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  1. Every breath you take, every step you make Every bond you break, every smile you fake I’LL BE WATCHING YOU.
  2. As long as it’s meaty as hell, I don’t care which one I get. In short, yes.
  3. I feel more attuned to earth. From weird rocks that fascinate me despite looking mundane to others to my adherence to closely observing the movements and rituals of the arthropoligical ecosystems that live in my own backyard. Basically, I’m kind of into looking at what bugs do in the dirt and strangely enough, it fascinates me. I sometimes would manipulate some aspects of said ecosystem to satisfy my morbid curiosity, like the time I lead a beetle straight into the entrance of an ant colony only for it to be quickly dragged in and never heard from again.
  4. Granted. Said content is useless crap that literally no one asked for........again. I wish my mom would stop nagging at me for hours over a minor screw-up.