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  1. Being a reclusive loner, which only reinforced their teasing of me. I was even called gay in the boys locker room when someone sprayed deodorant on me, which didnt make sense, but it really made me want to smash each of their faces into the lockers in a violent rage. I was then bullied at work once. I worked at the backroom as a stock boy with other stock boys. They kept on insulting me because i was the only Asian one there (they were all black). They finally stopped after they tried to push me and i rammed one of them over to a wall. The other three backed off of me. Mind you, these three guys were at LEAST a foot taller than me and they backed off when i retaliated. A manager even witnessed the events unfolding and nodded at the other guys picking on me and talked to me asking if i was okay. I told her no and she asked if i wanted to go home. I sucked it up and said i wanted to finish my shift, i just wanted to be left alone. That’s how i ended up doing on the floor go-backs while those guys got left with emptying three more trucks that night.
  2. Part of me is thinking about changing up my OC’s backstory in a weird way. 

  3. *takes long sip of coffee* Then get outta my office. Doc, Im feeling suicidal.
  4. image.thumb.jpg.7554b008c0c249aa446f776b613c9d33.jpgHere at Dreamhack in Anaheim 

  5. First date? State Fair. We were doing a cultural theatre show there. After our show, the director let us all loose. So, i took this opportunity to take my girl out on a fair date. We ate, played carnival games and had lots of fun. same.
  6. Milady, Princess Luna, how may i be of service to you?
  7. JUST CAUGHT A RANDOM WILD SHINY WHILE G-MAX HUNTING!!!!!!!image.thumb.jpg.17e9aa58631e54a4ebeb9f0e08be4924.jpg

  8. Just caught my second G-Max pokemon. 323F25BC-DAFB-4284-A8BB-6BC8DB9A1E2B.thumb.jpeg.0ca8353c51f7efeda45a11d0a27a40d2.jpeg

  9. Finally caught my first Gigantamax Pokemon that isnt gifted. image.thumb.jpg.36387d83084cec40e0cb05243f6d4d07.jpg

  10. Yes. IM bisexual. No judgement. same.
  11. This is making me laugh so hard and i have no idea why. :ButtercupLaugh:AED38E73-8C89-4BC7-B036-E1EE0917EFC0.jpeg.6fed2bba6ed5bc0e6a2e830b05f8e97a.jpeg

  12. Every crime drama:

    Police: Excuse me, would you mind answering some que-

    Citizen: OmG, tHeSe PoLiCe ArE hARaSsInG mE aNd ViOlAtInG mY rIgHtS aS a CiViLiAn!!!!!!!!!


