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  1. SBaby

    “Rewrite” an Early Episode for S9

    Honestly, the only one I can think of is if Tirek in this series was able to turn ponies and other creatures into freakishly powerful monsters that obey only him, like in the first series. Then have him take over most of Equestria, turning most of the population into monsters, and have the mane six band together with the remaining ponies to resist him. It would be a season-long premise, but if it's the last season and they're supposed to be pulling out all the stops, then why not?
  2. SBaby

    Being More Critical of Later Seasons

    It's a show featuring magical talking ponies that solve problems with the power of friendship. With that kind of premise, you can see that it absolutely requires serious analysis and criticism.
  3. SBaby

    I want to see Rainbow Dash the least in S9.

    All opinions are biased. But anyway, I think they could do to have a bit more of a balance this season, especially if they really are planning on this being the end of FiM.
  4. Relatively secure, yet Tirek managed to escape and it was awhile before anyone noticed it. Yeah, like she's doing with Tirek. So why would you put her next to the most dangerous villain in Equestria? That's literally asking for trouble and all it does is further question the competence of the ones in charge. I don't know. Maybe that's the point. An incompetent bureaucrat overlooks a critical detail and it causes a disaster. Unless she's undercover and has something planned with the mane six where they're trying to get information from Tirek, I don't really see the wisdom in her being bunkmates with the character that is essentially the FiM equivalent of Cell.
  5. I see this come up every once in awhile in these topics. The thing is while I do think they might do this, if they go this route, it'll be obvious that they're doing so because they chickened out. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the ethics of sending a child to Hell, the fact remains that it does give us subject matter that could easily be explored in Season 9. Characters may all have their opinions on the matter, and many of them might have perfectly valid reasons for feeling the way they do. Take it a step further. Have the ponies start questioning other decisions that the Princesses have made in the past. After all, who are THEY to tell them what justice is and isn't when they conveniently disappear so often during major crises? I can't say you're wrong about this. But the fact of the matter is the only reason we're seeing these topics is because she's a kid and she was put in the worst prison in the world, while we know for a fact that there are other places she could have been put where she could repay society. You know, places that DON"T HAVE A MAIN VILLAIN RIGHT NEXT TO HER?
  6. I really hate the 'But it's a Fahntusy' argument. That's a crutch I see used in cartoons and video games all too often to avoid having a real discussion. Not only that, but in your post you made the argument for us. Adult characters have done terrible things in the series, and more often than not they get off scott free. Yet a child does bad things and gets locked up in Tartarus for it, even though the reason she was able to do said things is because the MacGuffin was left unguarded. Seems kind of unbalanced. As I've said in other topics, I think the mistake was making her a kid to begin with.
  7. Honestly even though you haven't watched the finale yet, your previous statement was still pretty accurate, as is this one. I think the problem WAS the fact that the villain was a kid. Also there are places they could have sent her other than Tartarus. There are other dungeons they could have sent her to that would have been a suitable punishment and DIDN'T HAVE A MAJOR VILLAIN RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE SHE WAS! Also someone mentioned that they put her there to keep an eye on her... That's funny. Probably the funniest post on this entire thread. Did we forget that Tirek escaped from Tartarus and nobody noticed right away because nobody was paying attention? That's the official WRONG place to put someone to keep an eye on them. And yeah, I could see the show chickening out and saying 'Oh she was an adult all along'. That wouldn't surprise me. It would be an automatic strike against the S9 premiere if they went that route (because it would be obvious WHY they would do it), but it wouldn't surprise me.
  8. This is probably the most undeniably accurate post on this thread. The episode won't change anyone's opinion on Pinkie Pie any more than a debate is capable of changing people's minds (there have been studies that confirm this about debates). If someone believes something, no amount of alternate facts is going to change their minds. All it does is make them more resistant, even when facts on one side of the spectrum or the other are irrefutable. As for the episode, it likely won't affect the fanbase in any way. It's just kind of a subpar episode that was written by people that probably don't really get the character. I've seen episodes that were written by people that get Pinkie Pie and episodes by people that don't really get her. You can tell the difference. But a bad episode does not a bad character make. All great shows have episodes that don't represent characters very well.
  9. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    That's the thing I'm worried about with Cozy Glow. They have the potential to address the subject matter of a child in prison and how controversial that would be to the general public, and have a more mature story arc for Season 9. But I do admit that I have a hunch that they're going to chicken out. They have a setup that would work for it, but I don't know if they'll follow through or not.
