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  1. Likely, Cadence wasn't a Princess until she was made one (probably from saving the Crystal Empire in some way). Same as Celestia and Luna. They were not Princesses to begin with. They only became such after saving Equestria from Discord and the ponies of Equestria made them their Princesses. Despite the title, they really don't make the laws in each area, as each town seems to be more self-governed. They only step in when things either get really out of hand, or when there is a special event. So they're almost more like figureheads, and the title of Princess is likely a formal one. Same with Blueblood. Whether or not he's related to Cadence, the fact is he has a royal title even though he isn't an Alicorn. And given that Celestia and Luna were Alicorns before they became Princesses, we know for a fact that there are Alicorns that aren't Princesses, and we can safely deduce that not all Princesses are Alicorns.
  2. Actually, there's a source right in the show. Blueblood is a Prince, but he isn't related to any of the characters by blood and he isn't an Alicorn.
  3. They indirectly explain this in the Season 3 finale. Pretty much 'Princess' is more of a formal title in Equestria (like being knighted), and not necessarily inferring royal birth or anything. And contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with being an Alicorn.
  4. I'll say it right now, and I've mentioned this on other sites. But my favorite kinds of villains are the ones that genuinely think they're doing the right thing. One of the big things about villains is they always have some sort of goal that they'll go to almost any lengths in order to accomplish (whether it's to take over the world, cause a crisis, or just acquire wealth), regardless of whether or not it's ethical. However, equally important is establishing WHY they want to achieve this goal. Why do they feel the need to do this? What drove them to it? There can be more than one reason. And if you write the villain with the mindset that they think they're doing the right thing, you could come up with a reason that the reader would consider to be a valid argument, regardless of what kind of world the villain is written for.
  5. It's really hard for me to pick one, but I'd probably have to go with Twilight (Fluttershee is a close second), especially when you see her reading a book and looking really cute. Characters like that are probably my biggest cartoon female weakness. It happened with Ami in Sailor Moon, it happened with Velma in Scooby Doo, and it happened with Twilight in FiM.
  6. Yeah, I doubt the new characters are going to be main characters at all. Based on what we have for episode descriptions in this season so far, there doesn't seem to be much happening with them, other than one-off appearances. Moreso, it seems like they're being used as plot devices to illustrate the relationship that Equestria has with the other nations. Of course we have yet to see if they'll need to sign a Declaration of Interdependence to stop a common threat.
  7. SBaby

    Should Scootaloo fly or be disabled?

    I think it should stay ambiguous. Unless it's a critical plot point, it's better to allow fans to come to their own conclusions.
  8. SBaby

    Spoiler Celestia nailed it!

    That would be hilarious, especially if she turned out to be evil or taken over by an evil entity. Kind of like what happened in that one cartoon...
  9. SBaby

    How do you plan to cope with FiM's end?

    If G5 is as good as G4 (or better; yes, that's possible), then I'd say pretty well. Otherwise, well I'll just have to hope that Rick and Morty is still on.
  10. If they were going to go that route, I think it would be more likely that it would be a Power Rangers in Space-esque situation where it would be Celestia that sacrificed herself. But like people have said, it probably wouldn't ever happen, because Hasbro would never have the guts to take the show in that kind of direction. As for how I'd feel, that's hard to say. If it was done well and there was a really good reason for it, I would probably be alright with it. But it would really have to be something huge that would cause that kind of sacrifice to be necessary.
  11. SBaby

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    Same here. It's the first time in a long time I've been legitimately excited to watch something on TV (even my occasional binges of FiM are typically relegated to youtube). First thing that floored me about the show was finding out that David Tennant (of Doctor Who and Harry Potter fame) now voices Scrooge McDuck. Funny thing is, he's actually really good. And if I don't mention it, someone else will. He wears the red jacket that his original design wears. I don't mind the fact that the character building is sporadic (it's a series after all; nobody expects it to happen all at once). In the previous series it was practically non-existent outside of the initial episodes and the characters frequently learning lessons. I just like the fact that there IS an overarching plot this time, instead of just being a series of stand alone episodes. I also didn't mind the fact that Webby got a lot of focus in the initial episodes of the series, especially given how her character has changed since the original. Don't know why people call her a support character though, since she's always been more of a main character, even in the original. And I LOVE the fact that Huey, Dewey and Louie have different personalities now, do NOT look identical and are even different ages now. And unlike another 'certain Disney TV show' that shall remain nameless, this time their personalities AREN'T grating and annoying. One other thing that I found to be surprising is the fact that Donald Duck seems to be more of a main character this time around, instead of a very occasional recurring character like the previous series. I approve of this, since Donald Duck is one of my favorite Disney characters. And yes, Launchpad is also there (seriously, how could a DuckTales show NOT have this guy in it?). However, I haven't seen enough episodes yet to really know if his personality is going to be all that different from the original. And yes, the theme song is there (it's remade, but it's there). So far, the show is great. Honestly if it stays as good as the first few episodes have been, I think that even MLP could be in trouble, because this is one of the few shows that could legitimately compete with it.
  12. SBaby

    S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    In a lot of ways, Starswirl actually makes me think of how the fanbase was when Starlight was first reformed. Unwilling to accept that someone could be forgiven so easily at first, but for the most part eventually warming up to her. It makes you wonder if that was intentional.
  13. SBaby

    One enemy to unite them all?

    Nah, for a 'final villain', Windigoes would have to be mere flunkies by comparison. Yeah, you heard me right. The MLP equivalent of Gnosis from Xenosaga (basically creatures that can't normally be physically harmed, and can tear apart entire fleets of ships in minutes) would be minor foot soldiers under the control of the real villain. It would have to come down to two things, uniting all of Equestria, and locating and defeating the main villain. And honestly, the series doesn't necessarily need to end with this either. There is always an escalation factor in fiction, as long as the production team doesn't run out of ideas. Maybe the 'main villain' is defeated and someone worse is pulling the strings, possibly setting up an entire season where the stakes are higher than ever before and the mane characters have to apply all the lessons they've been learning in order to overcome the new challenges.
  14. SBaby


    I thought the implication was always that they were born outside of Equestria. Hence why they CAME to Equestria back when Discord had taken it over. Plus, that might explain a few things about their longevity.
  15. That's right, she did work on Kim Possible and Star Wars Rebels too. I think we're in pretty good shape here. And like Jeric said, I don't foresee any major tonal shift in the show, unless there's clearly a need for it.