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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I don't really have a paypal that I use so if you can pay me there that would be great. Just a reminder, Please post me your contact information if you have not done so to make it easier. I'll be posting my information in about a week and a half from now once I reactive my phone for the Con. Cheers all! PS: If you don't send me a contact information and for some reason are unable to reach my phone. I will be watching this page the day before the Con till everyone finds the room.
  2. 1 month till the convention so I just wanted to give this page an update and make sure everyone is still on board. I would like you to send me your contact information so I will be able to get a hold of you at the convention. I'll be posting my information about a week before the convention so be on the lookout for that. Let me know if you have had any changes in your plans. The sooner the better if that is the case. Once you send me your contact information I'll send you some information as well as to the reservation number for the room and such. Thanks again everyone.
  3. Ok, that makes 4. So the room is now full. I really don't want to do more then 4 people because I don't want anyone having to sleep on the floor. Just so everyone knows the room is already booked so no worries there, I will update a bit more tomorrow. if you have any questions please post them here or send me a message. Thank you all, this happened very quickly and it seems that at least everyone knows at least one other person here so that is great. I will be sending out contact information to me about a week before the Con and will be giving times as to when you can see me there. If you get there sooner then I do or know you be there sooner then I will. I will make calls to make sure you get into the room as soon as you can so you can relax a bit. Until then all we got left to do is chill for two months . Edit: btw Brony_ B it's $85 total, not per night.
  4. OK, that is one. Also yes, please no smoking in the room. I'm still looking for two more going to The Whinny city con So we can split the room 4 ways. Just to clear things up. It looks like I'll be going ahead and getting the room and those wishes to room share and pay can me once at the con. I plan on staying From March 31 - June 2. So 3 nights to leave after the con Sunday. The room will be a total of $109 +tax a night. So with 4 people over 3 nights expect to pay $85 for the stay seeing that we get all 4 people. It may change with depending if we manage less. The room will have two double beds so 2 to a bed. If you are uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed you are free to sleep on the floor if you like. Please be respectful of your other roommates to not make them feel uncomfortable. If you are a vendor you can pay on Sunday morning if you need time to earn some money. I think that covers everything I can think of for now. Please reply in this chat if interested. I'll be in touch. If you have any questions please post them here as well. Oh, and to just be clear, we will be staying at the con hotel in the Hyatt Regency.
  5. Looking for Roommates for Whinny City Pony Con. Send me a message if you are doing the same. Looking to join a group or person with a hotel room. Willing to get a hotel room myself if I need to and add people if interested.