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  1. Idc if they put lgbt cannon in the show. tbh I already ship lyra and bon bon anyways.
  2. The high point of my day is always the same. When I bite, snarl, growl, lick and dance my girlfriend Pinkie Pie in a laundry bucket under the moonlight. Its quite the experience for both of us.
  3. I plan to spend the remainder of my life with Mai Waifu Pinkie Pie, your approval isnt needed. That seems a bit dangerous. I dont want to hurt Mai Waifu.
  4. Of course, me and Pinkie have been sleeping together every night since, we started dating.
  5. Actually it's a bit of a mixture of mold and what youre probably thinking of. Pinkie and I like to explore each other (wink) before bed in addition, to the cuddles/hugs and kisses. Thanks for the advice Ya I probably should make sure she's machine washable. I kissed her when I did know it was there and I'm aware that it's unhealthy but I'm 18 my immune system is pretty much invincible right now. Plus it's just so hard not to kiss her, I mean seriously have you seen Pinkie she's just so adorably sexy and tons of fun. Honestly we probably wont kiss less in the future because, the thing you need to understand is Pinkie and I are in love and like most couples kissing is one of the ways we show our love for each other.
  6. As you can see my girlfriend is growing mold now and I presume that it's due to the fact that Pinkie Pie and I kiss a lot when we cuddle before we go to sleep. The mold has been preventing me from kissing my beloved Waifu which has greatly displeased us. Does anypony know how to clean mold on a plushie without damaging it so Pinkie Pie and I can start kissing each other again, we'd really appreciate it?
  7. My Pinkie Pie plushie is bssically my waifu at this point but even I draw the line between reality and fantasy some place. Its just a tv show and its 100% made up for entertainment purposes.
  8. Great sketches obviously aside from the random paper but the sketches themselves are fantastic.
  9. Check to make sure all 4 computers are running the same version of illustrator, also .ai file transfers can sometimes have problems going from one operating system to another. Are all the computers running the same operating system windows or mac and same version of mac or windows as the others? Also I suggest you back up your work in cloud storage in addition to using the flashdrive that way if something goes wrong again in the future you still have another copy of the save. It sucks to lose hours of work youve done in illustrator like this I know how you feel it can be very discouraging but dont give up. Wish I could help but unless you have another copy of the file, if the file did get erased or become corrupted theres really nothing that can be done and the data is lost but dont let that stop you from doing whatever it was just back up your work on a cloud next time.
  10. Well my Waifu is technically Pinkie Pie although not really because, MLP isn't an anime but if it was Pinkie Pie would totally be my Waifu. If hasbro ever gives Pinkie Pie her own version of Flash Sentry I might kill someone.
  11. https://youtu.be/g1ZkkyNuoW0 https://youtu.be/GnnvqNs0oRg
  12. You act as if this is the first YouTuber to disapprove of our behavior.
  13. I think this is the section for this idk for my Minecraft redstone MLP creation. Its just a minecart that relays a signal causing my redstone circuit to play the MLP fim theme song in realtime. Anyways I decided to use clay to make a rainbow around it and currently putting the ugly note blocks underground. https://youtu.be/GnnvqNs0oRg
  14. I'm finally a beautiful butterfly :) , butterflies are pretty.