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  1. @Samurai Equine

    When it comes to actually “fighting” Kaiser, only Kronos’ other three spirits can actually do any form of harm to Kaiser—think Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, this may or may not in turn also cause harm to the vessel...at least, if they try the conventional way. There are other ways to draw Kaiser out of the host, as was evident when he initially released himself from Kronos.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Samurai Equine said:

    I'll see what I can do.
    Normally, I ask everyone to be self-sufficient on normal, slice-of-life days. To either find your own entertainment for your OC, or join in on someone else's fun. But I'll see what I can do.

    I remember one of your OC's personalities escaped recently, right?

    Yeah. Kaiser, the Conqueror. Major source of willpower for Kronos originally, seeks ambitious vessels to give unlimited willpower to. 

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  3. @Toshigami Equine

    Kronos chuckled at the little colt’s enthusiasm and explained, “Hold on there, squirt, my title may be recognized as ‘Prince’ here in Equestria, but in my ‘kingdom’, I’m actually a Lieutenant Colonel, Head of the Biomechanical Research and Development Division. I basically design and create weapons and armor to outfit the kingdom’s soldiers. Im merely subjugated to the same rank as an elite bodyguard in my kingdom. The true ‘king and queen’ are my parents.” He then hears his enthusiasm for growing up, “It’s great that you’re excited to grow up and all, but growing up comes with responsibilities, mostly to yourself but sometimes, depending on what happens to you, you may also end up responsible for other ponies as well. You’ll learn as you get older kid.” He then chortled and said, “Also, i agree, robotic royalty is the future.”

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  4. @Toshigami Equine

    Kronos looked at the young colt and replied, "Your mother is wise to grant you that advice. That being the case, KXK is merely my initials. My full name is Prince Kronos Xavier Krystiallton, Artificer of War of Ragnarok. As you can see by my robotic parts, you can see where my title of 'Artificer of War' originates. Just call me Kronos. Everyone does." He then recalls Trilby's recollections, "Well, most everyone does."

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  5. @Toshigami Equine

    Kronos looked down upon the little colt. No cutie mark was apparent, so probably really young. Then the colt started doing robot impressions at him. He lightly chuckled at himself as the little colt started dancing like a robot. He decided to humor him for a while. 


    What an adorable young lad.

    Looks like lots of tender meat to eat. 

    Krux, control yourself. Those words could easily be misinterpreted. 

    Luckily, no one can hear us. 

    He then laughed and sheathed down his face covering, revealing to the young colt a mostly organic face with the only robotic thing being his left eye section of his head. He sat down to be at eye level with the little colt. “Hahaha, I'm messing with you. Im technically a cyborg, so you were half right there, kid. So, what brings you to Friendshire?”

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  6. Kronos wakes up the next day, this time outside of his armor, albeit temporarily, as he sat and meditated. His three remaining spirits manifested themselves, sitting along as if in counsel. 

    It’s a new day, one voice said.

    No incidents reported involving violent attacks as of yet.

    That’s good news. 

    Still, we must remain vigilant. 


    Kronos stood back up and got back into his Samurai mech suit. He cracked his neck side to side, and took a deep breath. 

    “Another day. Let’s hope nothing too serious occurs.”

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  7. I would make a living gelatinous mass that behaves like both a cat and a dog. It’ll purr like a cat and fetch like a dog. It would also have a tiny skeletal structure, large horns made of bone as well, and have a large brain in proportion to its relatively tiny body, making it very intelligent to the point where it’s capable of human speech. 

  8. I have a great grandfather who was actually President of the Philippines for a few years. My mom said that since she immigrated to America first, her sisters got to go with him in his motorcades to and from school. That and she also said that there were people that attempted to assassinate him in broad daylight. Apparently, some delinquent ran up to him and shot him once in the chest and once in the face and ran off. He didnt get far when locals heard the shots and tackled him. Even more miraculous, my great grandfather SURVIVED A POINT BLANK SHOT TO THE FACE. And that incident only strengthened his political campaign. He proceeded to serve only one term, however, as his son-in-law ran against him next election and won. 

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  9. @Toshigami Equine

    ”Well, from what I remember,” Kronos explained as Trilby and Tempest looked towards him, “I believe Samurai was supposed to be this town’s champion, however, over the past few days, ever since the aftermath of the kart race, Samurai has been all riled up and worried about some strange creature known as the Origami Shinobi. Something i remember that paper creature mention is something about a war with no survivors. I still kind of remember my rambling murmurs of the future incident and Samurai said he planned on taking care of it. I didnt want to assume the worst, however, it took quite the effort of just me and Samurai to take out one of them. Initially, i didnt plan on staying for long, but after seeing this town and its culture for what it is, I’ve grown quite attached to this place and im thinking of settling in here. Perhaps to continue my diplomatic mission for my kingdom, i could mould avatars to perform diplomatic missions from here while i remain a fellow guard of the town.”

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  10. @Toshigami Equine

    Kronos was a little befuddled as the broken-horned unicorn came up behind him and Trilby. When she mentioned “Mr. Handsome”, he at first assumed she meant Trilby, until Trilby responded to her calling him an idiot. To Kronos, this was a rather confusing scenario. You see, Kronos doesnt see himself as particularly attractive by any means and he’s actually rather socially inept and usually depends on his personalities to come up with solutions to his social awkwardness. 

    Handsome? Me? Kronos asked himself. 

    Maybe you should humor this fine mare, a voice suggested, She does find you handsome, after all. 

    He turned towards Tempest and humored her request, “Well, unfortunately, my business with Mayor Black is strictly confidential. But, i may or may not have been responsible for a few...chaotic events as of recently, and said incidents may or may not have been sanctioned by certain someponies around these parts. But, hey, you didnt hear it from me, sweet cheeks.” He gave Tempest a wink followed by a low chuckle as he looked around for anything else to do besides helping out his friends. 

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