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    Hi, I'm Twiggy. I identify as a CIS male, human-kin, omnivore, and my sexual orientation is heterosexual. My pronouns are he, him, and sometimes they (for example if you're referring to my buddies and I). My triggers are: being punched in the face, being shot, or any other sort of physical harm done to me for no reason. On my blog, I WILL tolerate all forms of free speech, and if you try to offend or poke fun at me, I won't hesitate to just laugh it off.

    Avid vidya enthusiast of the PC master race.

    I enjoy Anime from all genres, as well as western animation. Except for MLP:FiM. That show sucks.

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  1. I’ve worked there before. It would have been a great job if it weren’t for all the customers.
  2. I’d echo the sentiment of going outside without my shirt on. Only instead of seeing what it’s like it would be to see what female jail is like.
  3. Ate three pounds of food, half of which was turkey. Now I slumber. 

  4. This is the best tweet I’ve ever seen.

    1. Alastor



  5. Had one of these before but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If you’re worried about the question (or answer) resulting in trouble with staff, tweet me @genericanimeavi and I’ll answer it there. Only rule is I won’t dox myself.
  6. This costume is really offensive. For real. Imagine if a blind person saw this. 


  7. Watching AOC question Zuckerberg has left me completely nonplussed. She managed to make me side with an actual robotic lizardman. Bruh...

    1. Yoshi89


      It’s always amusing to see the left eating its own.

  8. AOC opened up her DMs. The ABSOLUTE MADLASS!!! Hope she sees this.


    1. JingLBabe


      Oh WOW. Okay, I do NOT like AOC, but DAYUM, credit where it’s due. Ballsy. XDDD

    2. JingLBabe


      Also, googled Mariculture. Huh... learn something every day!

    3. PiratePony


      I hope she reads some from her actual constituents. You know, the people she represents but actually ignores. 

  9. Just got back from seeing Joker. Pretty good I rate it a 6/10. Would have been a solid 8/10 of it weren’t for the .308 round in the calf courtesy of the community incel. But that’s just how things go when you live in a society. 

  10. Post this every time you see a Chinese sympathizer for maximum asspain.


    1. Alastor


      *Smiles in True Chinese* 
      Image result for chiang kai shek laughing

  11. D2CAFA78-98A4-4328-93D2-764F9C258382.thumb.jpeg.7f399b90689a710028911c4650ec23f2.jpeg




    1. Alastor


      The whole shooter thing did kinda come out of nowhere and the way it has been drummed up by the media, it really does seem like they want it to happen. What could be better for them than an even bigger actual headline portraying tragedy and horror. They could generate loads off of it if it actually happened.