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  1. I would not believe them one bit because I have a very low self-image and don’t find myself attractive in any way, physical or emotional. If they want to prove that they have a crush on me, i’ll challenge them to spend a week of just trying to deal with me on a daily basis as a roommate to see if they can do much as tolerate me. 



    What hat kinds of standards do you have for an ideal partner if you don’t have one already? If you do, what sort of standards do you and your partner set for each other?

  2. I met my special somepony in karate class, interestingly enough. She was one rank higher than I was and, as I later learned, she also went to the same school as I did and even volunteered in the same theatre group I was involved in. Anyways, after a few butt-kickings from her (which I guess is where I get my submissive and masochistic nature) we started talking casually until I eventually made my move on her during a theatre practice. 

  3. I feel more attuned to earth. From weird rocks that fascinate me despite looking mundane to others to my adherence to closely observing the movements and rituals of the arthropoligical ecosystems that live in my own backyard. Basically, I’m kind of into looking at what bugs do in the dirt and strangely enough, it fascinates me. I sometimes would manipulate some aspects of said ecosystem to satisfy my morbid curiosity, like the time I lead a beetle straight into the entrance of an ant colony only for it to be quickly dragged in and never heard from again. 

  4. I seldom start threads because I have a lot of stupid ideas in my head that should really stay inside my head. The only threads I’ve ever made were one private RP thread and a thread about “If you were a character in the last video game you played, how long would you last there”.