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  1. 459,361 tried drawing pinkie pie sandwich, she ended up looking like fish
  2. 459,341 i dont know what to draw, help
  3. 459,338 yeah we know, i figured that out not quickly enough, but it is funny
  4. 459,336 i work with someone who speaks spanish mainly, all i know is from her, her name is santa, but we call her chica
  5. 459'333 hablo muy poco español, de hecho, para decir esto tengo que usar el traductor de google, pero entendí la primera parte, pero las dos últimas no me eran conocidas.
  6. 459,325 i like this way, makes things less confusing
  7. Lets do this, im in, lets go, vominos, Alonzy, bazinga, filling in the minimum character count by X5
  8. 459119 im bored what do i do? also what is canterlot avenue?