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  1. “Thanks, Mayor Mare.” Kronos told the mayor as Alice finished the last of the paperwork. 


    “Anything for you, Mr. Kronos.” Mayor Mare replied with a wink. 


    After they left the town hall, Kronos asked Alice, “So, you, uh, interested in doing or seeing anything else out here in Ponyville? Or maybe you wanna check out some other city here in Equestria?”

  2. “Well,” Mayor Mare replied to Alice with a grin and slight chuckle, “Your cat doesn’t need to register for citizenship. Just a ‘Lost Pet’ identification paper.” She then proceeded to pull out a few papers. 

    “I just need you to sign these. Just to answer some frequently asked questions about these papers: This is an identification paper which requires your signature and hoof print. This is a citizenship paper which only needs a signature. This one is to identify your pet should it get lost so I’ll need a paw print as well as a photo. And this is a Cutie Mark identification paper to show us your talent and where your talents would be useful.”


    ”I know it’s a lot to take in,” Kronos tells Alice reassuredly, “But after this, all official things around here become quick and easy.”

  3. “Oh, this place has had it’s fair share of would-be tyrants and rulers,” Kronos replied, “but Princess Twilight is known as the Princess of Friendship around here, so you have nothing to worry about. As far as the other rulers, one is a sun deity, one is a moon deity, and the last is a princess of love.” He then chuckled to himself before continuing, “There were a few evil rulers back in the day, but they’re has-beens. They kind of fell of the radar for a while and even then, there are a select few ponies here who protect these lands and they are extremely powerful, yours truly included.”


    They then entered the Town Hall where Mayor Mare was organizing paperwork as per usual. 


    “Mornin’, Mayor Mare,” Kronos greeted, “How’s morning work treating you?”


    ”Oh, you know, the usual,” the gray-maned mare replied with multiple stacks of paperwork littering her desk before noticing the pink pony behind him, “Oh, Pinkamena, are you alright?”


    ”Actually, Mayor,” Kronos retorted quickly before going to whisper to her, “That ain’t Pinkie Pie.”


    ”Oh, then who is she?”


    ”She goes by Alice Lidwell or something like that and she has a weird-looking cat on her back.”


    ”Oh, a newcomer?”


    ”Yeah and I was kinda hoping you could probably get her registered around here or something.”


    ”Well then, I’ll need to get this new mare over here to sign some paperwork and get her hoof prints.” She then turned towards Alice, “My dear, could you come over here. We have some official mannerisms to discuss.”

  4. “Ahh, I see,” Kronos replied, “Well, Ms. Lud-, Lid-.....Alice, since you seem new around here, let me be the first to point out a few places of interest to you.” 

    He proceeded to point out key buildings round Ponyville such as Twilight’s castle, the Town Hall, Sugarcube Corner and the two schools. 

    “I’d personally recommend making a visit to the Town Hall first and talking to the Mayor of Ponyville, Mayor Mare, just to get yourself situated around here. After that, if she has time, I might be able to introduce you to Princess Twilight or show you around other places.” 

    He proceeded to walk towards the Town Hall and gestured to Alice to follow him over. 

  5. Kronos was initially startled by the cat around the familiar pony’s shoulder. 

    “As a matter of fact,” Kronos began to reply after recovering from his shock, “Your stature, coat color, even the way your mane droops over to the side makes you a spitting image of Pinkie Pie when she becomes depressed. By the way, who or what in Equestria is THAT!?” 

    Kronos gestured over to that cat over the pink pony’s shoulders. 

  6. Great Guardian of Nature, Zygarde:

    Have any trainers or people that live around the land which you reside given you any nicknames? I’d personally call you Ziggy :3

  7. I’ve already heard of two idiots who got arrested for trying to storm Area 51 earlier, so of course you’d be stupid to try to raid it today. Besides, there are some people who actually have a life to live that’s not worth raiding government property for. 

  8. Kronos was wandering around the town of Ponyville, seeing as Princess Twilight didn’t assign any tasks for him today......yet. He scoped around town looking at restaurants, shops, and mostly at the other mares. He pulled out his signature guitassboard, which is a triple-necked electric guitar-bass-keyboard hybrid, and started playing some songs. (Though, admittedly, he was trying to woo some of the female residents there, which wasn’t really working). 


    Suddenly, he saw a pony that looked similar to Pinkie Pie, so he just assumed it was her. Though, when he saw her, she looked like her depressed form. Being the friend that he is, he walked up to her and, without regarding the weird cat next to her, asked, “Hey, Pinkie Pie, what up? Why you look so gloomy today? Did you fail to make someone smile again?”

  9. You are dead. Dead, dead

    You are dead. Dead, dead


    Thought you were hot

    Guess what, you’re not


    You are dead. Dead, dead


    Brought your adventure to a screeching halt. 


    You are dead. Dead, dead


    Your heart has stopped

    And your brain is cold. 

    You are so so dead

    And now your body is beginning to mold

    You are so so dead. 

  10. Whenever life feels like the movies

    Yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive


    If you told me you were drowning

    I would not lend a hand  


    Every step you take

    Every move you make

    Every smile you fake

    Every claim you stake




    Power is power, the law of the land

    Reject the system dictating the norms

    From dehumanization towards arms production

    To hasten the nation towards its destruction 

    It’s your choice. Your choice. Your choice. 

    Peace or annihilation. 



    In the master’s chambers

    We’re gathered for the feast

    They stab it with their steely knives

    But they just can’t kill the beast. 

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  11. 2 bucks

    3 IDs (College, State, Driver’s)

    My SSID

    My debit card

    My DoorDash RedCard 

    My Medical ID

    A Clipper card for a light rail station in the Bay Area

     A legitimate $2 bill

    Two 20 Peso bills from the Philippines

    Two up-to-date First Aid certificates

    Some random ass Hello Kitty credit card I found at a gas station

  12. Yes, I do trust her. 


    What are some weird, obscure love similes or metaphors you can think of?

    Example: Love is like a legendary Pokémon. It’s hard to find and even harder to catch, but it’s worth it in the end. 

  13. I’ve written quite a few works. I’ve written a few songs, lots of haikus, I’ve even written out a whole series of 10 fan fiction stories that tie in together and I am currently in the process of writing another fan fiction story. Still, my busy schedule, writers block and overall laziness prohibits me from turning my ever-working imagination into writing. 

    13 minutes ago, TailsIsNotAlone said:

    Yes. I don't know if I'm any good at it, but I certainly have passion. Coming up with ideas has always been easy for me; seeing them through is far more difficult.

    You’re preaching to the choir. 

  14. In my honest opinion, hottest female celebrity is Mia Khalifa. Not only for *ahem* OBVIOUS reasons, but also because she’s a modest Arab actress who’s a female social rights activist since the seedier part of her career.