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  1. Astrara

    Private University of Canterlot

    @MiniKirby123 he would raise a brow at the others words as if he was thoroughly confused. Where they blind, he was clearly the most superior creature to ever set foot in such a building. Him with his inferno glazed eyes and pigmentless fur. He was a rarity in his own views, if only he could impose such an opinion on others. Upon her retort he kept a fairly emotionless expression, looking upon the other as if his offender was merely just another peasant. "Takes one to know one" He would hiss, his vocals unusually harsh for one who prided himself on such a youthful tone. Upon the leaving of the two femme he seemed to look almost worried. "y-you cant just leave!" He would draw his wings close to him in a blatant display of his discomfort. Nobody had ever just 'left' him before, he was simply too 'important' to ignore. "I don't know what im doing. I lost three sequins from my silks, my shoes are beginning to scuff, I think my tail is getting dusty and my feathers are starting to split." He would whine in absolute panic, it was almost as if he didn't understand something as simple as an everyday environment. 'who would not take mercy upon such a delicate flower thrown into such a destructive place...I shall be ruined by the end of the day if I am not careful.' His thoughts would utter. He would pause for a moment before furrowing his brow, looking at his hooves in distaste "this environment is out to kill me. Surely you, as a 'native' must understand." He would add.
  2. Astrara

    Private University of Canterlot

    @MiniKirby123 }- It seemed he had attracted the attention of others, he was not surprised, he was only 'perfection'. "Excuse me? I'm hoping I heard that wrong. I better have heard that wrong." Turning so eloquently so that he could make eye contact with the other he would raise a fragile looking hoof to his chest. "Eugh, what? It speaks?" He would exclaim, the look of horror apparent upon his delicate features. He would look the other over, deem them worthy of his scrutiny if not for a short while before he would recoil. "What even are you? Some kind of unfortunate disaster..." He would muse, his expression turning more to one of a smirk as he would snigger lightly clearly amused by his own statement. The other of whom stayed silent was of course naturally ignored by him, those who held no presence to a creature of his graces truly need not exist in his mind. Whilst he waited for the other to reply he merely held upon his visage an expression of mild disappointment. 'perhaps it will go away if I show my distaste.' his thoughts would utter.
  3. oh my god mirage would have a fit if he saw something like that XD he'd be so terrified.
  4. Astrara

    Private University of Canterlot

    (Lets get this show on the road XD I hope im doing this right) "Disgusting~" That was of course the ever so enthusiastic tone of the glorified albino as he surveyed his surroundings with extreme precision only deem them unworthy to even so much as step on. He had only just arrived at the facility (fashionably late of course) and every moment he stood on academic soil he wanted to get a napkin. Perhaps he'd have to convince his parents that a tutor would be a better alternate to degrading himself to that of the average school territory. Yet despite having no experience at the site, the albino felt no nerves. Only a strong sense of conquest. However from merely looking around him the over-dressed boy felt perhaps a little less confident than to mingle with the rabble. No, he would find a member of authority and demand to have him isolated from these soul sucking leeches immediately...lest they infect him with their inferiority. Now all he had to do was make it to his destination unscathed. As he entered the building he would unfurl his wings as to take up the majority of the corridor for he of course needed 'air space' "who do I have to pay to remove these things." he would hiss, gesturing at the nearest student.
  5. Astrara

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now Oh man, I'm having a bad time.
  6. Oh boy that will be super interesting to see lmao! /is super hyped/
  7. @SugarfootWillie }Yooo you can find my bab here lmao -->
  8. Ah im totes ok with you matching me up with another pon. Im horrible at just jumping in to rp's XD My boy would certainly cooperate with those of whom are from similar social situations so I'm sure he wont be too much of a butt to Adante lmao.
  9. Aww yeah! he's currently dorking around the training area so I can totes move him to where your bab is ;u;
  10. ahh I wonder If I can hop in with this dork -> ?
  11. SACRED WING {Bright Haze} He could say he had little motivation for his choices other than it looked cool. Or rather 'it was his heroic calling' Sacred had little doubts in his ego that he must of course reign victorious, Sitting on the train made him nervous, the little grinding as it halted at each stop closer to his destination than the last. He of course had claimed a seat that was placed by the window and he would of course look out upon the shifting scenery. Curling his wings around him he could feel his eyes grow heavy with every bump and shove. He fell swiftly asleep. Upon the announcing of the destination he was looking to arrive at, he fell off his seat in mild shock "Could the metal snake hath arrived so soon to the fighting pits of the void..." He mumbled 'It looks like its my stop' he thought, before mildly strolling towards the opening of the doors and stepping of in a cautious manner. It felt nice to finally be there, the few hours he'd spent on the train had made him feel rather travel sick, the fresh air was a virtue. Stretching his legs he took casually off into the nearest bushes. He had to stay undercover after all he was the 'fallen angel of the seven clouds sent to restore piece to the land and redeem himself for his acts of evil' or so he loved to believe. His mane had gathered some debris upon its arrival to the arena, mere sticks and the occasional small pebble or so. However he believed it made him look more like some vagabond than some casual sightseer and so they remained in tact when he barged through the entrance and in direct quotation demanded to take part. Although he wanted to destroy the first thing he'd deem 'evil' within the establishment, he wasn't exactly that dumb as to race into the immediate unknown. With a suspicious expression he decided to rummage around the entrance hall for a few moments before finding himself upon a sign that led to the training grounds. Spending a deluded moment contemplating on his next motions he decided to follow its direction. "Is this where the silent denizens of asmodeous doth beholds their preparations." he asked rather too casually for his words 'this is a good place to start right' his thoughts would utter.
  12. Ah id love to take part with this piece of trash -> His strengths- + - Has rather impressive stamina + - Fast +- Confident in the air His Weaknesses - Magic - extremely reckless - An utter moron