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  1. I would if I could, unfortunately I have little to no means of doing so consistently.
  2. Goddamn, almost a whole year since I last posted. I thought this was dead. Anyways, still same shenanigans from me and my champs.
  3. I might get her this cool pendant I got on a cruise trip on my 21st birthday. It’s a small but beautiful Sapphire pendant on a silver chain. Same.
  4. I just let her pick the music and I get into it. Same.
  5. I would say the Philippines. Check out Metro Manila, the Hundred Islands and Subic Bay. Just be careful not to have any drugs on you when you’re there given the current president’s new laws saying that ANYONE can own and use a gun on the streets as long as it’s used on people dealing or carrying drugs on them.
  6. Home made eggs and bacon and, if you could, pancakes/waffles. Same.
  7. She handed my ass back to me in a karate sparring match. She sweep kicked me to the floor and pinned me (which admittedly turned me on) Same.
  8. Ideas. Flowing. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. Head. Hurts. Need. Theme. Now. To. Thin. Out. Cloud. Of. Ideas.
  9. I’ll just dress in a cloak and skull mask, sit on the front porch with a big bowl of candy on my lap and whisper to trick-or-treaters to “TAKE ONE ONLY”. Also, if they’re teenagers, I’ll jump scare the crap out of them. If they’re kids, i’ll just lift my head up and stare at them and maybe hum or sing.
  10. Getting naughty then having her older sister walk in on us. Same.
  11. Kronos has a little pet blob. It’s a spherical, semi-liquid creature that has horns and can climb walls and ceilings and is capable of speech. For reference, this is what blobs look like.
  12. I had an ex from Australia. My current GF is from here in Cali. Same.
  13. Karate class, when she kicked my butt during sparring. Same.
  14. It’s only been a few days. And they’ve been weekdays. I’m sure most everyone involved was busy with life. I was working and at school.
  15. Kronos just up and went for the decree and accepted on the spot. (And kinda made a show out of it)
  16. Kronos overheard the guard’s decree with his ear twitching. Heroes, they say? his voices said, Let’s go and accept whatever they have. It’s better than wasting away in here. Kronos finished his meal and chugged the last of his drink. He shook his head and walked up to the guard and kneeled in respect. “You mentioned a quest from the princesses themselves?” Kronos asked the guard.
  17. Kronos was chowing down at his fine meat and drinking his grog, satisfying his inner voices’ appetites. Mmm, they replied, this is the best tavern food we’ve had in a while. As he ate and drank, he spun around and scanned the room yet again, wary of everyone that he thought was bound to cause trouble.
  18. Wait, you guys are waiting on my character to join you guys?