I won't hesitate to just laugh it off.

    Avid vidya enthusiast of the PC master race.

    I enjoy Anime from all genres, as well as western animation. Except for MLP:FiM. That show sucks. :D

    I also enjoy debate, frequently playing devils advocate in arguments just for the challenge.

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    1. Phosphor


      His credibility was already underwater to begin with and now this? I don't think we'll be seeing him in the political landscape anymore.

  1. New hot take. Everyone EXCEPT for the cops should have guns. 


  2. Lol. Don't try this as a drinking game. You'll die.


    1. JonasDarkmane


      The Anita one is wrong, otherwise pretty accurate, at least when it comes to livestreams

    2. Twiggy


      Tbh there’s quite a few of them that are just piss takes on specific streams. That being said, a stream lasting more than one hour will almost always result in bingo. 

  3. Japanese man marries his waifu.


    Two-dimensional characters can’t cheat, age or die, he points out.

    “I’m not seeking these in real women. It’s impossible.”

    Even in a country obsessed with anime, Kondo’s wedding shocked many.

    But he wants to be recognized as a “sexual minority” who can’t imagine dating a flesh-and-blood woman.

    “It’s simply not right, it’s as if you were trying to talk a gay man into dating a woman, or a lesbian into a relationship with a man.”

    “Diversity in society has been long called for,” he added.

    Kek. Fucking hero. Wonder what the radical feminist take on this is? 

    No matter. Kondo's loyalty to his waifu will be repaid a million times over in the afterlife.

    1. ~Dusky~


      Sounds kind of weird... But I suppose I'm behind it. I wouldn't be objected to marrying my husbando personally... :P 

  4. Twiggy

    General How "Pure" are you?

    Not only am I not pure, I would likely be considered a corrupting force tbh.
  5. Twiggy

    Was your internet ever locked down as a kid?

    Yup. Except it didn’t block google. So I just looked up how to get around it and it was never a problem.
  6. Twiggy


    Not sure if I know anyone who does. They don't when they're around me at least. I always hang onto my trash until I can bin it properly. As far as stopping it, you could put a bin every 5 feet on every street and people would still throw their shit on the ground. It's a sad fact of life tbh.
  7. Take comfort in the fact that no matter you circumstances, no matter where you come from, you will never be as much of a Chad as this man.


    1. JonasDarkmane


      Puttin the slingers of ancient Rhodos to shame

  8. Twiggy

    Movies/TV Stan Lee Passes Away at Age 95.

    Childhood is blindly idolizing Stan Lee. Edgy adolescence is blindly hating him. Manhood is recognizing that life is a bit more complicated than either of those attitudes and that Stan deserves credit for Spider-man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and most importantly, for being an advocate for comics when they were being attacked by moralizing sheep of the time. It's sad too, because in his old age he got fucked over by people he thought were his friends and even his family. Got scammed out of a lot of money. I hope he places his rights into the public domain as one last fuck you to them and Hollywood in general. Excelsior, you magnificent bastard.
  9. Got to meet Stan Lee just a couple years ago. I almost didn’t, but I’m glad I did. 

    Press F to pay respects.

  10. Every day we stray further from God's light.


    1. JonasDarkmane
    2. Phosphor


      I hope she does. It's gonna be epic when Trump wins in 2020!

  11. Pro-choice people have lost their fucking marbles. This ad just makes them look evil tbh.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. AveryGamerDude


      Honestly that's a fair compromise because if my gf gets pregnant were getting an abortion right away so it won't get a chance to grow a heart.

    3. TheRockARooster


      That video makes me want to cry, poor little baby.

    4. AveryGamerDude
  12. I like looking at the old videos back when Vice was good.

    before /k/ 0:57  after /k/ 9:52


    1. Phosphor


      Love the smell of spent gun powder. Smells like freedom!  B)

      I'd love to own a full auto one day. Ain't got that kinda money. lol

  13. Is the Camp Fire affecting you, by the way? I went back to San Jose for Veteran's Day and the sky was all hazy from the fire up north. 

    1. Twiggy


      Nah. I live in Bakersfield now. Though we’ve been getting smoke from the one that’s destroying Malibu. 

  14. j5vvew0pt3601.jpg.e9d531ff40592a3a85eac772bb42cbab.jpg

    1. Phosphor


      Oh, I've heard the nuke argument before. Folks seem to forget how incredibly expensive and difficult it is to enrich Uranium. Not to mention that knowledge isn't widespread.

      But yeah, Shall not be infringed! :catface: