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    Hi, I'm Twiggy. I identify as a CIS male, human-kin, omnivore, and my sexual orientation is heterosexual. My pronouns are he, him, and sometimes they (for example if you're referring to my buddies and I). My triggers are: being punched in the face, being shot, or any other sort of physical harm done to me for no reason. On my blog, I WILL tolerate all forms of free speech, and if you try to offend or poke fun at me, I won't hesitate to just laugh it off.

    Avid vidya enthusiast of the PC master race.

    I enjoy Anime from all genres, as well as western animation. Except for MLP:FiM. That show sucks.

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  1. Today is the day Slavoj Zizek finally vanquishes Jordan Peterson from the face of the earth.

  2. I would need to research which side I like best, then I would go fight for them.
  3. Do you want it put back or something? Why call attention to it? If for some reason you actually do, it's been a while but I think I still have editing permissions. Disclaimer: It wasn't me and I've never touched the ED article on MLP Forums.
  4. I swear to God if Publix expanded all over the nation they would put Subway out of business within a few years. Good taste.
  5. The takeaway from the Mueller report seems to be that Trump and his campaign engaged in some shady but non-criminal behavior. Good news for him legally, bad news for his re-election campaign. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Twiggy


      A few good points in there. If that’s the case then I’m afraid it worked. Trump is legally safe here, but some of his behavior exposed in it is embarrassing at least. 

    3. JonasDarkmane


      I'm going to disagree there. Never underestimate the Democrats ability to fuck up and play directly into Trump's hands (which they have been doing since the release of the report). 

    4. Twiggy


      You also got a good point m8. Considering that, 2020 will come likely come down to who can fuck up the least lol. 

  6. Just burnt the shit out of my eyes. 


    Reading all the hot takes on Twitter right now. 


  7. We have a thread for the first thing ever eaten, and a thread for the last thing you ate. So lets take this to it's final conclusion. If you knew exactly when you were gonna catch a case of the big dead, what would you choose for your last meal? I'd have a venison steak, rare, alongside a baked potato with every topping. To drink with it would be a couple pints of ice cold 805. And finally, dessert would be a big slice of apple pie with cookies and creme ice cream.
  8. The following is based on my personal observations. I don't have science to back it up and may very well be talking out my ass. Take it with a grain of salt. There's actually a lot of factors at play here. The sex of the child and the age. Little girls tend to look up to their fathers, and little boys to their mothers. However, once they get into teenage years, the script flips as young women look to their mothers, and young men to their fathers, for more detail on how to act. There's also the factor of time spent with the child. In a divorce scenario where the mother gets more physical custody than the father, then of course the child will be more attached to the mother. If you flip that around then the child would be more attached to the father. If it's joint physical, then the sex and age factors that I listed above are the most relevant. Finally, the biggest factor of them all. The child, regardless of age and sex, will generally be the most attached to the parent who isn't a piece of shit. Is daddy a lazy fuck who isn't helping pay the bills? The child would rather go to mom. Is mommy a hoarder who is trying to see if she can mutate intelligent spore life in the fridge? Living with dad seems like a way better option.
  9. I like TTGL and ATHF. Also that I like cursed images.
  10. Update: Got more visitation with my child, so I keep the guns and sharp objects locked up now. Bedside weapons are a bat and a kubaton.
  11. My profile is pretty much my default. If I have to get up and go do something for a bit, that's where I park my browser.
  12. Yeah. I'd take you to dinner to see how things clicked.
  13. The "all nighters." It was always nice being able to stay up later than my bedtime when I was a kid. I remember doing a 100% run of Yoshi's Island with my friends, taking cartoon breaks every now and again. Took us about 9 hours.
  14. I've never told a lie in my entire life.