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  1. @Samurai Equine Kronos raised an eyebrow at the kitchen-clad pony’s charge and simply spun his staff around to avoid his opponent’s assault. Counterstrike. Dodge after dodge after dodge until finally he spun himself around swiftly, stunning his opponent then quickly swept his opponent’s legs, knocking him to the floor. Before his opponent could recover, he held his staff to their chest and said, “Just try to get up. I’ll sweep you again just like last time.”
  2. @Samurai Equine Kronos stepped into the ring with thunderous steps, loud enough to intimidate even the bravest of ponies, as if his hulking stature wasnt enough. However, when he stepped into the ring, he shed his massive armor which then confided itself into a box, put on a cloak and spun around a simple pole. That was literally it. Kronos simply armed himself with essentially a stick up against a crude suit of armor. Was Kronos trying to lose? No, this is simply one of his intimidation tactics as he smirked towards his opponent with a “yeah, im gonna beat you with a stick and win” aura
  3. @Samurai Equine Kronos hears about the melee weapons only rule, so that cancels out his zephyr zither, which only slightly disappointed him; but it was not enough to deter him, for he had an arsenal with him, which was rather vast and full of potential bone breakers. “Welp,” he said, “That’s a little disappointing, however, i feel like i can still maim my opponents in other ways.” He looked into his arsenal and found plenty of weapons to choose from. For his first opponent, he’ll use a simple pole staff. A simple weapon, to be sure, but wielded effectively can prove a very formi
  4. Here at the California Grand Hotel in LA. So far, so cool. 9E6FCB48-A6FB-4C0A-BED5-2B568F2D86C9.thumb.jpeg.d54335f347152435aed7ca63c2722adf.jpeg386A9630-8BED-4035-967D-1CD377050B79.thumb.jpeg.b30529db47eff8473d24fa29e5def292.jpeg727197DC-FA75-4BA9-83F9-1EAFEF6E9680.thumb.jpeg.1c8408885420134b4d2b56f3443d6830.jpegD7EEAEE8-4A6E-49C0-B9F7-77BB85787460.thumb.jpeg.cabeaf607b3b48f0bd6afa4fa32e8fae.jpeg

  5. @Starforce Kronos looked towards Sparkly, then to Mayor Black, then back to Sparkly. He gave a low growl and punched the wall beside Mayor Black’s head. “Be seeing you in the arena, ‘Tiger Muscle,” he told Mayor Black threateningly. He marched on over to the vomitorium of the stadium and glanced at the arena before him. Plenty of room for both combat and performance.
  6. @Samurai Equine Kronos hears Samurai asking him about Mayor Black. He simply looked towards “Tiger Muscle” and gave a low growl with suspicious squinting. He decided not to out Mayor Black just yet and replied, “No, i havent seen him around.” He then tried to isolate Mayor Black and pinned him to a wall with his arm. “KABEDON,” he said as he held his arm up next to the mayor’s head, “Oya oya, what’s the troublemaking mayor doing here in the arena, huh?”
  7. @Samurai Equine ”So,” Kronos greeted Samurai, “This is where we sign up to participate in the fighting tourney? Let’s go.” Kronos proceeded to sign himself up for the tournament. “Are there any rules or regulations i need to know about this fighting tourney before we get into the ring?”
  8. @Samurai Equine As Kronos wanders around the town, he sees ads about a fighting tourney happening today. He’s sure as Tartaurus not gonna miss an opportunity like this one. A chance to show off some true fighting skills of his? This is it. This is his time to show why he is a worthy warrior for the town. But, most importantly, this is an opportunity for him to prove to himself that he has grown as a warrior and a soldier.
  9. It’s so sad that Kiryu Coco is gonna retire from Hololive because of ligma. 

    1. Kujamih


      I thought it was sokma?

