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  1. Is this still gonna be a thing? Because I wanna toss in my hat into the pot. Note: the parts in parenthesis is his actual information, the ones provided is his apparent information in relation to the standards of Equestria, which his kingdom/land is allied with

    Name: Kronos

    Age: “Early 20s” (actually around 1300 years old)

    “Hometown”: Ponyville (actually from Ragnarok, but Ponyville is his current forward operations base)

    Species: “Pony” (Rokian)

    Race: “Earth pony” (actually classified as a Rokian Reaver, which is basically the elite class of soldier in his hometown)

    Personality: Adamant. Likes, no, LOVES to fight. Kronos was born a warrior in a tribe of warrior ponies that seceded from Equestria for their overly violent tendencies, but are still viable allies with Equestria, nevertheless. Very aggressive, but also compassionate and protective. 

    “Cutie Mark”: A black circle with three thick red lines making three equivalent wedges in the circle. No matter how many times Kronos explains it, no pony in Equestria understands that it’s a family clan emblem that everyone gets branded into them when they come of age rather than a cutie mark.

    What does it mean?: The red lines represent restraint and valor while the black wedges represent three core values of the Krystiallton family: Honor, Courage, and Fortitude


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  2. Breaking News: A recent study shows that teenagers with parents that make more money are more likely to get a car when they turn 16. :D 

    No shit, Sherlock. :lostit:

    And, yes, this was an actual, televised headline that I watched on the news this afternoon. 

  3. Funniest thing we’ve done was reminisce about the time she used to kick my butt in karate and how I never realized it was her. :D 


    What characteristics does you partner have that they consider as “faults” but you consider as “assets”?

  4. 3 hours ago, Steve Piranha said:

    Well, it’s rather surprising another comment not from me about this game. Thought more Bronies would be excited for an actually fun official horse game :mlp_icwudt:

    It’s legitimately fun. I can’t get enough of it. The more ponies I unlock, the more I want to play while telling myself “I WANT THAT ONE!!!!!”

  5. DANG IT!!!!! :lostit: I’ve only been playing for FIVE MINUTES and I’m already ADDICTIED this game!!!!!!! Thanks a lot, Steve Piranha, you got me addicted to this awesome game with a cool concept!!!! And, no, I’m not endorsed by Hasbro or Steve in anyway (as much as I wish I was). These are my honest thoughts so far after just literally five minutes. 

  6. Yes. I would like a chance to start my life over. If I did, I would’ve gone for the girl of my dreams much sooner. I would have done football or wrestling in high school and maybe get a college scholarship and go to a university straight out of high school. I would’ve gotten my license at 16 and maybe my first job at that time, too. Most importantly, I would’ve talked to my dad about what he’s been doing a lot more often so that he doesn’t feel like his efforts of raising me and my brother went in vain. Maybe if he felt that he was more significant in our lives, he probably would’ve stayed with our mom. But, alas, he divorced my mom a few months ago and is living his dream without us.

    If you can’t tell, i’ve done a lot of basic things in my life much later than I should have. My reality is is that I’m 22 years old and in my fourth year still in community college. I’m having this secret “Romeo and Juliet”-style love affair with the aforementioned girl of my dreams. I lost my job almost a year ago and just recently got a new one. My family is split apart with my father leaving. My mother wants to move house just to get rid of my father’s memory from her head. Yeah, my current reality kinda sucks. 

  7. Because society seems to have this stereotypical view of “you’re supposed to be independent and able to fend for yourself at 18 years old” which in turn translates to “if you’re living with your parents in your mid-20s, you’re an underachieving freeloader.” 

    The problem I see with this viewpoint is that there are a LOT of people out there in their 20s and 30s still going to college AS WELL as working one or two or even three jobs. Renting apartments these days is expensive as hell to the point where you have to work four jobs just to stay there if you don’t have a college degree. 

    Yet, for some odd reason, people seem to assume that other people in their mid-20s are already done with college and have a job on their own, not realizing how much more expensive college education has become over the years. Not only that, but even if people do get a college degree, there’s only so many jobs available around the country, so, even after college people might still live with their parents until they can find a job and make a decent living for themselves. 

    These kind of people seem to have an assumption that getting a college education as well as a job is just as easy for us as it was for them, not realizing how little there is left available for the new generation. They seem to assume “oh, you have a college degree, so they HAVE to hire you” even though most jobs, for some reason, require some degree of work experience over a college degree. 

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  8. My partner. I can stand the heat of a chili pepper (albeit barely), but if I were single, I’d melt if I were right beside her. That’s how hot she is in my eyes  


    What’s the most romantic thing you could say about your partner? (For example, what I just said for my answer)

  9. Equestria is gone if that happens. The Covenant will glass the hell outta them with no means of fighting back. Even with Tempest Shadow as an ally, they have GUNS!!!! I’m pretty sure Equestria has no counter measure to high-tech firearms, let alone their heavy artillery that’ll level the whole planet into a barren wasteland.