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    I am personally Interested In Photoshopping,Art,PC Building and PC Games.I'm also interested in coding. Particularly in the coding language Python.

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  1. "Lost And Found, Make Yourself At Home!"

  2. What do you guys think of my new profile picture? It took me about 2 hours to make,

  3. Don't say "What Can Go Wrong?" It reminds me of Bubsy, Shall he forever burn!
  4. Actually Doctor Whooves would be great, and Derpy could be Papyrus!
  5. There is no direct Undertale character equivalents in this RP, However Sans would most likely be Rainbow Dash, So you can play as her. Your OC has been accepted to the Royal Guard Congratulation! (Also the blasters are allowed. But cannot be used until a act of "Genocide" is committed *Two or more characters killed in the same area around the same time.* This is just to balance them!*) I plan to start the RP in two days time, Just to give people a chance to sign up and stuff.
  6. Back from Restbite I guess? How is everypony here?

  7. I may be gone for one or two days.

  8. Master Intelligence

    Hey everypony!

    Honestly I have no idea why it's limited to the mane six, It's not a big deal. But something that would let you type a name for a favourite pony would be nice, Maybe something to suggest in the suggestion forums, Perhaps.....
  9. Master Intelligence

    I. Am. New.

    Fl Fleetfoot fan? That's new....Never talked to a fleetfoot fan before, So I guess you also like rainbow dash, Interesting Do you like the taste of rainbows? I think they taste of stale water but no one believes me.....As apparently they should taste like blood? I have no idea something about a rainbow factory. But I don't know that goes against al pre-existing scientific knowledge.... Anyway welcome to the Forums, May you make many friends and Enjoy your time here. And you get the drill! But no seriously just have fun, Yo Dig? ~Master Intelligence (Ink-Brony)
  10. Master Intelligence

    Technology Modding Hardware/software

    I would like to add that emulation has just barely reached the 2000's on PC, This is why you don't really have a full speed emulator for IOS and Android Devices, However N64 and DS emulation are Heavily supported on phones as long as your willing to pay for a emulator that actually works. Bonus: Remember when modding to be careful not to mess with anything dangerous or something not suppose messed with, Without trained experience, This is opening Batteries messing with power supplies..... Or anything along those lines!
  11. The slight push sent a slight shiver up his spine, He didn't really care however........."I'm coming, show the way Scootaloo" He followed the pony all the way to the clubhouse..... The place like everything else was destroyed.... But something seemed to occur again, A single photograph was saved of the three Cutie Mark Crusaders and the clubhouse's original look, A sign of some sort?
  12. "Huh? I see you everyday with your scooter. You must be Scootaloo." He smiled at the spirit in a calming way knowing it must be uneasy "Don't you worry, I'm here to help.....Um.....perhaps" he froze for a second, He was going to say (Could you show me where you died?) but feared it may trigger the foal..... "Maybe could you show us where you've been last..... You know maybe give us a tour of the town"
  13. Master Intelligence

    Technology Modding Hardware/software

    Yes it is illegal, But if you're running a console with windows 7, no one will notice. This is quite right, It will take an extremely long time before this is made, Yet alone easy to access for the public........We need to mod everything from the version of Windows 7 to the Console's OS, Not to mention messing with drivers can be dangerous at time.... By the time we get it however, Windows 7 will be out of support probably and it will most likely be based on 8 or higher. Most likely windows 10 as Xbone is a more minimalistic version of that. Honestly with how windows is designe
  14. "What is it little man." the soul cried "W-Where is MOM!" Gem's heart stopped for a beat. Could this be the son of the Doctor down-town, He looked at her "Is this your son....." "S--Son...........S-Son.......S-Son" Gem quickly reacted "Wow calm down we wouldn't want to" The child and the mother just stared at each other. Gem didn't know what to do. Doing anything could trigger something. But then they just went up to each other slowly.......Hugged and then.........Just started to cry......Endlessly cry..... He thought this would be a good time to leave but just below there legs, Dust, No Ashes
  15. Master Intelligence

    Technology Modding Hardware/software

    With a bit of modding to the Windows 7 interface and a full understanding of the PS4's/Xbone's Operating system paired up by a full Jailbreaked system, Maybe. But sadly we don't have all the things I listed above fully realized yet, As it may take years to get those parts and to have them easy to access for the average user may take even longer. No doubt it will start out buggy and glitchy and to fix that it may take even longer. Basically I'm saying yes! But it won't be possible for a very long time....
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