    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Ligma ballz *bAsS dRoPs*

  10. Just found my first scorpion last night. I missed.
  11. @Samurai Equine Kronos subtly rolled his eyes and went along with his boss to the restaurant that he mentioned. "You know how to sway a merc, Mayor," Kronos replied, "I'll accept your invitation."
  12. Just caught my third shiny, and it’s a Square Shiny Alolan Vulpix. image.thumb.jpg.570682f83c547c336cb0c428bfbf5078.jpg

  13. @Samurai Equine Kronos looked at Mayor Black with an expression of deep thought, then towards Mayor White, then back to Black. He then said, “So long as you agree not to abandon this town again like a coward, i would reluctantly work for you again; however, I am also under the indentured employment of your brother here as well, so dont be surprised if White’s orders override yours.”
  14. @Samurai Equine Kronos looked at Mayor Black with slight bitterness, but with more empathy than anything, for he, too, knows what it’s like to love your sibling but have a different path for yourself. He briefly remembered his older sister, Rhea, and the time they spent ruling together until he decided to strike out on his own. He stopped Mayor Black briefly before he left and whispered to him, “Try not to make the same mistakes you made here when you get to your new city, okay?”
  15. Problem is, i dont have online play. Sorry. also, i had Redd visit one time with ALL FAKES. 😂🤣😂🤣
  16. Just had Celeste on my island last night and made many wishes. Also managed to catch a crap ton of sharks and rare river fish.
  17. @Samurai Equine Kronos stood in awe at the new pony standing before him. He also recalled the blood soldier back into Mayor Chromatic, who somehow still had the amulet attached to him. When he heard what Mayor Chromatic had to say, he replied, “I was merely going to try Mayor Black for treason, but no death penalty or anything like that. Still, two ponies one being.” Then something clicked that bewildered him, “Quickstop, if both Mayor Black and White are basically you, then how come when we exited the game world, White was fatally ill while Black seemed perfectly healthy?”
  18. @Samurai Equine Kronos made a mad dash towards where Mayor Black’s tracker was. He seemed to be in close proximity to Mayor White. He cant fail Mayor White, or else Kronos would never forgive himself if anything bad happened to him. Suddenly, he hears Mayor Black say something about there not being any time and a bright light flashed from the medical tent. Bewildered, Kronos activated a vitality scanner and noticed strange anomalies coming from the tent. Is Mayor Black saving his brother after all this time? Maybe Kronos misjudged him after all. Or maybe it’s something drastic.
  19. @Samurai Equine As Mayor Black whips past him, Kronos snapped back towards the former mayor. The mayor makes decisive and deliberate turns, almost as if he was intent on heading somewhere. Then it clicked. His hotel, Kronos figured. Kronos took a more quick and straightforward approach and called the hotel ahead of time as he got closer. “Lockdown the building,” Kronos ordered, “We got a bogey inbound and get me a security detail around the town, now!”
  20. @Samurai Equine Kronos took a look at his tracker. Hmph, he grunted to himself, So the traitor is testing the limits of the tracker i put on him, huh? Time to lay down the law on this fat bastard. He quickly got up to his feet and leapt over the wall to the outskirts until he found his tracker. It was approaching him fast. What the hell is Mayor Black on?
  21. As he patrolled the streets of Friendshire, Kronos saw that everything seemed quiet and peaceful. That being the case, he decided to take a break to sit down and play some music. He pulled out a guitar from his seemingly bottomless case and began to strum. As I walked out on the streets of Laredo As I walked out on Laredo one day I spied a young ranchcolt wrapped in white linen Wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay “I can see by your outfit that you are a warrior” These words he did say as i boldly walked by ”Come sit down beside me and he
  22. Just bought myself a sword. Happy belated birthday gift to me. image.thumb.jpg.66c3aef2a157bfa7e197135d6743e445.jpg

  23. Just got my first COVID vaccine dose

  24. @Samurai Equine @Dynamo Pad Kronos didnt notice that Dynamo already started pummeling the leopard into submission. He proceeded to follow up by unleashing his arsenal into Snow Leopard. The spirits chipped in with entanglement spells and holy smites.
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