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  1. Here’s my character. Character Name: Kronos Xavier Krystiallton Gender: Male Age: 22 Nationality: Filipino Occupation: Mercenary Appearance: 5’ 6”, tan skin, red left eye covered by skin graft (would become relevant), neutral muscle tone Personality: Quiet and reclusive when alone, but boisterous and upbeat when working or around friends Goal: Making money by any means possible (whoever can make the highest offer gets his allegiance)  Stand name: Disturbed Stand’s type: Hybrid Offense/Defense Stand’s appearances: Offense: Green/red depending on power Defense: Blueish white/purple depending on power Stand battle cry: DAKA DAKA DAKA DAKA (only said by Hell) Stand’s Abilities/weakness:  Offense: Green: Warrior: Capable of close range lethal blows strong enough to send people flying in a random direction Red: Hell: Stand’s fists light ablaze and deliver a rapid flurry of punches that light target on fire, fire can also light up internally Defense: Blue: Sound of Silence: Creates a personal field of safety that stops any and all manner of harm to the user, including bullets and fires Purple: Indestructible: Renders the stand and user nigh invulnerable to all forms of harm, albeit temporarily. Weaknesses: Green: Blows can only be delivered at close range Red: Fire can be doused with water-based stand Blue: Stands can still work inside field of protection Purple: Invulnerability doesn’t last long Stand’s ranking:A-E (A being the highest and E being the lowest Speed: C Destructive power: A Range: D Persistence: B Precision: B Development potential: C
  2. Worst part about League of Legends? I think anyone who’s played at least one or two games of League without bots know EXACTLY what im talking about.
  3. Celestia is replaced with Derpy? And there’s no name label on Derpy?

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    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      It’s a shiny Hawlucha. 

    3. Odyssey


      That's great, Shiny Hawlucha looks so unique :yay:

    4. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant


      here’s my shiny lucha birb

  5. The only time im uncomfortable with playing games in public is when kids start watching me play because i get this feeling that they’ll try to ask to play then attempt to steal it when i say “no” then tell on their entitled parent who then demands me to give their little brat from hell my phone or my 3DS or my Switch.
  6. News media when an Esports player uses his winnings to buy his mother a new house:E4297890-E2E1-4D12-888F-22B5868D3113.jpeg.bfc5ad5f516ec9835dfbc5f43127757e.jpeg


    News media when a school shooter has played Wii Sports:


    1. Aangel Dust

      Aangel Dust

      Also News media when statistics prove that shootings have been going down over the past 20 years:



  7. To all overworld Pokemon roaming Galar’s Wild Area: Are you guys territorial or do you guys just love terrorizing other trainers?
  8. I just had a temporary high moment where i was watching YouTube on my phone then started to look for said phone. 🤣
  9. Hear me out on this:

    A Fallout based DnD campaign

    New features like gear condition affecting combat rolls and checks

    Titles that would affect interactions with NPCs in other campaigns of this nature

    Class specializations


    This literally popped into my head yesterday and i’ve been researching it to see if it was already made, and so far i havent seen anything of this nature. 
     Please dont take credit for this idea from me. I’ve never really done DnD before, but i would love to be the DM for a campaign like this. 

  10. Look at who my shift manager was today (green circle “M”):5A621557-2613-4687-AC06-0DC9BE4D9BE7.thumb.jpeg.574d573d0635ead1ac1edbda061cbeca.jpeg

  11. Me: This is my sister, Yuri.

    Person: Yuri who?

    Me: Yuritarded

    Person: How about you?

    Me: Im Yora

    Person: Yora who?

    Me: Yora douche. 

  12. Something that baffles me:

    At end of Age of Ultron


    And during Infinity War


    the Infinity Gauntlet is clearly on Thanos’ left hand. 


    But in Endgame94E5EE5C-14DC-42E6-923E-E61DF7BC805D.jpeg.7983634f87638d84aa8cbc3d14dc3bb5.jpeg

    it’s in his right hand. 

    Were there two different gauntlets made? One for each hand? Is this some sort of weird oversight from the Russo Brothers? Did anyone else notice this and thought it was weird?

    1. Megas


      Turn Thanos around In that second image it’s the same hand as the first 

      the third image is a different gauntlet so....

    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      First off, that’s exactly what I said, the gauntlet is in the same hand in the first and second pictures. But, wait, the third one is a different gauntlet?

  13. I just had another breakdown at work today. I’m afraid it may be my last one ever. I hope my boss understands that I’m just one guy with some mental issues, but it’s happened twice before, so I don’t really know. :( I may have to start looking for another job, which is a pain to do because it took half a year to find this one. 

    1. Rikifive


      Ouh, sorry to hear that. :( 

      Life surely could be more colorful. :sunny:

  14. No, and I don’t want to. I’m already insecure enough about my image and already had a hard time finding love. If I ever went on a double date, my date would just realize she could do better than me and dump my sorry ass into the curb. So, no thanks on double dates. Do you ever feel insecure about yourself whenever you’re away from your partner?
  15. I’m pondering about doing an autobiography about my time in a rehabilitation institution. 

  16. Oh, Pony Sims. Of course. I didn’t notice that.
  17. The internet is being moderated by a bunch of prudes. 

  18. You. Me. The beach. Moonlight. Bonfire. Staring into the sky in front of said fire. How about it?