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  1. Awesome, know that I will be there also I can pitch in to help if you would like.
  2. Yeah we could work something out for maybe a dinner thing or something like that. I remember you showing up when we were all getting ready to leave. It would probably best to do it when there aren't any big panels like sometime in the evening or so before NEIGHham as well.
  3. Hello all, we are now 1 1/2 months away from Babscon. Since we have a lot of people going to the festivities from all over (saw one coming from Manchester, UK) I thought it would be cool to have us all meet together at the con and probably do something. Last year a few of us got together and had lunch at the All-American Grill that was across the street from the hotel. If any of you would like to have a get together this is the place where we can plan something so anyways hope I'll see you guys at the con.
  4. Sageflare

    Who's going to Babscon?

    Wow, sounds like we will have a lot of us at the con. If anyone wants we should have a get together at the con a few of us did it last year and it was fun so if anyone would like I can set up another topic to talk about it.
  5. Sageflare

    Who's going to Babscon?

    That's too bad but you will see me at Bronycon. I know your pain about rent and flying because I have to fly from Nevada to get to Bronycon. Good luck saving money though. Well I hope it works out for you and what kind of panel are you doing I'll be sure to check it out.
  6. I wonder why no one mentioned Conker's Bad Fur Day. That's a gem that pretty much no one knows about now then again it is a pretty adult game too. So like a lot of people their parents wouldn't let them play
  7. Sageflare

    Who's going to Babscon?

    Yo Easymac how you been if you remember I was the Sunset Shimmer to Babscon and Bronycon. Are you gonna have a couple parties like last year? If so I would like to join and I can pitch in.
  8. Sageflare

    Who's going to Babscon?

    I KNOW RIGHT NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR ANYTHING. I like to think that we party hard though I have also been to Bronycon 2013 and 2014. I had tons of fun at Babscon with everything being in the Hyatt you could pretty much be at the con and find a party room too.
  9. Hello all, with 2014 being over and now we are on our way through 2015. We now have at least 3 and a half months left till Babscon! I wanted to know who is going and if they are returning for the second time like I am or if it will be the first time. If it is your second time hopefully you may remember me as Sunset Shimmer last year and I will be doing the same cosplay again. Anyway just wanted to know and I will see you in a couple months.
  10. I can and it was a process of monkey see monkey do. I saw my sister handle chopsticks all the time and when I actually did it for the first time I didn't have any trouble doing it so I can thank my sister for that skill.
  11. I love traveling as it's kinda my job now being a semi-truck driver. The places I've been to is about 24 of the U.S. states, Canada, Panama, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and China. I'm also planning with a few of my friends for a trip to Japan soon that will be a lot of fun.
  12. Very very easy for me Ponies are my background on my IPhone. I wear pony t shirts and have a lanyard for my keys so yeah that's me.
  13. I do and I'm not ashamed actually it's my hobby to collect Plushies of my Favorite things I have 4 pony Plushies (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, and Sunset Shimmer I'm planning on getting a Cadance soon). A lot of Pokemon Plushies and a Luigi Plushy too. It's my hobby and I love cuddling them even if I get weird looks from my friends.
  14. I really like how they look and I can't wait for mine because they are the Christmas presents between me and my bro. ( I get Celestia and he gets Luna).
  15. I actually prefer Coke over Pepsi though I did work for Coke at one point.
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