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  1. Quoting Lightning Dash: You said it, Lightning Dash. You've got like 20 or more good points.
  2. Nitro Dash

    My Life

    I feel so sorry for you... But we all care about you, and we're here to help..
  3. Nintendo DS Pony (Not Lite)

  4. Pegasus Pony Stallion Black fur | /Blue/Red mane/tail | (Outlines are a paler black) Same pose as my current avi but hugging you (if you can make it work) ^~^ Same cutie mark as my avi :/ N/A Me holding a Nintendo DS Lite in the air in all it's glory in my right hoof I'm awesome and so are you and all the other ponies around here
  5. Opinions are opinions, though. In all honesty, there shouldn't be a problem with us bronies liking the show just because we like it.
  6. Famicom Tom, I think, might need the most unsaturating. He doesn't even look correct on my TV so that's saying something. Sounds like a good name change. I thought Reality Dash woulda' been a really good name change... But here, it's not really about reality. Lawl I will change Dolphin Dash's name though. And BTW, you shoulda' seen my first OCs! :scoots:
  7. I customized the hell outta my account. Yet another thing I like about the forum.

  8. I accidentally started the the topic in the Visual Art thingie, so thanks! But, yeah, I want criticism.
  9. Better as Proto Man? or my OC?

  10. Just realized... I used the same greeting as the Poniverse Hub XD
  11. Epic, all the way through. Much is to be said, but it's too much. It's just awesome.
  12. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start