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  1. I’ll play ANYTHING over Fortnut, Royal Buttle. So, GTA.
  2. My dog is back home. She’s not the same, though, but she’s home for us to take care of. 



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    2. Rikifive


      Ouh that sounds terrible, sorry to hear that. Poor dog, I hope things won't go bad for her. :sunny:

    3. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      She’s doing okay. Aside from her lethargy, she’s quite fine. We just have to give her food and medicine through a tube up her nose. 

      Oh yeah, she also has a suture on her belly that she can’t afford to get infected, so we have to keep and eye on her at all times for the next few days until her sutures heal up. 

    4. Rikifive


      Oh she looks so sad, but I'm glad she's doing okay.

      Take care of her. :fluttershy:

  3. The song that I wrote myself, “Crazy For You” Same
  4. One arm her hips, the other on her back with her head on my chest. Same
  5. I would cook them some fried rice. it’s kinda one of my homemade specialties. Same.
  6. OMG!!!!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!! The vet said that she managed to get my dog well enough to go back home!!!! ^_^ Now I can properly spend whatever time she has left with her rather than keeping her all alone in that hospital. I’m so happy, I’m literally crying tears of joys and relief. 

    The docs had me going there, but this is a good turn of events for me. 

  7. After much consideration and thought, I have decided to euthanize my precious dog and have her cremated.

    This was not an easy decision, believe me, but she’s in her twilight years with many medical problems that even the professional vets tell me would only prolong her suffering. So, weighing out the costs of letting her go and delaying the inevitable, euthanasia is the best option we have for her.

    She was a good dog. A nice dachshund-terrier mix. Sure, she barked at everyone and everything and bit a few people, myself included, but I still loved her unconditionally like she was my daughter. I fed her, bathed her, warmed her, kept her company, I bought things for her, I did everything for my dog what a parent does for their child. 

    I’ve spent a good seven years of my life with her, and they were years well spent. Sure, there were days in which I didn’t do much with her, but I still gave her much more attention than everyone in my family combined gave her. They knew how happy she made me. No matter how much she irritated the hell outta my family, no matter how many times they threatened to give her away, they still kept her home with me. 

    My precious doggo, Brownie, may have left her mortal coil, but my memories of her will be forever ingrained in my subconscious. I love you, Brownie. You may not have been the best dog, but you were the best companion I could’ve ever asked for. 

    1. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Sorry to hear that, man. Pets are family members, and it still hurts when they leave. Sometimes even more than normal family members.

      Our family cat, Coal, is pretty old and isn't doing that well. We've no idea how long he'll last, but all we can do is love him and give him a good life until then.

  8. Is this RP still open for more characters? Also, hi again, Randi. Remember me?
  9. Just checked up on my baby doggo. The vet says they need at least two more days to treat her. 




  10. My dog’s not feeling too well. I had to get referred to an outside veterinary specialist. Thankfully, with my upcoming paycheck from work, I could afford the consultation and ultrasound my dog needs, but still, I’m really worried about my precious poochie. :(  

  11. This forum, sleeping, YouTube, video games, and/or making/cooking my own food. For the last one, there’s also a sense of satisfaction in cooking your own food.
  12. Ohohohohohohoho, trust me, you do NOT want to know what I want to do RIGHT NOW.
  13. Just did my taxes a few days ago. About to get a $1200 tax refund. :) 

  14. “Time to find his body and suck his di- I mean drink his blood”
  15. Is this still gonna be a thing? Because I wanna toss in my hat into the pot. Note: the parts in parenthesis is his actual information, the ones provided is his apparent information in relation to the standards of Equestria, which his kingdom/land is allied with Name: Kronos Age: “Early 20s” (actually around 1300 years old) “Hometown”: Ponyville (actually from Ragnarok, but Ponyville is his current forward operations base) Species: “Pony” (Rokian) Race: “Earth pony” (actually classified as a Rokian Reaver, which is basically the elite class of soldier in his hometown) Personality: Adamant. Likes, no, LOVES to fight. Kronos was born a warrior in a tribe of warrior ponies that seceded from Equestria for their overly violent tendencies, but are still viable allies with Equestria, nevertheless. Very aggressive, but also compassionate and protective. “Cutie Mark”: A black circle with three thick red lines making three equivalent wedges in the circle. No matter how many times Kronos explains it, no pony in Equestria understands that it’s a family clan emblem that everyone gets branded into them when they come of age rather than a cutie mark. What does it mean?: The red lines represent restraint and valor while the black wedges represent three core values of the Krystiallton family: Honor, Courage, and Fortitude
  16. I drive my mom’s hand-me-down BMW 325i which has over 225,000 miles on it. She gave it to me after I got my license and she upgraded to an Infinity FX35 SUV
  17. “Hey, what’s up.” -Me to my GF during karate practice before being friends. Same.

  19. A few years. Known her since middle school. Same
  20. Actual news headline from this afternoon:

    “Studies show that teens with parents who make more money are more likely to have a car at the age of 16.”

              -KCRA 3 afternoon news


    Am i the only one that’s thinking “No shit, Sherlock” or is it just me?

    1. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Hah. Reminds me of a headline I saw today, 

      "China may be using the ocean to hide submarines."

    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Hmm, yes, because other countries hide their submarines on land. China’s on a whole new level. 

  21. Breaking News: A recent study shows that teenagers with parents that make more money are more likely to get a car when they turn 16. No shit, Sherlock. And, yes, this was an actual, televised headline that I watched on the news this afternoon.