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  1. I want to talk to someponies about the latest Doctor Who Epispde, and the love/hate relationship with Steven Moffat all Whovians can relate to.
  2. Whovicorn? I like it. Now I don't have to merely say I'm a fan of Doctor Who and my Little Pony!. I agree. But I really enjoyed Midnight, and the similarity gave me a good kind of chill.
  3. hello =)=) its so nice to meet you =)

  4. She just left cloudsdale to seek out a career in acting
  5. I did. Then I looked at some of the roleplays, but i didn't know which one would suit my oc best, and do you have to put in the oc again for the Equestrain Empire character database as well, or does the 1st character database work for both?
  6. Hey do any of you guys know which is the best roleplay to participate in? I created a character based on my personal pony oc, but i don't know what roleplay to join in, any ideas? My character's name is Curtain Call. That is so nice, thank you!
  7. I know right!? It was so cool, highlight of the day, it even outweighed the reason i was at the fair anyways, which was because i was preforming in a musical group there!
  8. Aww, everyone here is so welcoming. I was at the state fair this weekend and i saw a dude in a pony shirt and i was all like, "brohoof", and i got brohoofed back! That was my first time ever getting a brohoof from a complete and total stranger!
  9. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: I did a quick google search. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: YouTube. I started watching a reaction video series, (unfortunately, that account is no longer on YouTube, it was deleted by YouTube) and I found myself in love with the show through that series. I'm a Whovian and I love Harry Potter and Pokemon. I am an actress at my local youth theater and I want to pursue acting as my career. I also am quite talented at writing and am currently writing a Pokemon/Mlp crossover fanfiction on I'm also getting better at drawing ponies, I'm no amazing digital artist, I don't have the tools needed to comfortably do my artwork digitally, but I like to think that my sketchbook drawings aren't half bad. I've had people compliment me on my drawings, though, and that feels good.
  10. Curtain Call
  11. that would be so cool and crazy But i only havev my pony oc
  12. I wrote a fanfiction, it's called Where in Equestria did THIS come from?!
  13. Pinkie Pie was awesome in this episode! Hilarious! Oh, and did anypony else catch Derpy and Dinky when Pinkie was all like, Maybe there won't be anyone outside so I can deliver without talking to anypony. Also how did Mayor Mare know about the baby?