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    I like all kinds of things! From Mlp to Ghost Adventures! I love Pokemon, Steven Universe, Mlp, and lots of other shows! Some of my favorite mlp Analyst include: Silver Quill, Elyora, Golden Fox, Keyframe, Lightning Bliss, Dr.Wolf, Fin the Pony, and AnY. I wish to make new friends! I also wish I could start my own YouTube channel dedicated to Reviewing episodes of mlp, but that's kinda out of the spectrum at the moment.

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  1. TODAT; I AM FEELING BOSS, but then... I feel worthless? I don't understand

  2. Watching Jacksepticeye, what am I doing now? Watching Jacksepticeye
  3. Do you ever feel; like your worthless? Because I do and all my friends are pissed...

  4. I just changed my background to an insperation jacksepticeye quote so when I wake up to get on the computer, or just feel plane sad... I can look at it and smile. I idolize him so much... Same with mark

    1. JeyWiz


      There's no need to worry, you are not worthless. You're a pretty cool guy. :)

  5. I'm crying... I watched Markipliers 8 million subscriber reaction video...and... man do I hate seeing those tears... I was so happy

    1. PiratePony


      I always love his appreciation videos. Others can make millions of dollars on youtube or other media too, but they never give a thank you. He makes movie star type money, and you don't hear appreciation from them usually.

    2. GagiePie


      A lot of YouTubers love their subscriber; I may have a small amount but I still love them. It's hard to share appreciation through a video but if you see tears, and smiles, you know they care. I wish I could thank him one day for all he's done for me, because I could be crying and had a horrible day but if I watch one of his or Jacks videos I am smiling again.


    3. GagiePie


      They help me even in the darkest days where I am sobbing.

  6. I just now noticed the banner; but that's like, on point

  7. Thank you all so much to those who wished me a happy birthday... it makes me feel all fuzzy inside XD

  8. Happy birthday! :)

  9. Happy Birthday.

  10. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday sir Gagie! ^_^ Hope yours is amazingly awesome. :)

    1. GagiePie


      Thank you so much, hopefully it will be...

    2. Kyoshi


      I hope so too my friend. *hugs* We should have cake together. :D

  11. 15 minutes... 15 minutes left....

  12. My Birthdays tommorow; woopdy doo daw. I friken hate my birthday. It's like "hey, you've been alive for 15 years, here's a reward!!"

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    2. JeyWiz


      You should never feel unimportant. Everyone, even you, have value. :)

    3. GagiePie



    4. JeyWiz


      Your welcome. :)

  13. I feel like I am awful depressing and that turns people off of me. :(