  10. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    And locking a child in prison with no adult supervision and the worst of Equestria is better? Yeah, no. That's being insane. Make no mistake. I really liked the finale. I'm just saying there's some subject matter that could be explored next season, and they could easily make an arc out of it.
  11. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    I'm not going to talk about what she did and didn't do, because it's immaterial to my point. The points you make are valid. They just have nothing to do with my point. The fact of the matter is she's a kid that never had any guidance, and putting a child in that kind of environment without adult supervision as a punishment is the worst thing you can do, and it isn't going to rehabilitate her at all. It's just going to make her worse. There are other ways they could have had her repay society. And maybe Equestrian royalty should be powerless if they honestly think putting a child in that kind of a prison is a good thing. They barely do anything about the problems that arise in their country anyway. This is why it should be the theme of Season 9. There are so many interesting points everyone could make and the thing is most of them would be perfectly valid. This could be the Pokémon Black and White of the series if they played it right.
  12. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    She's not evil. She's a kid who never had anyone to set an example. What do you expect her to be when nobody's there to guide her and the only impression she got was Twilight reaming out the only ones that even attempted to be friends with her?
  13. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    First off, Tartarus. If the implication wasn't that it was Hell, there are hundreds of other names they could have called it. But they specifically called it Tartarus and had Cerberus guard it. There is no other way to take that without grasping at straws. They knew what they were calling it. But regardless of what you think it is, it isn't the kind of place that a good person would lock a kid up in. Also, she's not evil. She's a kid who never had any guidance and got into a place that was incompetently guarded. If they don't start securing their stuff better, this is just going to happen again, possibly with someone worse. Like I said though, this would be a pretty good plot for Season 9. Have the decision to lock her up be really controversial among the ponies of Equestria, questioning the competence of Equestria's leaders. That would be an interesting plotline that could be an arc for the whole season. And it would be a pretty mature subject for the show, asking the question of 'Where does one draw the line?'. I mean seriously, putting a kid in prison with sadistic inmates, some ponies would probably think that's kind of a sick thing to do. And maybe, just maybe the Princess' decisions aren't always right.
  14. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    It's not easy to visit first of all. There aren't many ways into the place. If you watched the finale, you should know this. Second, let's pretend for a second that it IS a maximum security prison and not Hell (even though Tartarus IS Hell). It isn't the kind of place you send a kid to. You send a kid to a Juvenile Detention Center with other kids, not a place where cold blooded monsters are sent. MAYBE if it was like a Scared Straight program where other adult characters were with her, that would be one thing, but none of that happened. Oh and here it comes. The cries of the fans. 'Waaaaaaah it's a separate universe from Earth with different lawwwwwwwrs.' Yeah, but it was created by writers and editors that have control over what happens in said world and they could have come up with some other way for her to repay society. Not to mention when you think about it, other characters have done far worse than her and probably knew better. She stole magic and a MacGuffin, so the most you could really lump on her is a Theft charge. Other characters have twisted reality, taken away free will, messed up the spacetime continuum to the point where we don't even know if this is still the same universe or not, tried to kill everyone in Equestria, and literally mind controlled ponies, not to mention luring a monster into one of the towns in Equestria and nearly destroying it in the process (which the Princesses didn't so much as bat an eye at). Face it, what she did is paltry in comparison. Also I don't think she's as dangerous as people make her out to be. She's a kid who got access to a MacGuffin that was incompetently guarded. The adults need to take some of the responsibility for that one and properly seal those things away, otherwise this is just gonna happen again. And as I said, sending a child to a place like that is just not something a good person would do. Honestly if I were writing Season 9, I'd make this a major theme of the season and I would make this decision really controversial among the populace. That would be an interesting plotline, the people of Equestria debating the ethics of sending a child to Tartarus.
  15. SBaby

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    The adults need to be the ones to set the example, not the other way around. And you don't do that by locking a child away in Hell and forgetting about them. That's just... psychotic. And actually, I don't think it'll be Spike that reforms her. I think it'll be the CMCs. I think Spike is going to do something else.