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  1. I mean to us it's been 5 years - but how much time has ACTUALLY elapsed in equestria? Also will the ponies actually age? Will the cutie mark crusaders grow up? Or will this be a series where everyone stays the same age forever in the series?
  2. So a line in the 1st / 2nd episode of season 6, when luna and celestia see the alicorn baby "this has never happened before, this is the first time an alicorn has been born in equestria" IN EQUESTRIA So this can go 1 of 2 ways: 1) ALL ponies up until this point have had to EARN their wings, except for this baby OR 2) Princess luna and princess celestia were alicorns born before equestria was established as a "place" #2 seems more plausible for this reference, as we still aren't quite sure where celestia and luna even CAME from - if the realm was named something else before this, and if there was a race of alicorns they were born from,... but that line does leave things open for interpretation.. it would make more SENSE that sin ce there are so few alicorns, that all alicorns have to EARN their wings. I am also noticing they are staying with their "all alicorns have to be female because men just aren't good enough" routine for little girls.. so what do YOU think? Is this baby an exception because her mother is an alicorn? Or is she simply the first "alicorn" born into equestria? Also I guess twilight and even starlight glimmer aren't the head honchos for magic anymore - twilight gets double shamed in the magic dept hahaha..
  3. Chronamut

    Alicorns are not born.. "in equestria"

    tell that to dream big mac
  4. Chronamut

    S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

    oh god I just realized what is in the bg of them in the clowns images- ENDLESS BABY SCOOTALOOS - THE CREEPY ONES.
  5. perhaps they need to be completely in that world to change - or perhaps tearing holes in the fabric of dimensions negates that transformation effect..
  6. Chronamut

    Will Super Mario Maker kill platformers forever?

    now combine mario maker with mario paint
  7. Hey guys, so a lot of people out there have whole collections of music they have made on soundcloud, and, since I did a search and couldn't find a thread specifically for this, I thought I'd make one! So have you got a soundcloud page? Do you make tunes? Got a new tune on said page you'd like to share for everyone to listen to? Maybe a whole playlist? Post it here! I'll get this ball rolling.. Soundcloud page: Soundcloud Playlists: Newest Song: now your turn!
  8. Chronamut

    S06:E03 - The Gift of Maud Pie

    I will admit when I hovered over the video it looked rather boring - but it was ok - not as good as some of the others but good for character development - fleshed out maud a bit more
  9. Chronamut

    Spoiler Will Spike be written out?

    spike is destined to be trodden all over in all ways imaginable. Poor spike.
  10. Chronamut

    Alicorns are not born.. "in equestria"

    but on the other hand having a race of alicorns would make any alicorns LEFT that much more valuable - and if an alicorn mother can have an alicorn baby, perhaps there is hope for them to regenerate as a "race".
  11. Chronamut

    Spoiler 2 Theories on Starlight Glimmer

    starlight glimmer can be flurryhearts babysitter with her childhood friend
  12. Chronamut

    Spoiler Will Spike be written out?

    spike can't remain a baby dragon forever - eventually he has to move on.
  13. Chronamut

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    IRL Crush: I have a crush on my construction coordinator at my work - he's gruff and down to earth and very real and yeah..
  14. Chronamut

    Alicorns are not born.. "in equestria"

    thanks a lot! I wasn't sure if only episode discussions were allowed in there or not..
  15. Chronamut

    Visual Art my chaos art

    picture update you can see the aku-like figure in the bg - still only using existing lines to flesh out what I see..:
  16. Chronamut

    Visual Art my chaos art

    So a while back I pioneered an art style I call "chaos" art - it is entirely subconsciously done. Here's what you go - you get a piece of paper, and a pencil. Close your eyes, and think of an emotion or thing you wish to convey - and then with pencil in your hand, just start scribbling - go nuts - let that emotion flow through you - make sure to cover as much of the page as you can, keep adding if you don't feel satisfied, but keep your eyes closed when you do this. then open your eyes and look at the mess you have made - and then, using ONLY the lines you see, start to see what you can see come out of the mess, and start outlining lines, and then colour it in. It sounds like the results would be retarded, but you might be amazed at what you see.. the first is called the abysmal demon of hair - it was made using anger emotion the second is called the snail- it was made using the feeling of nature. both are copyrighted. also see my other thread - OC my character - which I showcase some of my other work
  17. Chronamut

    How many of you are YouTubers?

    I am - I post mlp related stuff sometimes- mostly music - feel free to check out my page & subscribe!
  18. Chronamut

    S06:E03 - The Gift of Maud Pie

    I think this episode had the greatest range of facial emotion - I also liked how rarity emulated pinkie pies over bubbliness in that one example when she is surprised at her lackluster response also that duo make another cameo on the train - do they never leave the train? Lol.. I also like how the rock calls the gems stuck up hahaha..
  19. Chronamut

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    well haven't been here for a while, just wanted to say hi to everyone, as the new season of mlp has begun
  20. personally I believe that humans cannot exist in equestria. If the "humans from" EQG is any indication - any humans that cross over into the pony world are automatically converted into ponies.
  21. Are celestia and luna immortal in eqh? If mlp's concept of alternate dimensions runs correct - all alternate instances of all characters in all dimensions are connected - so if you hurt one you hurt all instances of them in every dimension. Under this logic luna and celestia would also have to have lived as long, because as EVERYTHING is aligned the same , all the same characters etc, events would have to have transpired similarly, which means celestia and luna have to be over 1000 years - and without magic this forms a plot hole. I believe as a result of this magic DOES exist in eqh, it just has been dormant for a long time - otherwise magic wouldn't even be able to be BROUGHT into their dimension. I think the crown simply activated "the magic within". It might also explain why luna and celestia seem to be so "unphased" by all of this. It is stated that celestia visited a lot of other dimensions - perhaps she has already visited this one and thus both celestias are already aware of each others existence.
  22. Chronamut

    How Much Blood Have you donated?

    trust me, if you're in an accident and bleeding out - you will welcome any blood transfusion.
  23. Chronamut

    How many of you are YouTubers?

    I have a youtube account - I post book readings, pony stuff, spiritual teachings, my music, art, vlog and other fun silly things you can subscribe to me here
  24. Chronamut

    Looking for some brony friends?

    I am a brony supporter - feel free to send me friend requests
  25. Chronamut

    How Much Blood Have you donated?

    I cannot donate blood, or organs - it is still illegal in canada to donate blood or organs if you are gay. because of the apparent higher risk of spreading "things" it's dumb, but whatever.