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  1. sry for not posting had to take a test and recover a bit so im gonna wait till a point where i can post
  2. Sunset light

    Open School days of ponys

    does this school have any spells on decoration at all?"sunset said quietly to himself thinking of the christmas to come. *picks up saddlebags and marches to the door* "miss im heading to the library" quickly heads to the library and marches in and begins his search* @cwhip9
  3. Sunset light


    well welcome to the forums and have an amazing time here brony forever you deserve a brohoof
  4. Sunset light

    Open School days of ponys

    "no thanks im not hungry ill pass on this one" *sits a book infront of himself and starts studying for a decent spell he can use in the future and sighs loudly to himself at the thought of using a travelling spell thinking its exact same as a teleportation spell*
  5. Sunset light

    Open Warrior Cats RP

    *spotted a mouse and eyes widened with anticipation* "Aww so delicious you would be" *Pounces and grabs it by the tail* "Hmm maybe you'll do nicely for someone else I got bigger fish to get" *Dropped it next to a kit who he recognised from the testing and lays it down stone dead and heads off to river looks back and sees his last of being here as a kit and getting lost finding his way to the galley lands and ending up living there loosing things after all this he's home and the elders don't recognise him all good and secret* "Any fish.....simple Carl will have to do" scarclaw said thinking loudly before wondering off
  6. Sunset light

    Open Warrior Cats RP

    *opens one eye and stretches and starts over to the river nearby "I do fancy some perch or a pike but even a small one will do" he said talking to himself *Looks back at the camp* "Actually I think I better let them know I'm off fishing and I'll return" * goes in the camp and sits and waits*
  7. Sunset light

    Open Warrior Cats RP

    *starts gathering sticks and piling them onto the ground in a circle catching a mouse at the same time* "Ah well I'm tired night also the river I hear is a good fishing spot can I go on your permission!"scarclaw shouted *Drops leaves in the circle and curls up and sleeps with the blooded mouse at his side*
  8. Sunset light

    Open School days of ponys

    *starts lifting pencil with levitation and tries to transform it into food at the same time but finding it a small challenge then raises hoof to ask a question* "What's it like in the magic academy ziggs?" *Looks at ziggs with excitement to know what he felt about it* @@Brock Obama
  9. Sunset light

    Open Warrior Cats RP

    @@Wolves "I haven't killed them yet!!"'sunset shouted and then started walking over to kitestar and slumberfur"so when how was the gathering if you don't mind me asking?" Looks at slumberfur with a blank expression and starts to disarm his claw by putting it on the catch this time*(in mind:"this stupid thing brings so many memories but takes away the whole of me now I'm not entirely sure if I can go back?")
  10. Sunset light

    Open School days of ponys

    @@Brock Obama *Smiles* "Welcome then to this wonderful school I'm sure you'll fit right in" *Wonders why did he speak if he didn't wanna say anything then again he was concentrating this time* (In mind:"o my gosh I realised I'm not the only one now who possesses a lot of abilities then again what's the lesson should be interesting")
  11. Sunset light

    Open Warrior Cats RP

    *looks out to the distance* "I remember the life now where you didn't have to do much I miss ya pal I'm here now it's a place I can finally move I got the cure and recipe it's all I got left from you" *Lays down and tries to sleep with eyes to the sky just waiting to dream away*
  12. I need new words I'm gonna dictionary dang it I can't read XD
  13. Sunset light

    Searching Lives of those Detested (Dark)

    Yep why I use to study demonology
  14. Sunset light

    U-U-Umm.... H-Hello.

    Thy will get hang of thee middle English thou must practice
  15. Sunset light

    Searching Lives of those Detested (Dark)

    I guess demon is my thing