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  1. I think it also depends on how likable an villain is. In cases like Discord where I actually like him better as a villain, it was disappointing to see him reformed. Diamond Tiara on the other hand, desperately needed a reformation. And she got one, since the show crew is so aware of its fanbase and what they want...which by the way is very admirable. Have they overused this reformation thing? No, not really, nor do I dislike the idea of an reformation. I can see why it bothers people (or should that be ponies) but for the most part, I'm cool with it.
  2. My three favourites are Winter Wrap Up, The Cutie Mark Crusaders Song and The Smile Song. Winter Wrap Up...well, it's the first big group musical number in the show and still the greatest. Interesting to note that this is pretty much the only reason people remember that episode. Also, the song is catchy as a cold. The CMC song...oh, dear, this might seem like a totally bizarre choice and it probably is. Well, I find it hopelessly hilarious myself. The instrumentation is absolutely amazing even though it's almost a copy of (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew. The Smile Son
  3. Wow...my predictions were all wrong. Well, I did get to see Twilight's old friends again, even though it wasn't in the way I expected. In fact, none of this was like I expected it. Except Starlight getting reformed because I could see that coming a mile away. But...wow, just wow. I was actually left somewhat speechless. In the end, Starlight kinda reforms herself. Sure, it's Twilight who triggers the change but it was Starlight's own choice. Starlight being reformed itself? I've never been bothered by any redemption yet except Diamond Tiara and this was no exception. Starlight probably wo
  4. Well...I don't know...what was the point of Amending Fences if it's never gonna be brought up again? That would make it a filler episode and a unnecessary one as well. Of course, it's still my favourite episode of the show. What I mean is that Twilight making amends with her Canterlot friends should be an important plot point in season five's (nearly invisible) story arc. If that wasn't made as a plot point, then what's the point of the episode? Fan service? Could probably be the answer, but I would be so disappointed if that was the case. For this very reason, I asked M.A Larson him
  5. Moondancer and Minuette. Nopony else even comes close except maybe Starlight Glimmer.
  6. Mr. Blue Sky

    Hello I am new here

    It's music - I absolutely adore listening to music. Oh and I love to write stories too.
  7. Mr. Blue Sky

    Hello I am new here

    Yes, dyziomon...I am interested in archeology...but just a little. It's not something I actively read about but it's fun when I read about it.
  8. Mr. Blue Sky

    Hello I am new here

    Hello, dyziomon! I'm also sorta new here... Well..hope you enjoy it here! I've been having a great time on here so far and I hope you can share my sentiments...or should that be sediments? Hehe...
  9. There's actually a lot of episodes this season that I didn't like. So...it's basically just another regular season. Here they are (complete with comments)! They are not ranked in how much I dislike them, by the way. Just in the season order. 1: Tanks For The Memories (Rainbow bugged me in this episode with her behaviour. Fluttershy was amazing, though even if she barely got any screen time in the episode) 2: Appleloosa's Most Wanted (Meh...just meh) 3: Make New Friends but Keep Discord (Sorry...just a heads-up. I don't like Discord this season) 4: The Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone
  10. My main problem with The Smile Song (I think that's the official song title?) is that it almost has no bearing on the episode where it comes from. It comes out of nowhere and is never brought up again. But hang on...maybe Pinkie wasn't supposed to be a main character and just a pony that the writers decided to give the spotlight for one episode. A Friend In Deed would then be the episode that introduced Pinkie. What better way to show off her personality than with a catchy, upbeat song? Actually, there are a lot of ways but whatever. My point is, that the song came too late in the show's
  11. The only names I could come up with was Midknight, Midnight Night or Moonlit Knight but I don't know if that'll really work. Maybe Knightwing? Or Knightmare...oh, wait. I'm useless at coming up with names for things.
  12. Oh, in the real world? Well, I can safely write off Lyra then. I think she would spend more time gawking at the human world than actually spending time with her date. Maybe I should also exclude Twilight from the list. If she gets into the library, well, we won't be getting out of that library for a while. Minuette, perhaps? She is my favourite pony, of course but hmm...I'm not actually sure. Sure, I know she'll stay positive and happy the entire time because that's part of her personality but will she actually listen to what I'm going to say or will she just babble on her own? As
  13. One of the reasons I loved Amending Fences so much was because it made one of my headcanons canon. What was the headcanon? Well...that Twilight had friends in Canterlot and that Moon Dancer was hurt by Twilight not coming to her party. Yes, I pretty much predicted this episode one year ago. It's weird. My other headcanons have not yet made canon. Wanna hear one of them? It's one about Rainbow Dash. So, what is it? Well...I thought that maybe Rainbow could have had problems with her family which could be the reason why she dropped flight school, and following that, Rainbow moved t
  14. Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long? ._.

    1. Mr. Blue Sky

      Mr. Blue Sky

      Where did you go wrong?

  15. That was...better than the last episode at least. I just saw the episode a few minutes ago and I haven't come up with anything really good to say about it. I could say that the episode was predictable...but it's the journey, not the destination, that matters. The journey itself was fine, some good gags here and there. Maybe I found it a little dull at times. Just maybe. Twilight's character here was great...yeesh, I'm making it so obvious that Twilight is my favourite of the Mane 6. Fluttershy's character was fine and her information dump about how the feud got started worked pretty w
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