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  1. Me, personally, im just trying to collect as many bugs and fish as possible to make a personal zoo. I try to find duplicate creatures so that i can donate them to the museum, but some of them are hard to come by. My latest and most favorite addition so far was an Atlas Moth. It looked so beautiful that it broke my heart when i failed at catching it the first time i saw it. I got lucky seeing it a second time today.

    Also, i caught a flea off of one of my residents :D 

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  2. @Samurai Equine

    Kronos sighed and stood up. 

    “I may be a wandering mercenary,” Kronos replied to the owner, “but i still follow my own code of honor through and through. You cant pay me enough to overturn my objective. Besides, you’ve already given me too much information to simply turn a blind eye now. This exchange is over.” 

    Kronos turned to leave the building and was headed over to Jon.

  3. @Samurai Equine

    Kronos looked down on his prisoner.

    ”Well,” he asked, “What’s it gonna be, punk? You gonna take me to your boss or am i gonna add your head to my collection?”


    Just execute him where he stands. 

    Kill him. 

    Kronos’ eye slightly twitches, resisting the temptations of his voices to simply kill his target at the moment. 

  4. @Samurai Equine

    ”Well,” Kronos tells Jon, “What do you want me to do with this one?”

    Kill him, one of his voices said encouragingly.


    Remove this dishonorable spy’s head from their shoulders, another one egged on. 

    Hey hey hey, he told his voices, we do this right. By the book. 

    Fine, the voices groaned. 

  5. 25 minutes ago, Super Splashee said:

    My special talent of lately has been finding military "Pokemons". Basically, I have located secrets in the landscape while being on my daily walk, which combined explains some military hidden stuff. The more I find, the more I understand.
    To make it fully clear, the military stuff I have found are part of an obsolete system that was shut down decades ago, so it is not a matter of national security.


  6. @Samurai Equine

    What the hell!? Kronos thought as he saw the termites eating away at the material.

    He quickly shot his head up and tried to follow the masked interloper. He pulled out a sword that segmented into many parts kept together with a chain. He whipped it around and skillfully wrangled one of the perpetrator’s hind legs. 

    “GET OVER HERE!!!!” he demanded as he yanked the whipsword towards him. “Who are you and how did you manage to sabotage this stock?”

  7. On 3/21/2020 at 6:18 PM, Samurai Equine said:

    @Kronos the Revenant

    Jon nods. "Understood, Mr. Kronos. We'll let you do your business." He gives Kronos a dossier before he goes.

    It basically summarizes everything.

    • The store's crafting house should only have 12 authorized ponies who make furniture for Jonny's.
    • Jonny's receives construction material shipments via delivery wagon in the morning.
    • Daring Decor receives their construction material shipments via delivery wagon in the evening.
    • The owner of Daring Decor is a bitter, jealous pony. Always has been.

    Looks like there are many possible ways to begin the investigation.


    Kronos decides to begin his investigation with the morning shift. He started by watching the delivery wagon from a distance and watching who was at the store. He switched his eyepiece for x-ray and face scanning to identify who was there. Sure enough, his head count went up to twelve ponies. Nothing too much out of the ordinary there. 

    He also strolled by to take a few more pictures of the stock in the wagon. It wasnt until he used his x-ray vision to scan the materials that were both unloaded and kept in the wagon that he halted things. 

    “Wait a minute.” Kronos stated imperatively while holding up an arm. 

    He scanned the unloaded boxes one more time and scanned the boxes kept in the wagon. 

    “Before this wagon goes off,” Kronos told Jon, “Open up one of these boxes.” He then went into the wagon and picked up a box in the back, gently placing it down and told him, “Then open up this one. A good business pony, no matter their craft, must always be wary of the quality of the materials they’re being provided.”