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About Me

Hi, my username is "Namae," which means "name" in Japanese. FOXY SOCKS! I know, I know, I am very creative! 


I have studied Japanese, though not fluent. I can read the Hiragana and Katakana syllables, as well as many Kanji. (Though not nearly all the Joyou Kanji.) Study has become difficult, since I had to move from the school I learned it from unfortunately.


I love foxes and fox furries! :kindness: (I am into the furry fandom). I find them very beautiful and cute! They are definitely my favorite animal!



A red fox morph.



Just a silly red fox.



Curious foxy



Tired foxy


My second favorite (or equally favorite) are snakes! This includes venomous ones, as they can be cute and beautiful too! They are very cute little slitherers!




A cute pet ball/royal python!



 "What's this thing?" Also ball python.



 A photogenic corn snake!


sp_timberrattlesnake004.thumb.jpg.bb117eb76e3c57eb6325ee049cf0f3a0.jpg A cute little timber rattlesnake (Don't heck with this dangerous cutie!)


I'm into Pokemon, and my favorites are Vulpix and Eevee! (Mostly due to their similarity to foxes)



One of my current interests is a visual novel called Angels with Scaly Wings! It's a dragon dating game with a emotional story, and is quite fun. Plus there are many adorable dragons!








I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Who knew!)

I have been a fan since about September 2015, when I finally found the courage to watch it alone. I knew I had liked it before, but didn't want to admit it. I had considering looking it up many times but usually was too scared to look it up.

I am not very social, and become anxious even online. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy these forums and the fandom!

My OC is Foxy Socks who loves foxes like me, and even likes to dress up like them. (No drawing of her in a fox costume yet). She is playful but quiet, and may be insensitive to others, but her intentions are nice. She tries to be a sweet helpful pony with others, and also helps out foxes. She is very similar to me.




Credit to Vulcan

Foxy Socks naturally shares a resemblance and behaviors to a fox, but is still a pony. She always had an apprecion for foxes, and other animals as well, but foxes were her favorite.


She grew up in a small town far from Ponyville. Due to her behavioral differences, it was awkward for her to make many friends, though the few she had she loves greatly.


Foxy likes to explore areas and look for foxes and observe them often near the woods, however one time as a filly she had become lost by wandering too far. (She couldn't fly well then, so she could not have flown out). Terrified in being in a mysterious and unknown area, she panicked, and looked around for help. She became fatigued and decided to rest for a while on a tree.


Eventually a fox came by mistaking Foxy for one. When she awoke she was surprised to see one so close, but was still upset at being lost and started to cry.


The fox, sensing something was wrong, pawed at her and led her the way out of the forest. This act had caused her to not only be careful of where she wanders, but gave her even more love to the wildlife and foxes there, and thanked the fox multiple times after leading her out.


Eventually she became even more involved with foxes, and would make frequent visits to them in the forest (without getting lost again of course). She would slowly approach, and spend time with them, and occasionally feeding them.


One day she was walking through the forest, when she heard something cry out. She quickly investigated, finding the source which was a young fox cub who had gotten lost herself, and had an injured foreleg. Foxy, while she spent more time with foxes, never really did something like this before. She quickly picked the little fox up and taken her to her place, and cared for the little cub for a few days. After that she took her back to the forest, but she then realized something. She could understand what the little fox was saying.


It was a bit hard to hear at first, but she could definitely make out what they were saying. Surprised to find this out, Foxy asked the little cub where to take her back, which was a small den near the area.


Not only did she learn to communicate with foxes, right as she gave the little fox back, Foxy had gotten her cutie mark!


After that she continued to help and communicate with foxes (she cannot communicate with other animals though), and eventually moved to Ponyville, partly because the Everfree Forest was near, and that she thought it would be a nice place to move to. She likes to visit the Everfree despite it being filled with dangerous and strange creatures, but has even gotten along with some, or learned what to avoid. She became very tolerant of other creatures as well and while her main interest are foxes, she loves them as well.


(No she is not a Fluttershy copy.)


Other pics of her:





(Her eyecolor is more magenta like the next one, and her eyes are inverted too but other than that she is the same. This was before I changed it or something. Also I forgot to color an area :P)



(I moved her wings to the side to show her cutie mark. This is her latest appearance, and probably will stay like that now, with maybe a few more changes like how her eye tip markings are drawn.)











THE NEW REDONE  Top Six Ponies I am in Love with List! Keep in mind I love them equally. :wub:




Limestone! :wub:


She may seem mean, but I find her quite adorable and caring!


Flutter! :wub:





She is a lot like me, timid, quiet, and caring.





She was the first pony I fell in love with. She is too cute


Princess Twilight Sparkle! :wub:


Very cute and smart! I love her expressions so much! She has  suck beautiful coloring! :P


Princess Luna! :wub:


Another beautiful Princess! She is so cute!


And finally Glimmy! :wub:




She is one of the prettiest, sweetest ponies ever. She is a lot like me too.


Feel free to point out any spelling errors here! I am almost always on my phone, and can make plenty of mistakes.