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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Yeah the thing is with eqd there was only a few things that caught my interest (at least with music sent to eqd) not as much as the earlier stuff until from 2016 or 2017 but yeah I agree that there is at least some fresh content being sent to eqd idk about content not sent to eqd and I agree with the lack of content from the g1 fandom but I kinda consider a fandom as dead if there is lack of content and I fail to see how the g1 fandom as thriving creatively
  3. I once thought that the brony fandom is dead and not much good content was coming to the point that I gave up and didn't think the state of the brony fandom didn't matter. Than I seen that a few days ago there was the finale of one of the best collaborative series to come out of the brony fandom doors 3 shows that there's still good content coming out of the fandom other than the fanfiction and art parts of the brony fandom
  4. if anybody been keeping up to date with fngr channel you might know that he just did a video picking on patch heart and what he refers to as "Not true Victims" in his latest how not to brony videos
  5. oh i forgot another one which is midnight chimes
  6. that's probably because he's part of the secret rift like british ninja and i guess there are 3 or 4 rifts according to him there's even a youtube channel called the rift cafe
  7. he is a brony analyst just lie sliver quill and dr. wolf he even was part of a dr. wolf video just look up "fornogoodreason dr. wolf" and you will find it and with the last two fimflamfilosophy analyst series i don't really consider it part of the actual mlp analyst youtubers with how it's as much a parody of the mlp analyst community as is the mlp mentally advanced and rainbow dash presents series are parody of fim itself and same thing with dwk's totally legit recap in the same way as the everything wrong with mlp episodes series is not a parody not a actual analyst video material i would only consider silver quill and dr. wolf as actual mlp analyst youtubers along with the 4 i have listed but the thing with fngr i don't really consider him as great as lily peet and vida at being a mlp analyst youtuber imo
  8. while looking for better youtubers than fngr i have found some great videos to help me feel better after finding out about the shitstorm in this fandom mad maunchkin: fob equestria: commando solo:
  9. yeah i should've reworded what i said but at this point i seriously don't even care
  10. decayed would be a better term than dead since it would be more out of the mainstream and more underground with how irrelevant it will become look at how irreverent ppgd is and still going on after the show ended
  11. imo it don't matter how many new members there are and how many old members leave it all matter on the rate of new members joining and the old members leaving is what matter and if the rate of old members leaving are higher than before 2015 and new members joining is lower after 2015 than that's how i think it's a decaying fandom with less fan content after 2015 you know you can't be too optimistic not too pessimistic that's my view of everything and everyone in the world both irl and online as i mentioned the rate of members joining and leaving matters than when a member joins or leaves from my perspective and affects the amount of fan content yeah you seriously are too pesstistic to have that kind of perspective i agree
  12. yeah i have seen some of that on youtube and deviantart but i care more about mlp:fim just like you with being my main fandom and don't really as much attention to sonic and undertale as mlp:fim probably just rumors and exaggerations because it seemed that brony community was very active content-wise than started to die down around 2015 with most of the fan content being made during the first half decade of mlp:fim existing i am a dedicated fan i just been away from it for a few years and it seems the fandom became a shitstorm around 2017 but the rate of new fans have declined since 2015 but i am just very conflicted joining as late as i did and idk about the thomas fandom since i seriously don't even pay attention to thomas the train with how i grew out of it yeah i kinda have a regret of being out of it or at least less active for a year or 2 after joining the fandom being more active in the rock music community online
  13. which was the whole reason i made this thread to bring bronies together and discuss the current state of more the fandom than the show itself since i see it the fan work is what keeps the fandom a flout not the show itself but yeah i guess decayed or decaying would've been a better word than dead that's the whole reason automatic jack left youtube and ended his music career because he felt his fans cared more about the show than his contributions to the fandom since i have him as my online friend on discord & twitch so i did'nt meant it to be taken the wrong way it just since 2015 there's been too much negative stuff sure the show is good and all but imo the fan work is what's important for me not the show itself so on i both agree and disagree at a certain extant pretty much i have a very one-sided opinion that's probably unpopular within the brony community wow really i been around since late 2015 around september so it's been 3 years for me ok yeah i usually exaggerate everything like in the graphic novel by marjane satrapi called persepolis where the family loves to exaggerate which explains why you gave me the wrong impression yeah i have seen that with most 2000's cartoons and anime i grew up with on cn, nickelodeon, and disney channel during my childhood and my teenhood but i guess the reason why mlp:fim because it's was the cartoon that gave me as big of a escape from reality compared to other cartoons also with how different it was with how hasbro dealt with slice of life compared to cn, nickelodeon, and disney channel and probably better than most slice of life anime don't undertale,fnaf, and sonic fandoms have that kind of activity?
  14. wow it seems you are the only like-minded brony that have replied and is very supportive of me without giving me advice that conflicts me ty i am just very conflicted right now about the current state of the brony community and nobody else as open-minded as you did'nt make me more conflicted unlike the other's who have replied to this thrend but not as much at a rapid rate as before like as said in the video that's what i meant by it being a dead fandom with how it's decaying not that there aren't anymore fan content just not as much like look at ppgd that's the best ppg fan work that i find very enjoyable other than some of the nsfw content that i found enjoyable of ppg i do not mean it in a offensive way i mean it as in people who have autism not as people who are mislabeled with autism since i have autism myself yeah idc for the sonic satam fandom and yes ik the fandom is still a thing so is star trek and star wars but there's not really a cartoon that i do care about that has grown as big as and as widespread as mlp:fim with how much fan content there is but that rate of brony celebs leaving the fandom as in no longer making mlp:fim content has increase a lot over the last few years like the only brony rock musician that have grown as big as a adience but is still around making pony-related content is princewhateverer yes but most bronies at least on poniverse websites don't realized it yes ik but i care more for the gen 4 part of the fandom than the brony hippie since i am a normie brony i agree but i kinda agree with what one of the admins said about the decine starting around 2015 not really 2010-2014 since that was when most of the best episodes were made imo sorry i kinda disagree since i believe nothing is impossible unless nobody is willing to change things but it seems currently nobody is willing to change things right now other than a few people it might not matter to most bronies but the minority do care deeply for the state of the brony community not the majority
  15. you might be right you might be wrong we don't know because we can't predict the future yeah but there once was alot more mlp-related content and it's dead for those who cares more about the mlp:fim unoffical/fan content than the show itself i am just giving my perspective on the decline of the brony community from a late bloomer brony pov and that ignorance ain't the answer for me especially with the fact that i also have anxiety and bipolar and adult adhd