  13. Bacon-covered maple bars from VooDoo Donuts.
  14. What are you thoughts on Snom?
  15. “From Nobody to Snombody” I was but a simple Snom, chilling out in the grass in a hailstorm. Suddenly, this trainer ran into me, damn near stepped on me. “Oh,” the trainer said to me, “A Snom. How cute!” I wasn’t sure what to think. Most trainers that ran into me typically run off or would get their grubby Pokemon to beat me up. But, this one was different from the others. He seemed to want to merely scratch me. He had one of his lackeys hit me with a Thunder Wave. It felt really weird and made my body tingle to the point that i can’t seem to move. He then pulled out a black ball with a yellow stripe and threw it at me!!! I ended up getting sucked into said ball. I tried to get myself free, but my muscles tensed up and i can’t budge. Next thing i know, i hear a click and i feel it getting picked up. I end up hearing that the trainer that caught me decided to call me Squishy. For Arceus sake, Squishy? Really? What am I, a gummy worm to......oh, i can see why he called me that. Anyways, we ended up going on a lot of camping trips in the Wild Area of Galar. I saw so many different kinds of Pokemon outside of the ice covered tundra i used to live in. They all seemed pretty scary, but my trainer’s team were pretty strong. I ended up watching them and learning how to fight, but my trainer still refused to let me out to fight. He stopped traveling a lot and pitched up a tent after shaking some berry trees. He always cooked some of the best food ever. He always fed me huge portions, or rather i always ate most of the curry he cooked. I liked how he always fed me. I mean, everyone still ate some of the curry, but i kept most of it to myself. He gave me this really weird looking bell. I dont know what it was for, but it was rather calming to shake it. My trainer sometimes went into some weird looking dens with lights coming out of them. He took one of his Pokemon with him and is gone for a few minutes. I know he always comes out safe, but i cant help but feel worried about him whenever he goes into these scary, dark places. He sometimes comes out of said den with a new friend, but he almost always has new berries and candy in his possession. He fed me these spicy-looking red candies. I was timid about eating them at first, but one encouraging look from his Pokemon was enough to get me to try them. They weren’t spicy at all. In fact, they were rather crunchy and sweet. After liking the first one, i ate nine more, then for some reason, my body felt like it can’t eat anymore of them. We ended up just camping and exploring all throughout the Wild Area from day to night. Come nighttime, however, was when everything changed for the better. “The time has come.” my trainer said as he looked at the moon then at me. I had no idea what he was talking about. Was he talking about dinner time? I sure could use some more food right now. And i was right, partially. We did indeed set up another campsite and had dinner. Little did i know that that was gonna be my last huge meal. After dinner, my trainer immediately took down the campsite and fed me ALL the mysterious blue candies he collected from the dens. “Eat up, little guy,” he told me “time to see what you’re made of.” I don’t know exactly what he meant by that, but i trusted him enough to gorge on those candies. Suddenly, i got this uneasy feeling all throughout my body, like it’s going through a sudden change. Oh my Arceus, my body IS going through a change. I’M EVOLVING!!!!! I think i lost consciousness for a second because the next thing i know, im not all that hungry anymore. I looked at my trainer, and he had tears in his eyes. Uh oh, I thought to myself, Did you not want me to evolve yet? Instead, he gave me a big hug. “You look so beautiful,” he told me with tears rolling down his cheeks onto my fluffy body, “Now, to make you extra strong.” He gave me the rest of the blue candies that made me this way. I felt, stronger. Like i can do anything. I now knew how to do some cool new moves like Quiver Dance and Bug Buzz. My trainer took me over to the Pokemon Center. At first i thought he was gonna put me back into the PC, but then he went to the guy on the left side of the Center. First, he gave me a new name. From here on out, I was known as Mothra. Next, he asked the nice man to teach me some moves. I ended up learning Air Slash and Ice Beam. Respectable moves to learn. Lastly, he oddly gave me a pair of boots. I have no idea what they’re for, but he says that they’ll protect me. I trust him. From then on out, he proceeded to continue hunting for more of those red and pink lights coming from the dens. When he came out with more candy, he fed me and my new friends, one of them was named Leeko, who looked like an Inteleon. We went on to the Championship matchup when it was suddenly interrupted by a scary-looking skeletal dragon. My trainer identified it as Eternatus. It looked horrific, like a hand reaching out into the land to grab onto someone to drain the life out of them. After my trainer and his friend vanquished the monster, he caught it. Is this what it looked like when he goes into those dens? I guess I may find out soon now that my trainer deemed me worthy of participating in the Championship match. The match against this boisterous champion was exhilarating to say the least. Many of us, myself included, got the wind knocked out of us multiple times during our match. I think my favorite part was when i went up against my opponent, a Dragapult. A couple of Ice Beams were enough to do him in. His own attacks, however, almost got me, almost. I was close to crying when i was at my limit. Luckily, my trainer took pulled me in, petted my head and whispered “Good job, Mothra” before putting me back into my ball. I got to see the final matchup from my trainer’s belt. Leeko versus our opponent’s Charizard. Both if them Dynamaxed at the same time. Leeko drew first, firing off a huge stream of water into that Charizard’s stupid face. The Carizard then exploded, shrunk, and fainted. Leeko then shrunk himself and was returned to his ball. The former champion threw his hat in celebration of my trainer’s victory over him. My trainer was the new champion of Galar. I was inducted into the Galar Hall of Fame with the title “The Galar Champion”, which is a worthy title for myself, I mean, i managed to beat a Dragapult for my team, for crying out loud. Anyways, days past after being declared Champions. Now, my trainer takes me, Leeko, Eternatus, a Dragapult of his own he named Pseudo-02 for some reason, and a Dracovish all around the Wild Area, always looking for those pillars of light. Finding more friends to play with. Oh, if you’re wondering about his sixth slot, he saves it for Snom eggs. That’s right, he’s breeding more brothers and sisters for me to continue my legacy. He tells me that with me as a Galar Champion, many young trainers will gravitate towards me. His plan with that was to breed a bunch of Snom, give them all cute nicknames, and give them out to young up and coming trainers, teaching them about the importance of bonds and relationships with your Pokemon, with me as a shining example.
  16. Im thinking about writing a short story about a Frosmoth’s journey from its perspective, from Snom to Frosmoth to champion. 

  17. I used to take Concerta (Adderall for my ADHD), but after getting institutionalized for depression and suicidal tendencies, i now take Motrin (antidepressant for, well, depression)
  18. Here’s my character. Character Name: Kronos Xavier Krystiallton Gender: Male Age: 22 Nationality: Filipino Occupation: Mercenary Appearance: 5’ 6”, tan skin, red left eye covered by skin graft (would become relevant), neutral muscle tone Personality: Quiet and reclusive when alone, but boisterous and upbeat when working or around friends Goal: Making money by any means possible (whoever can make the highest offer gets his allegiance)  Stand name: Disturbed Stand’s type: Hybrid Offense/Defense Stand’s appearances: Offense: Green/red depending on power Defense: Blueish white/purple depending on power Stand battle cry: DAKA DAKA DAKA DAKA (only said by Hell) Stand’s Abilities/weakness:  Offense: Green: Warrior: Capable of close range lethal blows strong enough to send people flying in a random direction Red: Hell: Stand’s fists light ablaze and deliver a rapid flurry of punches that light target on fire, fire can also light up internally Defense: Blue: Sound of Silence: Creates a personal field of safety that stops any and all manner of harm to the user, including bullets and fires Purple: Indestructible: Renders the stand and user nigh invulnerable to all forms of harm, albeit temporarily. Weaknesses: Green: Blows can only be delivered at close range Red: Fire can be doused with water-based stand Blue: Stands can still work inside field of protection Purple: Invulnerability doesn’t last long Stand’s ranking:A-E (A being the highest and E being the lowest Speed: C Destructive power: A Range: D Persistence: B Precision: B Development potential: C
  19. Worst part about League of Legends? I think anyone who’s played at least one or two games of League without bots know EXACTLY what im talking about.
  20. Celestia is replaced with Derpy? And there’s no name label on Derpy?

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