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  1. Have a very happy day, birthdaypony, hope you have the best time ever!

  2. So, I wanted to know, how many of the users of this forum are interested in exploring the hidden parts of the Internet? To be more correct, I want to start a little quest, so if anypony is interested, please comment this topic, and I'll write an update.
  3. Oh... Well, I would certainly try NX. I got really disappointed with Sony, after their plans to make a PS 4.5, and Xbox One's controller just seems to be too heavy and massive for my hands.
  4. Study criminology and psychology, and hope to get a job in a federal agency.
  5. No, and I never will. Unless I suddenly become less ugly
  6. Nothing. Because my room locks from inside
  7. When I can't fall asleep, I take my knife and walk around my house for some time. Then I check all windows and doors and go back to bed
  8. Yes, and it happens kind of often to me. On top of that, I feel that I can control myself in my lucid dreams.
  9. I would be happy to help. I love being interviewed.
  10. Unfortunately, my PC is too old to play such games, and I can't afford PS Plus to play it on a console