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  1. I initially got on these forums as research for a paper on social phenomenon (in this case, bronies), but my research backfired as I got myself absorbed into what I can do here
  2. Granted. Drafted into the worst team ever and never make it to championship. I wish i could could be as talented as some of the YouTubers I watch.
  3. I seldom start threads because I have a lot of stupid ideas in my head that should really stay inside my head. The only threads I’ve ever made were one private RP thread and a thread about “If you were a character in the last video game you played, how long would you last there”.
  4. I dreamt about my character being in Analysis Anarchy as the Mare Co. team’s R&D specialist who has the affection of the pegasus mares and is also Keyframe’s older brother who picks on Goldenfox and AnY. Last night, in particular, I also dreamed of myself being in an incognito relationship with Ink Rose. Suddenly, as I work in my research lad underneath the bomb vault, a random filly pops out of nowhere and calls me “Daddy” looking suspiciously red and with wings. And it’s only until this little twerp crushes my character’s arm with her hooves that I learn she’s a fan-made love child of myself and Ink Rose, and her name was Ink Well, which is a play on Ink Rose and my hobby of writing songs and poetry.