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  1. oh god I just realized what is in the bg of them in the clowns images- ENDLESS BABY SCOOTALOOS - THE CREEPY ONES.
  2. perhaps they need to be completely in that world to change - or perhaps tearing holes in the fabric of dimensions negates that transformation effect..
  3. now combine mario maker with mario paint
  4. Hey guys, so a lot of people out there have whole collections of music they have made on soundcloud, and, since I did a search and couldn't find a thread specifically for this, I thought I'd make one! So have you got a soundcloud page? Do you make tunes? Got a new tune on said page you'd like to share for everyone to listen to? Maybe a whole playlist? Post it here! I'll get this ball rolling.. Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/chronamut Soundcloud Playlists: Newest Song: now your turn!
  5. I will admit when I hovered over the video it looked rather boring - but it was ok - not as good as some of the others but good for character development - fleshed out maud a bit more
  6. spike is destined to be trodden all over in all ways imaginable. Poor spike.
  7. but on the other hand having a race of alicorns would make any alicorns LEFT that much more valuable - and if an alicorn mother can have an alicorn baby, perhaps there is hope for them to regenerate as a "race".
  8. starlight glimmer can be flurryhearts babysitter with her childhood friend
  9. spike can't remain a baby dragon forever - eventually he has to move on.
  10. IRL Crush: I have a crush on my construction coordinator at my work - he's gruff and down to earth and very real and yeah..
  11. thanks a lot! I wasn't sure if only episode discussions were allowed in there or not..
  12. Chronamut

    Visual Art my chaos art

    picture update you can see the aku-like figure in the bg - still only using existing lines to flesh out what I see..:
  13. I am - I post mlp related stuff sometimes- mostly music - feel free to check out my page & subscribe! http://youtube.com/c/chronamut
  14. So a line in the 1st / 2nd episode of season 6, when luna and celestia see the alicorn baby "this has never happened before, this is the first time an alicorn has been born in equestria" IN EQUESTRIA So this can go 1 of 2 ways: 1) ALL ponies up until this point have had to EARN their wings, except for this baby OR 2) Princess luna and princess celestia were alicorns born before equestria was established as a "place" #2 seems more plausible for this reference, as we still aren't quite sure where celestia and luna even CAME from - if the realm was named something
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