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  1. Feeling anxious for school to start. I'm so bored that I need school... also i'm feeling hype for Logic's new mixtape
  2. 7/10. Thats Ozzy, alright.
  3. Been playing Destiny: Taken King on xbox one. I told myself I wouldnt play Destiny unless they actually added more content. I've also been playing a ton of Waifu Simulator 2016, A.K.A Black Desert.
  4. 5/10 not as good as the original though. Man i haven't been on MLP forums in a while.
  5. Logic - Fade away Fetty Wap - My Way (Drake Remix)
  6. I'm in the process of making my first album review (David Bowie- Black Star) I honestly cant sit through an MLP video... lol
  7. Yeah, I want children. I feel like I would really enjoy parenting as a whole and get a kick out of kids' humor.
  8. It's probably either "Jumpman" or "Legend" by Drake... Jumpman just makes me laugh and Legend is pretty epic.
  9. If it's done right, vocals can make a sick beat... Although I don't dig it as much, Drake has some dope production
  10. >Season 5 of Diablo 3 >League of Legends Ranked >The Witcher 3
  11. I spend way too much money on clothes... I wear mainly skateboarding clothes and stuff. Mainly Supreme. I also browse 4chan's Fashion board. ( http://boards.4chan.org/fa/ ) As for "customizing" my clothes, no. But I layer clothes together sometimes to make the look work...
  12. My girlfriend wears a LOT of leggings. I've bought her multiple pairs, too. I like how they look, especially the designs on them.
  13. Welcome to football and sports in general. There will always be bandwagons in sports and it'll never change sadly. I have to deal with it with the Cardinals in baseball. Just look at Le Bron in the NBA... When he was on the Heat, everyone at my school had at least one Heat jersey... now literally everyone has a Cavs jersey. I also highly doubt that the Panthers will win the Super-bowl, the game is just so stacked offense wise. Panthers' QB is way too cocky with the ball after a few good plays in a game.
  14. I call them "mom and dad" but when i want to annoy them I call them "mother (last name) and father (last name)."