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  1. Hey, cosplayers and crossplayers! I'm looking for fellow appreciators of cos- and crossplay, but moreover I'm feeling kinda alone as a straight guy that likes women's clothes. I have like one friend that is of the same persuasion but everyone else I talk to about it is female. xD Don't get me wrong, it's fun to go shopping with a gal pal, but it'd be nice to dicuss clothes, outfits, makeup, and most importantly, costumes, with someone of my persuasion. Here's me in my Luna wig, the costume is still in progress. I have a few more bits of makeup I need, too. This was the day I got the wig and I loved it. <3 Also, f you have any makeup knowledge please inform me if there's any way to make my jawline softer and less prominent! It's been a big giveaway to pranking others on Omegle... Dx
  2. Wow, this went better than expected. XD 20% Cooler gets a cupcake. Not burnt.
  3. Thank ya, code. Still a little new to the site, figuring things out.
  4. Come up with a witty radio weather and news report that begins with the above. GO!
  5. I'd like to learn how to use it. I plan on crossplaying as Luna and it would be nice to know how to do my own rather than rely on my friend and cosplay designer to do it for me. This is the costume's concept art, by the way. My friend drew it up as a guideline for herself.
  6. Alright, so I'm actually a bit of an oddball as my first actual cosplay is a crossplay and I've got this hair bow/band that I'm thinking of adding ears to. Is felt a good material for it? How would I go about making ears and adding them to an accessory that aready has a decoration on it?
  7. I recognized the bottom character as being from the same series, I just didn't know she was. It's on that never-ending-list that I'll get around to watching someday.
  8. Alright, so hopefully this works. Here's the items for my Luna cosplay, these are going to be altered by my local friend who is basically a cosplay Rarity, note that some items I am kind of in between on due to looks or price. Also, the dumb corset link at the bottom is supposed to be blue and not that dumb Snow White thing, ugh. And if any of the ladies or fellow crossdressers have a recommendation for a bra and panty set, give me a response. My false breasts are gonna need something, as well as some comfy snug underwear to keep my tuck in place. I'd like to avoid taping as much as possible. Pictures? I always enjoy seeing how well a guy can pull off looking like a girl. One of my goals as Luna. I'm secretly hoping I get to say "IT"S A TRAP!" to someone. XDDD
  9. How did I know it'd be a fursuit? Good on ya! I like 'em when they're good quality.
  10. Well, blurring the gender lines isn't exactly my goal. I'm a firm believer that each gender has it's role, especially in the family. I just love the clothes, characters, and the feeling of being tucked. It's very different. Uhm, if I take the link on my Amazon list, will it show you the list or should I get each link and list it? Yes, but robes were a unisex clothing choice in first century Rome, especially in the lowest classes of people in the middle east. These depictions are irrelevant to me anyways, as they're not Jesus, but rather an artist's depiction. We don't know what His earthly body looked like, but we do know from the book of Isaiah He was actually quite ugly by human standards. What better way for the King of the Universe to blend in on Earth? And as for "faith getting in the way", it's supposed to take priority in my life. If I find out it is morally wrong for me as a Christian man to dress this way, then I will stop. Because ultimately, I'm concerned about my relationship to God. Also, whatever the bishops or pope wear are irrelevant. They're men like me. That's all. (You're speaking with an American protestant) But, anyways, Rule 63 kind of ruins it for me. For me, the character's clothing is a big draw, and that's something sometimes defined by the gender. In this case, I know Luna doesn't exactly have many depictions in the show for me to go on, but it's something that can be easily thrown together. Sorry if I seem a little knit-picky about my faith, theology kind of requires that. It's like if someone made a statement on a scientific topic that wasn't /quite/ right, and then a scientist who hears it clears the air with how it /really/ is. I came to discuss cosplay/crossplay, and if a fellow Christian has solid criticism for me, then I will listen, but don't be surprised if I take opinions of anyone else with a grain of salt. No offense is intended by that, as well. It's like listening to family before friends. I love that costume on the top. Character? Because I would SO wear that.
  11. Once upon a time, before I was a Christian, I crossdressed in private for the sake of homosexual eroticism. Four years later, I don't anymore, but I've been taking an interest in it again for the sake of cosplay, or as I've discovered it's called, "crossplay." (I've been having some difficulty reconciling this desire with my faith lately, though.) I no longer have any attraction to the same sex or any gender identity issues, but I digress. This is merely history leading up to current interests. In any case, this has me curious to see if any of my fellow bronies have pulled off convincing crossplays as their favorite ponies, or if you're a general cosplayer, talk about that, too! If I'm being honest, I've always found female characters more interesting as fictional people. Cosplay has always interested me, but the lack of interesting male characters is a problem for me. At most the only male cosplays I've wanted to do are The Doctor (Doctor Who, but I'm sure you knew that) and Kanaan. (Star Wars: Rebels) What has me interested in crossplay is that my girlfriend of two months has a high school friend who is also a heterosexual who went to Youmacon in downstate Michigan dressed as (a very convincing) Fluttershy. I've since befriended him and we talk about crossplay. I've got a Princess Luna crossplay in the works, and lately its occupying my thoughts when I'm idle. Debating whether to order the basic pieces soon. Have a local friend and cosplay designer that has agreed to help me and keep my supplies at her house since my parents would likely object. (I'm 20 and living at home still) That's really my only reservation on the horizontal plane, from human to human interaction. Going behind their backs and hiding, and even then I'm not sure if dressing as a woman with no sexual perversion or gender confusion is a sin or not. Anywho, I've got an amazon list of potential dresses, accessories, etc. that I'm probably going to order and ship to my friend's house here soon. I'd like to get the costume made, ready, and stored for the day that I'm able to use it. If anyone is curious about what I've picked, I'll make a separate post with the amazon links. Your turn!
  12. Went to BronyCon and passed out The Biggest Question in 2014. Nerd culture is my heart's passion, and I want to evangelize at conventions.
  13. In relation, some personal favorites off my playlist: I could go on all day...
  14. Gonna be the out-of-place one who explicitly listens to Christian Metal and all varieties of it. Built the following playlist myself. Still adding when a band comes out with something new, looking forward to (AFTER THREE YEARS) Oh, Sleeper's new stuff this summer. God, that's beastly. Been awhile since their last one, right?
  15. Used to listen to Slayer. Never liked Suicide. Never heard of Torture Squad. My taste in metal turned more to the Christian bands like Impending Doom, Fit For A King, Demon Hunter, and Living Sacrifice when I was about 16. (I could name more, I'd be here all day.)